Great Moments In Commercial History: Eastern Motors

Here’s a clip that tests the limits of how many sports guys one can get into a 30 second local cable spot.

Oh and look, there’s even a behind the scenes special. We like Antwaan Randle El’s take on things:
“I live for the lord, I ain’t got to do all the boogie woogie.”


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  1. Xabora says:

    Heh… I see their commericals all the time on TV where I live.

  2. TimSPC says:

    Wow, LaVar Arrington is really into it. Would it have killed Melo to try a bit harder?

  3. ct03 says:

    Oh man, I was just thinking about how much I love this commercial while I was watching MASN last night. I hope this is crossposted on Deadspin and “Wonderful Athletes in Terrible Commercials” becomes a recurring feature.

  4. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    Ahhh, Eastern Motors – the gem of the DC/VA/MD area!

  5. LilKoko says:

    Dang! Can’t get that jingle outta my head! I’ve only seen it the once — here — and I’m already humming “Eee-stern motors . . . la la la la laaaa.”

    Glad they’re not near me. If I were looking to buy a new car, I’d be tempted to go there — and something tells me that it would be a “King of Cars” experience — not good for the consumer.

  6. Chicago7 says:

    I wish you could find the “Mr Submarine” ad with Scottie Pippen. Hahahaha!

    “Hey, girls – wanna party?”

    That was truly bad.

  7. Chicago7 says:

    There was also an early 80s Reebok ad starring Magic Johnson that was truly awful:

    “They bad!” or something like that.

  8. kalemaat says:

    Thanks to Eastern Motors and the “Kiss my bumper!” auto insurance guy (DC-area folks: is he even still on anymore?), there’s definitely no shortage of high-quality car-related commercials on local cable tv.

  9. hc5duke says:

    EasterS   Motors, not Eastern Motors.

  10. hc5duke says:

    I meant EasternS, not EasterS :-p

  11. chrisfromnl says:

    Catchy tune isn’t it?

  12. megyay says:

    YES! my favorite! you can download an mp3 of the jingle (and the “slammin’ club” remix!) from their website and listen to it all the time…[]

  13. ndavies says:

    I think Alan Iverson did the music. Not sure, but not joking either.

  14. gibbersome says:

    My friend was rejected employment at one of their locations, the reason they gave him was that he wasn’t “playa enough.” Or maybe because he was Asian.

  15. Shadowman615 says:

    Unfortunately my work blocks youtube feeds, so I haven’t seen which one is up here, but I live in the DC area and I’m well versed in the Easterns Motors ads.

    There was one that was so badly edited — it had all of the then-local sports guys singing along to the theme song, except the video was about 2 seconds behind the audio. It looked like they were lipsynching in a foreign languafe.

    @KALEMAAT: Yup, the “Kiss my Bumper” guy is from senate insurance. All of their commercials are available on their website at []

  16. arsenal4 says:

    There’s an Eastern’s “Toy Box” like 5 miles down the road from my job…whatever that is…

  17. rewinditback says:

    At eastern motors… your jobs your credit, credit.

  18. chalicechick says:

    Eastern’s Toy Store seems to sell sports cars.

    who used to work for Kaplan around the corner from them.

  19. Bob says:

    It looks like a commercial for all of the “poor black people with bad credit and a bad job”. How is this commercial not racist?

  20. ltlbbynthn says:

    YES!!!! The top one is the best one!!! I moved out of the DC area over a year ago and I still miss these commercials. And they ran the entire song on the radio, too. What excellent advertising

  21. Mary says:

    Aah, those and the Kiss my Bumper ads are my constant companion. I work at an office that has the TV on all day in the waiting room so it’s all I hear.

    I love that they’re suddenly getting attention outside the area. They’re pretty hilarious.

    You need to find a YouTube of the Kiss My Bumper ads though, they’re hilarious too.

  22. there’s a local DC group named Jebus that performs a live rock version of the Eastern motors song – it’s my understanding that they do pretty good job

    and everyone that has mentioned the kiss my bumper ads (and those that haven’t) are 100% correct, those ads are the absolute shit – they’re for Senate insurance, for those interested in writing the wikipedia entry if there already isn’t one (there should be)

  23. and bob, you are very confused – all the black people in the eastern motor ads are very, very wealthy

  24. zephyrum says:

    Yeah, the old ads were waaaay better. This is a great example of high-class NOVA/DC advertising.

    If anyone gets a chance, check out the “Behind the Scenes” section on their website. Hilarity ensues.