Personal Finance Roundup

Interesting Facts And Confusing Thoughts About The American Poor
[Money, Matter, and More Musings]
“Honestly, the data had me confused about my definition of poverty. Irrespective of how low the income is, if a person (or a family) is able to enjoy most of the things that an average family can enjoy, is able to get proper nourishment, and is able to meet all ‘essential expenses’, how can such a person be termed as ‘poor’?”

Less Than Zero: How Overdraft Fees Can Clean You Out [Yahoo Finance]
“I don’t know what loan sharks are charging these days, but these rates are probably a bit higher.”

The wrong kind of financial advice [CNN Money]
“When your planner steers you toward expensive investments, stop and ask the right questions.”

Six Keys to Investing Buffett Style [US News]
“Buying low isn’t enough. You need to see the future.”

10 Things Your Exterminator Won’t Tell You [Smart Money]
“Experts agree, it’s a great time to be in the pest-control business. Tighter restrictions on pesticides, changing weather patterns and the emergence of treatment-resistant insects and regional epidemics have converged, creating a perfect storm for exterminators in many parts of the country. And it’s spraying the business with cash.”



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