Emusic Makes Deal With AT&T

According to an AT&T press release, DRM-free online music giant eMusic has cut a deal with AT&T to offer music that can be downloaded to certain AT&T handsets, with a duplicate DRM-free track also delivered to the user’s computer.

From their press release:

Songs purchased from eMusic Mobile are immediately sent to the user’s wireless handset, and a duplicate copy is available for download to the user’s PC at no charge. AT&T customers can subscribe to download five tracks a month for $7.49, and additional packages of five songs are available for the same price whenever desired.
“eMusic Mobile will expand the audience for mobile music beyond the youth market by offering an alternative to the mainstream pop hits that have so far dominated over-the-air music,” said David Pakman, eMusic president and CEO. “AT&T is a terrific partner for this service, and we look forward to offering AT&T’s more than 63.7 million subscribers access to a rich catalogue that ranges from legends like Paul McCartney and Miles Davis to new independent stars such as Spoon and Arcade Fire.”

Gee, the Arcade Fire.

The program is only available on certain Samsung/Nokia AT&T handsets. We don’t get the whole “putting music on the phone” thing, but at least you get the mp3 and it won’t have DRM.

AT&T Mobile Music Hits the Airwaves With eMusic Mobile (Press Release) [CNN Money]


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  1. Televiper says:

    I love Emusic. But, I’m thinking this isn’t their market. If you love music, go there. The pricing and quality is excellent, and there’s many many ways to discover new music, and lots of new (and a lot more old) music to discover. But, if you’re a radio/MTV/VH1 type of person. You’ll probably just feel really lost there. I don’t think the Emusic person is downloading to their cell phone. I think they’re more the type to have a surgically implanted mp3 player.

  2. hustler says:

    Why can’t you just put music from your computer on the phone??? Oh yeah, that’s right, becuase a big dumb corporation and DMCA are here to screw you for all eternity.

  3. timburke says:

    @hustler: I have a Motorola v3xx and I can put music from my PC on my phone with no problem. All you need is a data-cable and a storage card…

  4. CaliforniaBuyer says:

    Well, actually AT&T has been really good about putting music on your phone. Better than Verizon, at least. I make mp3 ringtones and upload them on to my phone via bluetooth and when I had a better phone that had additional memory I could hold entire songs on there. The sound quality was awful, but I was happy with it.

  5. musikguru6 says:

    I’m a huge fan of emusic. In my opinion, its the best music download site on the web. Not only are the tracks DRM free, but after you buy them, you can redownload the tracks as many times as you want. Perfect for when your hard drive fails, or you knock over a beer on your laptop…

    That said, the mainstream music-on-your-phone crowd isnt really in emusic’s target market, and I don’t see this relationship as anything long-term.

  6. YokoOno says:

    eMusic is amazing. I’ve downloaded loads of excellent tracks. However, as someone else pointed out, they are decidedly un-mainstream, so their association with AT&T doesn’t really make much sense.

  7. Al says:

    They didn’t mention the $60 per month access fee that you have to pay for 24 months.