5 Pedometers That'll Knock Your Socks Off

Whether you’re looking to start a serious exercise plan or simply want to keep track of how much walking you’re doing, a good pedometer can be one solution for tracking your progress. And today’s models are up to the task — having come a long way from the “shake and count” versions of just a decade or so ago. To find out which pedometer should be named King of the Walkers, Money magazine tested the five top units.

The winner was the Omron Pocket HJ-720ITC. For $50, it is over 99% accurate, stores 42 days of data, and allows you to upload results to your computer. Alas…

…there are still some bugs to be worked out. The pedometer only rates an “A-” from Money because of a quirk that forces you to reset the unit (and lose data) if you want to start counting at zero in the middle of the day. Still, it’s light years ahead of those old, circa 1990 “pedometers” that were given away “free” for collecting five box tops from your favorite cereal.

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