"Ketchup And Fries" Flavored Burger King Potato Chips?

Some press releases we wish were actually jokes. This is one of them. Burger King has announced that it will be launching a line of snack foods that will include, among other things, potato chips flavored like “Ketchup and Fries.”

Would you eat “Ketchup and Fries” flavored BK potato chips? The chips will be available in stores and at BK. From their press release:

Burger King Corp. will also test market a 100 calorie bag in BURGER KING

restaurants. “The 100 calorie bag will serve as a HAVE IT YOUR WAY

option that goes particularly well with existing menu offerings like the TENDERGRILL

Chicken Sandwich,” Klein explained, “as well as with products under development, like BK HOLD’EMS


Klein added: “The snacks are trans fat free, and the 100 calorie bag may provide our guests with portion control options as part of their overall eating strategies.”

We don’t know about you, but we love the phrase “overall eating strategies” more than we can say.

UPDATE: Apparently ketchup flavored chips are popular in Canada and are very good. Who knew? Not us.

Snack Like a King (Press Release) [Business Wire]


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  1. B says:

    Ketchup flavored potato chips are the best thing ever. Well, maybe not ever, but man are they good. Even better than salt and vinegar flavored ones.

  2. dbeahn says:

    Great! Now if they’d post the calories for each item on their menu, most people’s “overall eating strategy” would involve avoiding all fast food…

  3. Havok154 says:

    And you wonder why they’re so against posting them. I’d like to see if these chips are up to part, calorie wise, with their real life counterpart. 350 calories per potato chip!

  4. iotashan says:

    From what I hear, ketchup flavored chips are pretty popular up in Canada.


  5. Boo says:

    We are always having to FedEx boxes of ketchup chips from BC to California for our friends. It makes for an interesting conversation with the border guard when you are explaining a trunk full of chips.

  6. warloc66 says:

    Ketchup-flavored chips are huge in Canada. I took my family to Niagara a couple of years ago, and I tried a bag (they were Lays, BTW) and frankly, they weren’t half bad. Tasted like ketchup on fries. My wife works for Frito-Lay, so she brought a bag back to her plant for everyone to try, and they were fairly well-received. So, BK is just bringing some Canadian flavor to the US. Now if they would just put little packets of malt vinegar for the fries, they would be all set.

  7. hustler says:

    I like to go into a meal with a strategy. I do agree that ketchup flavored anything is pretty good, especially when strategerizing.

  8. Kurtz says:

    Ketchup flavored chips are big in the UK, along with Prawn, Baked Potato (?) and other strategic flavo(u)rs:


  9. mermaidshoes says:

    y’all missed the craziest parts of this BK chip rollout business: the fry/ketchup chips are rectangular in shape (meaning they look kind of like, y’know, FRIES) and they’re coming out with BURGER-FLAVORED CHIPS as well. i’m speechless.


    my main eating strategy is staying away from burger king…

  10. snowferret says:

    Dude ketchup flavors chips have existed since forever up here man.

  11. Meg Marco says:

    @B: I had no idea!

  12. pyramus says:

    From what I hear, ketchup flavored chips are pretty popular up in Canada.

    Damn skippy they are. And ketchup chips are just the tip of the delicious carbohydrate-salt-fat iceberg. Dill Pickle. Honey Garlic. Roast Chicken. Salt and Pepper. Spicy Curry. Fries and Gravy. Cheddar Cheese. It’s potato-chip heaven up here.

  13. bohemian says:

    They used the same flavoring on those mystery black bag doritos the “x” whatever ones they had in the stores last month.

  14. B says:

    @pyramus: You guys get roast chicken potato chips, too? That’s almost enough to make up for the painfully long winters.

  15. Cowboys_fan says:

    @B: Thats not the 1/2 of it. Theres also pizza, jalapeno, they tried grape and orange and crap when I was a kid, all kinds. I think all they do is think up new flavours.

  16. uricmu says:

    Ketchup flavoured chips are very popular here in Pittsburgh. But then again, here anything with ketchup is popular, I’m surprised we don’t find it in chinese food.

    Besides, if anybody ever read the ingredients list on BK fries, with all these additives they aren’t made to taste like fries anyway.

  17. gruffydd says:

    here’s some interesting ones found at [www.taquitos.net]

    Doritos Nacho Italiano
    Dutch Crunch Kettle Cooked Chipotle & Lime
    Dutch Crunch Kettle Cooked Roasted Red Pepper & Cream Cheese Chips
    Humpty Dumpty Ball Park Hot Dog Potato Chips
    Humpty Dumpty Buffalo Wings Ridgies Premium Potato Chips
    Humpty Dumpty Cheese & Onion Artificially Flavored Ripple Chips
    Humpty Dumpty Dill Pickle Chips
    Humpty Dumpty Fries & Gravy Chips
    Humpty Dumpty Grilled Cheese & Ketchup Chips
    Old Dutch Roasted Garlic and Cheddar Potato Chips

  18. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @gruffydd: Fries and gravy…mmmm we called those Swamp fries when I was a kid but we added a bunch of cheese and onions to the gravy..

  19. Justinh6 says:

    Ketchup potato chips are very big in Canadian grocery stores, I see them everytime I head north.

    They are a bit odd tasting.

  20. BarryT says:

    However, Marmite flavored crisps come straight from heaven. Really, nothing is better. Maybe Twiglets dipped in Marmite, but probably not.

  21. Gloria says:

    Has anyone mentioned all-dressed (for when you just can’t decide)? I don’t know if it’s exclusively Canadian, but some Americans I’ve talked to expressed wonder about it. So good.

  22. oilman says:

    Glad to see the Canucks so well represented. Ketchup chips rule! All Dressed is right up there too.

  23. The_Shadow says:

    US company Herr’s [www.herrs.com] [distribution primarily East coast with some Mid-Western states] has a ketchup flavored chip.

    Dill Pickle chips have been around for years. When I was a kid my parents used to buy Charle’s Chips [they did household deliveries/sales, kinda like Schwan’s] – and they sold Dill Pickle chips. Dill Pickle chips are pretty good if you get a chance to try them.

  24. niteflytes says:

    Mmm, junk food flavored junk food. Can life get any better?

  25. overbysara says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… chemicals.

  26. welsey says:

    @Kurtz: The prawn ones are gross. But lamb and mint or flame broiled steak (or whatever it’s called) are amazing! I could eat lamb and mint flavored chips/crisps for dinner.

    When I was a kid I used to dip regular potato chips in ketchup when I wished I had fries. It was always gross and unsatisfying. I’m unsure about this ketchup flavoring.

  27. eli_b says:

    Hey, what about hamburger flavored shakes? Anyone?

  28. Skiffer says:

    @bohemian: The mystery X3 doritos weren’t quite the same – had a hint of pickle and beef/chili – first one tasted a bit weird, second one tasted just like McD’s cheesburgers, third one tasted just like vomit…

  29. MissAnnThrope says:

    Herr’s Ketchup potato chips are fantastic. When they started making them a few years ago, a friend visiting from Canada brought a bag of the ones she said were the best ever. We compared. Herr’s won.


    Now that I’m in the lower Midwest, I can’t find them. I miss them.

  30. Musician78 says:

    Ketchup is nasty.

  31. Yourhero88 says:

    In Canada, milk comes in bags.

  32. bluemeep says:

    And they said I was mad when I put ketchup on my chips in elementary school. Who’s laughing now, Greg? Who’s laughing now?!

  33. Wormfather says:

    @Kurtz: Yeah, this isnt a big deal, in the UK you can get chips in as many flavors as you can imagine.

    My fav, oriental ribs flavored chips. YUM!

  34. RebekahSue says:

    Ketchup chips are sold in the discount stores on the East coast (Xpect, like that) USA. I’ve never tried them because I don’t like ketchup.

  35. bbbici says:

    Up here in Canada we also put ketchup powder on our popcorn at the big movie theatres.

    I love that powder. I’ve been searching forever to find a wholesaler because i want to buy a 1gallon pail, and sprinkle it on everything.

  36. Chairman-Meow says:

    OMG! When I was up in Prince Edward Island I discovered Humpty Dumpty Ketchup Potato Chips. These have to be the greatest potato chips known to mankind.


  37. LeJerque says:

    Wow. That’s the best thing ever.

    I write press releases for a living, here at my office. The phrase “overall eating strategies” is a GEM. Everyone here is laughing.

    I’m going to work that into at least four releases by the end of the week.

  38. synergy says:

    Shouldn’t they just call them ketchup flavored? What, the chips aren’t made of potatoes aka fries?!

    Yes, Canada has ketchup chips among other things. My Canadian husband finds jalapeño-flavored chips or lime and pepper chips odd down here, so hey…

  39. mcmonte says:

    Down-under we call ketchup “tomato sauce”. Crazy huh?

    Back in 1979 or 80 I tried the Red Seal chips in that flavour. Red Seal were a budget brand, just above generic.

    Despite their burn-your-throat intensity, they remained my #1 choice for a while. That is, until the multi-nationals squeezed them out.

  40. sam says:

    Hamburger flavored chips aren’t all that new a phenomenon either – when I was working in London, I certainly saw plenty of “beef” flavored crisps.

  41. Ketchup flavored chips are already available in Canadian grocery stores:


  42. Draco765 says:

    I work IT at the Pringles plant, and I see palets of ketchup flavored chips going out of the warehouse all of the time.

  43. weirdalfan27 says:

    Those are disgusting! Blech!