Starbucks Sued Over Spilled Tea

A New Jersey man is suing Starbucks after sustaining 3rd degree burns from hot tea that he claims was improperly “lidded.” The man’s lawyer says, “when he went to pick up the cup, the top wasn’t on correctly. The top came off.

“When you as a consumer go into a Starbucks and order tea and the lid is on the cup, when you pick up the cup, you have a right to expect that the server has put the lid on properly.

“If the tea spills out and burns you, it’s for two reasons: the lid isn’t on properly, or the tea is too hot. … If the beverage was hot enough to cause third-degree burns on Mr. Couso, it was too hot.”

It’s a bit hard to argue that tea can be served “too hot,” being that most black tea needs to be steeped at near boiling temperatures if you’re making it correctly. Lower temperature water is more appropriate for green or white or oolong teas…

We recommend Mr. Couso stick to the “improperly lidded” argument, just in case there are any hardcore tea drinkers on the jury.

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