New Honda Accord Diesel Gets Nearly 63 Miles Per Gallon

Fuel-economy mavens take note. Honda recently showed off an alternative to hybrid cars at a Sacramento car show: a diesel-powered Accord that is scheduled to hit the American market in 2010. Unlike a hybrid, the diesel promises more power, but it still gets a whopping 62.8 mpg.

Diesels got a bad rap in the U.S. in the 1970s, belching out stinky black smoke. Newer-generation diesels spew out less sulfur and fewer particulates than their smoggier predecessors. Honda’s model meets the California emissions standards.

No word on the price for the new model. But burning less fuel? We already like.

A diesel Honda? That gets 62.8 miles a gallon? [CNET]
(Photo: swinginstan)

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