New Honda Accord Diesel Gets Nearly 63 Miles Per Gallon

Fuel-economy mavens take note. Honda recently showed off an alternative to hybrid cars at a Sacramento car show: a diesel-powered Accord that is scheduled to hit the American market in 2010. Unlike a hybrid, the diesel promises more power, but it still gets a whopping 62.8 mpg.

Diesels got a bad rap in the U.S. in the 1970s, belching out stinky black smoke. Newer-generation diesels spew out less sulfur and fewer particulates than their smoggier predecessors. Honda’s model meets the California emissions standards.

No word on the price for the new model. But burning less fuel? We already like.

A diesel Honda? That gets 62.8 miles a gallon? [CNET]
(Photo: swinginstan)


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  1. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    ….with a raging 90 HP probably. :-D

  2. iDevin says:

    @pinkbunnyslippers: But it’ll have a lot of torque, and that’s what gets you going.

    VW has been making 45MPG+ diesels for years so let’s not get too excited here. Diesel fuel is inherently more efficient because there is more energy stored in each gallon of diesel fuel than there is energy in each gallon of petroleum, which has more than ethanol and so on and so forth. However, that doesn’t make it cleaner, so while this may be good for the cheap, it’s still not that much better than the petroleum Accord for people concerned about their environmental impact. Unless they’re running biodiesel of course.

  3. vr4z06gt says:

    yea but probably 300lb-ft of torque, the measurement that really matters with diesels is torque.

  4. squikysquiken says:

    Someone commented on that the article that it seems to be confused (or at least it warrants a bit of fact-checking): []

  5. ToddMeister says:

    That car should be available NOW!

    Still 2 years away, yawn…..

  6. humorbot says:

    Fill it with biodiesel and you’re golden. I have been driving one of those 45+ MPG VWs (yes, paltry 90HP; ask me if I care) on B100 for years. Even with bio prices at $3.50/gallon I still save money thanks to the diesel engine’s superior efficiency.

    Next stop, diesel hybrid…

  7. AtomikB says:

    Why don’t they have diesel-electric hybrids yet? Then they could have a 100 MPG Accord.

  8. Murph1908 says:

    My dad bought a diesel Escort back in the 80’s. (He was a high school teacher, and ran a rural paper route to fund his golf club membership)

    This thing was loud and stinky, and had to be plugged in during the winter. But it got around 50 MPG.

    If this Honda solves the stink and noise issue, I’d consider getting it.

  9. TechnoDestructo says:


    Everything good for the American automotive or electronics market is always 2 years away. Perpetually.

  10. sleze69 says:

    If you drive your TDI golf or jetta correctly, you can easily get 60+ mpg. My TDI Passat now gets 45 MPG on my mostly highway drive to work (chipped so I get 170HP and 305 torque).

    With more diesels on the road, there will be more incentive to create biodiesel plants That’s yet another step to move away from foreign dino-diesel.

  11. TechnoDestructo says:


    They have, as has just about every major automaker in Europe and most of the ones in Japan and Korea.

    What do you think that low-sulfur diesel that the oil companies advertise like it was their idea to bring to the US (as opposed to kicking and screaming to avoid having to bring to the US) is for? It’s for clean diesels that won’t work (or won’t work for very long) running high-sulfur diesel.

    Also, the VW TDIs were doing pretty well burning dirty diesel.

    Just more evidence that the car companies’ idea that Americans won’t buy diesels because when they think diesel they think trucks, or they think shitty 80s diesels definitely has some meat to it.

  12. I live in the UK. Diesel cars are fairly standard here. Nearly every brand sells diesel models. This is not new!! I drove a Peugeot 307 diesel at one time … I got about 75 mile to the gallon. That was about 5 years ago. Get with the programme USA!

  13. MeOhMy says:


    If this Honda solves the stink and noise issue, I’d consider getting it.

    German automakers solved this issue years ago.

  14. TechnoDestructo says:


    B…but….Buick, 1980s!

  15. beyond says:

    Isn’t it always a couple years away? Please! They could put out a diesel anything right now. They probably already have a diesel version in Europe! This doesn’t make me happy with Honda, it makes me mad that they just throw this in for good PR when they know we’ll have forgotten their promise in 2 years and they can keep selling the gas guzzling junk they do now.

  16. bohemian says:

    The local VW dealer told me that they can only get a very limited supply of TDI models each year due to some import restriction. I don’t know if he made it up to try to sell me a petrol model since they had no TDI’s in stock or not.

    Europe has had high efficiency diesels for a long time. From what I understand the EU has higher vehicle standards and emission standards that we do.
    So why then are we not able to buy those euro vehicles here????

  17. sleze69 says:

    @beyond: “…and they can keep selling the gas guzzling junk they do now.”

    You mean like the Civic Hybrid?

  18. rbb says:


    Go RocketChip! ;^) I did the same. There’s nothing like cruising down the interstate and seeing that the distance to empty display and the odometer add up to over 700+ miles. Still, that is on the low end for a VW diesel. The older 96/97 Passats could get 1400 miles on a tank.

  19. TechnoDestructo says:

    Under the new EPA fuel economy testing method, it’ll probably be more like 40 mpg. You know, to reflect more REALISTIC (lead-footed) driving.

  20. rbb says:

    @bohemian: the only diesel VW will import for the 2007 model year is the V-10 Touraeg. And I believe it is legal in all but 5 non-CARB states (NY, VT, CA, MA and one other).

    There are still some 2006.5 Jetta TDIs left in dealer stock. VW knowing that they would not be able to certify a diesel (other than the Touraeg) for sale in North America for the 2007 model year, built extra Jetta TDIs up until the end of 2006. For the rest of the world, these were considered 2007 Jettas. for North America, they were 2006 – a loophole. They are now fairly scarce. If you want to find one, go to [] and look around. Plenty of threads there on where to find one and most importantly, how to maintain it. TDICLUB.COM is the best source on the web for VW diesels.

    Beginning in 2008, VW will start to re-introduce Jetta Diesels. Some dealers are taking orders now.

  21. balthisar says:

    @radleyas: Just thought it was worth pointing out that your gallons are bigger than our gallons. Of course now that I’m suffering penis envy on behalf of all of the USA (not Canada, they have bigger gallons, too), I’ll laugh and say that at least our small cars are bigger than your small cars. ;-)

  22. sandwich_pants says:

    Speaking of British gallons vs. American gallons, I believe the 63mpg for the next accord was initially a conversion using British gallons, so we can expect aroud 52 miles per ‘mercan gallon.

    Here’s an autoblog green blurb relating to this information.

    Further awesomeness is that Honda has developed a very effective, zero maintenance N0x Catalyst, unlike the other urea based systems (or the ones that just won’t ever meet CARB nitrogen standards).

  23. “Diesels got a bad rap in the U.S. in the 1970s, belching out stinky black smoke.”

    No, Diesels got a bad rap in the U.S. in the 1980s by belching out stinky black smoke, and for making already-poor reliability of American V-8 cars ever worse.

    GM built a lot of Diesel Oldsmobuicks using most of the same engine parts as their oh-so-unreliable gas engines – even though Diesels typically place more stress on pistons, connecting rods, and crankshafts. Guess what happened?

    I remain convinced that GM is largely responsible for the bad rap Diesels have in this country. That, and poorly-tuned city busses. It’s time for Americans to re-learn that Diesels are reliable, efficent, and don’t stink anymore.

    (Still, I’m going to avoid BlueTec Diesels; who wants to fill up a urea tank at every oil change?)

  24. vitonfluorcarbon says:

    Diesels are incredibly clean these days. Emissions standards have made the diesel exhaust one of the cleanest things you could breath. By 2010, the cars will have particle traps on the exhaust (maybe automotive standards already dictate this, I’m not sure)

    I would not run biodiesel in my car. I’ve seen what that stuff can do a fuel tank/filter on off-road equipment. Some people (I tend to agree) feel that ethanol and biodiesel aren’t so great. Last time I checked the world still had trouble feeding all it’s people, so driving commodity prices for food up only hurts the poor people of the world. If you don’t agree with me and choose to use biodiesel, don’t let it sit in your tank too long, it biodegrades, sucks up water and turns to sludge if not immediately consumed.

    The only way to be earth friendly is to drive only when necessary.

    Check out this link for more detailed thoughts and discussion on bio-fuels

  25. The “Accord” they drove in the article that gets 63 miles per imperial gallon is not the same as our Accord. It’s smaller and lighter, and is sold here as the Acura TSX (but with no diesel engine, only an underpowered gas four-banger).

    Whatever diesel engine they stuff into the US Accord, it will not get 63 miles per gallon after converting to US gallons and accounting for the extra weight and different gearing of the US Accord. As far as performance, I hope it slots between the four and six-cylinder gas models. If it’s slower than the gas four-cylinder (which is already borderline), it will be a really tough sell.

  26. topgun says:

    Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.
    Benjamin: Yes, sir.
    Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?
    Benjamin: Yes, I am.
    Mr. McGuire: Hydrogen.

    I wish we would really concentrate on H2 as the future power source.
    NO FOSSIL FUEL so screw the Middle East war machine.
    CHEAP. About as cheap as you can get.
    I just read where MIT or Purdue is developing a low cost fuel cell which until now has been the bottleneck.
    Now how to deal with the big oil lobby.

  27. ToddMeister says:


    Yep, you sure got that right…

  28. @balthisar:

    I calculated the MPGs buy converting litres to American gallons.

    Either way, it’s just smart driving.

  29. Buran says:

    @pinkbunnyslippers: Which you can’t get right now. Thankfully, the TDI is coming back to the US in MY08 sometime.

    But not in the Rabbit/Golf.

    At least you will be able to get a TDI Jetta wagon.

  30. Buran says:

    @bohemian: It’s the Tier II Bin 5 EPA regulations that have caused the TDI to disappear.

    Wait until MY08 (probably summer/fall, realistically, winter/spring for the wagon), go back and ask for a Jetta TDI Bluetec. Cleaner, 50-state legal, and more powerful.

  31. Buran says:

    @Murph1908: Those problems were solved years ago. The only way I can tell a TDI from a gas-powered VW, without reading the badge or popping the hood, is to listen … for an ever-so-faint clatter. Most people completely miss it.

    People like you who still think diesels are stinky, unreliable, and noisy (this is not a sneer, don’t take it as such!) are why the diesel has trouble catching on even with the problems solved.

    “Oh, we had this awful diesel when I was a kid and I’ll never buy one again!”

    The people who still believe that may have to grow old and die already before the diesel gets another chance. Sad…

  32. Buran says:

    @rbb: Too bad the wagon got delayed what with that plant fire… I’m loving my new GTI and all the GTI tech goodies but I’d love a wagon too.

  33. Skiffer says:

    @topgun: I agree…but technically H2 isn’t a power source, it’s a power carrier – first we need to build up our nuclear and use that to make H2…if only I had $6 billion, I’d build my own nuke plant right now…

  34. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    I love how some of the states went “Oh no, we can’t have diesels because they pollute too much!”…but just shrugged when confronted with somebody commuting 120 miles a day in a 1-ton F-350. Nice. VW is supposed to have the TDI line-up back on track for 2008.

    I’m not surprised that the car pictured isn’t the US version..and yes, it looks more Civic-sized than Accord sized. Which makes me wonder how long before somebody sues Honda because they’re only getting 50 MPG instead of 62.8?

    Hopefully Honda has actually outfitted their diesel with a turbocharger (which is why the TDI VW has acceleration and the diesel Escort didn’t).

    I agree that GM pretty much doomed the diesel in the US with their crappy ’80’s diesels..making me wonder if they did that on purpose (Hey guys, we’ll make such dogs that US car buyers will NEVER buy a diesel again, and we can make lots and lots more profit selling our gas-swilling big sedans and heavy trucks to the suckers…I mean, car-buying populace.)

    Sadly, though..diesel doesn’t solve the main issue of how are we going to power vehicles without using crude oil (unless we can scale up vegetable oil production to power the whole world’s automobile fleet).

  35. f3rg says:

    Here’s the article I found this morning, and that’s NOT an Accord. It’s an Acura TSX.


  36. kingfling says:

    That was a Euro-spec Honda, not a Tier 2 Bin 5 model capable of meeting US emission standards. And the turbo whine in that car was terrible at nearly all speeds. The 2008 Jetta prototype at the same event was much quieter, and T2B5 compliant.

  37. hustler says:

    I’d buy one.

  38. Scaramanga says:

    PLEASE CONVERT UNITS FOR ACCURACY (the consumerist is about stopping the spread of mis-information towards consumers not perpetuating it).

    IMPERIAL gallons; not US gallons.

    Which means 52mpg in US-terms

    Also, Euro/Japanese accord is the more smaller/compact Acura TSX in the US. The U.S. Accord is much bigger/heavier then the Euro/Japanese market models.

    Not the same.

  39. bmwloco says:

    I work at a VW dealership. I sell VWs. It’s how I make the money to buy food, housing, etc.

    They can’t bring diesels in soon enough. I keep telling the powers that be “if you make it, they will buy it” regarding TDI models.

    Thing is, I like ’em too. Safe, well built, and fuel efficient.

  40. lws1984 says:


    If America simply made their diesel standards to be the same as Europe’s, we’d have a lot more diesels right now. A lot (and I mean a LOT) of European cars sold here come as diesels in Europe, but not sold here.

  41. beyond says:

    @sleze69: Yeah, like the Civic hybrid, that still gets so-so gas mileage but costs thousands more. No thanks.

  42. buggy_bee says:

    @Mazda Oil Filter: This new Honda must be using a high-grade biodeisel or ethanol.

    An ordinary diesel can not meet the standard emission level.