Go Organic Without Breaking the Bank

According to Consumer Reports’ Greener Choices, organic produce, meat and dairy products can cost 50% to 100% more than their conventional counterparts.

But there are some simple ways to save while buying these good-for-you products, according to Smart Money.

  • Set some priorities — Buy organic where it really makes a difference in the product’s quality.
  • Consider your alternatives — There are various levels of what is deemed “organic.” If you can live with some compromises, you’ll be able to save.
  • Shop on sale — Just like other food categories, organic foods go on sale regularly.
  • Try a farmer’s market — Locally produced foods have much lower costs (transportation, distribution, overhead, etc.) and thus can be sold for a lower price. Better yet, there are often fresher than alternatives.
  • Consider generics — several supermarket chains have their own lines of organic products and the list is growing as the category becomes more popular.

If you have any suggestions on how to buy organics cheaper, please share them in the comments.— FREE MONEY FINANCE

Buy Organic Without Breaking the Bank [Smart Money]

(Photo: Spidra Webster)

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