Reach AT&T Wireless Executive Customer Service

MaryMichelle Timbang
AT&T Wireless, HQ – Office of the President
Executive Customer Service


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  1. trecool95 says:

    I think I’ll definitely be needing this in the future since I just upgraded from AT&T to AT&T. (Yes I’m a very old subscriber)

  2. ShortbusKid says:

    Well, that’s just genius. Now you’ve completely prevented Ms. Timbang from being able to do her job by posting her contact info.

  3. Lazlo Nibble says:

    Count my vote in favor of more article illustrations in the form of screen grabs from 20-year-old Apple II apps.

  4. TheJollyGreenGiant says:

    bookmarked, hopefully to never be used.

  5. dieselbug says:

    Sent a message today – having trouble moving a phone from an enterprise business plan back to a personal one. I’ll update with success/failure of the contact.

  6. MikeLovesTQM says:

    Now on my 4th Blackberry Curve in 7 months (all due to sticking trackball). Just sent a message. Let’s see if Ms. Timbang can make some magic happen. I’ll update on her progress.

  7. MikeLovesTQM says:

    Hmmm…i’s been one week and still no response from Ms. Timbang. Gee, thanks AT&T Wireless!

  8. MikeLovesTQM says:

    I sent an email to the President of AT&T (search AT&T Wireless on here) and received a call within 24 hours. While the office from which they called is addressed as “The President’s Office,” I believe it is really more of a customer service of last resort. Hokey, but makes people feel important. Either way, not only was the service courteous and fast, but they offered me ANY phone I wanted and also offered to extend my 12 month warranty an additional three months. I would push for more, but I thought the offer was acceptable for now. My faith is restored!

  9. immski says:

    Just sent an e-mail to Ms. Timbang. I also CC’ed Consumerist. Will update.

  10. rollms2 says:

    This is not completely on-topic, however I’m new and hope to be forgiven. Our DSL number, but not our phone number, has been given to another customer. This was due to our changing our phone number due to harrassing calls – they didn’t change the DSL. Their mistake, now they’ll disconnect our DSL as someone else has been given the number.

    I have been talking to rude reps who offer no answers. I would like the phone numbers, preferably the home phone numbers of AT&T higher management. I particularly was Randall Stephenson’s home phone number. CAn anybody help?

  11. Kellee Johnson says:

    Just learned I have 12k AT&T rollover minutes. Clearly on wrong plan. Earned/paid for these minutes. AT&T says if I drop to the next lowest minute plan (1,350) I lose all but the current plan’s (1,350) # of minutes. Nice policy. Where’s account management when you need them?

  12. Mark Kilgore says:

    I emailed the chick yesterday because I am starting a new job within my company and require the use of internet, email, etc. I hate crackberries, treos, or whatever else. I only want a Iphone to do all I need too. I will update later..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Here is a letter I emailed to the office of the president of AT&T Pleas read and enjoy in it’s entirety:

    My name is C*** C******ll. I am an AT&T wireless customer residing in Indiana. I am truly sorry to have to bother you with this issue as I have tried multiple levels of customer service and have been either “disconnected”, promised call backs from managers as well as people from resolutions desks all to no avail. My problems have been accumulating over the last few months with the level of customer care. I have a detailed list of people, times, and departments that I have spoken with. I will begin. On Wednesday February 11, 2009 I purchased a Pink Blackberry Pearl for my girlfriend for Valentines Day. I also purchased a Blackberry Curve 8310 approximately 1 month ago. I have been overall fairly pleased with the performance of the 8310. My problem began this evening Thursday February 12th 2009 at 7:30 EST. I was trying to utilize the Bluetooth capabilities of both the 8110 and 8310 to send music files. I called the technical support line of AT&T’s customer care. The gentleman that I spoke with had informed me that he had little knowlege in regards to the Bluetooth technologies and that the Blackberry 8310 had frequent problems sending music files via Bluetooth and that I would have to upgrade to the Blackberry Bold. He also informed me that I would likely have to be “escelated” to the RIM Blackberry Technical Support team. I spoke with AT&T’s technical support person from 7:30 EST until 8:45 EST and was told I had to take the battery out to check a few things. I informed the man that there was no damage whatsoever to the phone and that my girlfriend had just purchased me a hard cover case that would have to be broken in order to take it apart. I was told there was no way to avoid it and what did it matter anyway I would have to break it when I got a new phone. I was devestated at the lack of empathy over what is sentimental to me and worthless to AT&T. I then broke my case opened the phone up and revealed to him that there was no damage per the questions he had asked regarding the conditions of the terminals and water damage seal. I was asked for the IMEI number and was told that regardless of damage I had to open the phone up to reveal that number which also was untrue as it can be accessed by pressing *#060. I was then transferred to the RIM Blackberry Technical Support automated system which then asked me for a credit card number in order to be billed for technical support. I hung up and directly called AT&T’s technical support team again and spent another 30 mins explaining everything that had been explained to the previous gentleman. I was then transferred again to the RIM Blackberry Technical Support team with the assistance of AT&T and was given the ability to speak with the RIM team. I spent approximately 45 minutes on the phone troubleshooting the issue including connecting my 8310 to the Blackberry Desktop Manager and completely wiping out all valuable pictures and contacts within my phone. I was very dissapointed in losing these files and was not offered a way of backing them up. I was informed that it was an AT&T warranty issue and that it was a common issue with an 8310 and that I would have to take it up with AT&T. So I called back to AT&T and spent well over an hour speaking with Everett Ortiz who argued and badgered me for the duration of the time until I asked to speak with someone who could in fact help me. I was then place on hold for 17 minutes after asking that a manager please call me back as it was approaching 10:00 pm and I had not eaten dinner and had been on the phone with technical support for nearly 3 hours. I was told that they did not have the ability to call me back that my choice was to wait on hold for 5-10 minutes or to hang up and call back again. I spoke with Tim Arthur until 10:15 EST and was repeatedly informed that he could only send me an 8310 (the same phone I have) which has the same problems. I asked him to please contact whomever he needed to resolve my issue and please call me back. I was then informed that he was getting off work in 30 minutes and would do his best but could not promise anything. I waited until 10:30 and again called 800-801-1101 and then spoke with a Tiramy? Watson and was asked all of my information. She continued to argue with me that I had to call back on a phone that was not the problematic phone. I informed her that if she would just take my information and password she would soon understand that it did not matter which phone I had called on as I had spoke with Technical Support teams from two different companies. She repeated herself (cutting me off) 7 times that she would not help me unless I called on another phone. I then demanded to speak with a manager as I am quickly learning the AT&T way. I was given to Jay Teksera? and he explained to me that he had worked on the B-12 bomber in 1990 and that it had technical issues with birds flying into the engines and had to be retro-fitted and that his company did not recieve the contract and he was laid off. He then informed me that he worked at Intel for a number of years where he was also laid off because technology isn’t always what it is cracked up to be and that I should be happy with the phones capabilities despite it’s advertised abilities and shortcomings. I asked what he was going to do to get me the upgraded phone without the problems of the 8310 and I was then informed that he was just an “agent”. I asked him why I was given to him when I had asked for a manager and he informed me that he was new to the job and needed the experience of dealing with compliants. So I was then placed on hold for another 19 minutes only for him to return and give me 866-801-3600 as an after hours customer care number. So at 11:15 P.M EST I placed the call and spoke with Brad Wilcox in Canada and he was quite kind as well as appalled that I had been dealing with AT&T customer care and Tech Support since 7:30 EST. I was then placed on hold for about 15 minutes while he spoke with the chain of command that informed me there was nothing the could do and were about to re-route me to warranty again when I emphatically insisted on speaking to someone who could offer me an absolute resolution. I was then disconnected only to have to call back again and give my dialectical dissertation of the evenings events to Kristina Pena who again put me on hold for over 15 minutes. When she returned she informed me that if I was willing to hold for another few moments (10 more minutes) someone would be able to help me. I was then given to Mandy McManus at 12:13 am EST and was basically told that I could purchase an upgrade at the 2 year contract price. I had just signed a new 2 year contract February 11, 2009. I was told that my line doesn’t generate enough revenue to constitute an early upgrade and I could be given the same defected 8310 under warranty or purchase a new phone at a 2 yr price. My question is where in the span of nearly 5 hours of technical support and customer care was this issue not resolved? I am now bound to another 2 year contract because I bought my girlfriend a new Blackberry phone but I am uneligible for an early upgrade/credit to cover the cost of the phone since warranty will send me the same phone with the same problems and we got both phone lines at the exact same time, day, and year February of 2008 on a family share plan? Is there anyone who cares enough within AT&T to resolve my issue? I have spent over 5 hours of my time looping and re-looping through the phone system telling this over 10 times to 10 different people only to see no results! I am aware of many options available to the people in charge of escalations only to be offered nothing! I only want what is going to work. We pay a lot of money for our account as well as the time I have dedicated playing the AT&T game of constant long hold times in the hopes I will just give up. I assure you I will not. I would greatly appreciate a call from someone who has the ability to resolve this issue without my need of being in the system for 5 hours and needing the authority of someone else. Please Someone With The Ability To Do What Is Neccessary Help ME!

  14. ccoffey says:

    I have been an AT&T customer for a long time and I recently cracked the LCD screen on my AT&T tilt phone. I contacted AT&T customer service and was prepared to purchase a new phone because the broken screen was my fault and I need the phone for work email. I was told that I could not purchase a new phone at a discounted rate because my contract is not eligible for upgrade until June of 2009. I explained that the phone was completely unusable because all the touch screen functions were broken and the best she would offer me was a $50 discount off regular retail prices (which are very high) on any phone except the iPhone, which she said I could not upgrade to at all unless until my upgrade date in June even if I was willing to pay full retail for it. I was not asking for a free phone or a replacement. I was simply asking to be allowed to purchase the phone I want at the 2yr contract discount and sign a new 2 year contract because my other phone is broken and unusable. I need a phone like this for work email and internet access and the only solutions I am offered are to buy a new $500 phone or wait until June. Both are not acceptable solutions to a loyal customer in this situation. I emailed the address at the top of this post to see if there is anything they can do for me.

  15. sandheep says:

    anyone had any luck with this contact? i sent them an e-mail over 2 weeks ago and no response. still a valid e-mail address?

  16. Anonymous says:

    You should be eligible for an early equipment upgrade, ccoffey. That means you would get the 2-year agreement price plus a $75 early upgrade fee. So if you wanted the refurb Iphone 3g 8Gb, you would just pay 174.99.

    To be frank, the equipment really does cost that much. When you extend your contract to get the discount, it’s basically financing an expensive piece of equipment. If you hate the ball and chain of a contract, just pay full retail pricing.

    When your TV has problems, the cable company doesn’t buy you a new one even if you have been with them for years.

  17. Christopher Todd Herff says:

    Giraldo, bad comparison. The cable company doesn’t force me to use special TV’s to use their service. They do, however, require special cable boxes.. which they rent to us and they require us to return them upon termination of the service.

    Cell phone companies do not allow us to use our own handsets, they limit us to the ones they make available, they put special permissions on them to make sure you’re locked into buying applications only from them for those phones, and they make us buy the phones instead of leasing or renting them because let’s face it, old phones have more wear and tear from carrying them around all over the place instead of sitting on our shelf collecting dust.

    If you’re going to compare, let’s make it a fair comparison.

  18. NW says:

    @sandheep – Did you ever have any success? I also sent an email to Ms. Timbang, no response (although it’s only been ~48 hours). Wondering if anyone knows of another (effective/valid) contact email or address?

    • NW says:

      Update: If you have a valid issue, it gets action. although I never heard from Ms. Timbang, I got a call from an Executive Manager three days after I sent an email to Ms. Timbang. Problem solved a day later!

  19. bowlingmyth says:

    I bought a Blackberry Bold(tm) through AT&T as part of the contract extension every two years. It stopped working a few days later. I brought it back to the store and they saw that the sticker that changes color when wet is red. It is therefore not covered by the warranty. When I told them I had not dropped it or spilled anything on it, they responded that it had been very humid here so they were not surprised. I cannot believe that humidity is not covered. That is ridiculous. Now I just threw away $350 and according to them have no recourse. I have been using my friend’s old phone that is not great but at least it works. I am not buying another phone through AT&T. In fact, I’m considering switching to Verizon over this incident (I have been an AT&T/Cingular customer for 6 years).

  20. dkanup says:

    Does anyone know the company’s president or higher executive email?
    AT&T disconnected my DSL by mistake and when asked for explanation argued with me. This was on October 22nd. After lot of back and forth, they opened a new account for me. Today is the 27th and they still they do not have me connected. My phone is not working so is my home security system. The reps gave me different information each time with one of the reps saying that there might be a charge to me for getting this fixed and finally when i called to disconnect yesterday, the retention dept said they will take care of the problem and have a technician onsite today by 4 at the latest. No one has come and i am still without internet.
    I am also emailing the executive customer care. I dont know how pathetic this company is being run.

  21. nopelosi says:

    II’m not a happy customer. If you care , look into your ” customer service” tapes” . It only took seven ATT individuals and 180 minutes og phone time to not get to the bottom line. AT&T is not to make a big deal out of it “pitiful”. Give me a call call if you give a Pelosi.

  22. Denise Pierson says:

    I am very upset with the ATT cincular company. All this started in 2003. I had a land line through att, then received a notice in the mail that I qualified for a cell phone at the price of 29.99. I called the company and talked with a repersenitive. I told her all I wanted was a phone to call out and a phone to call in on. I told her I did not want any of those extra things at all, call waiting,text messaging,Internet, nothing like that. She said that would be ok. I told her I was on SSI and only receive 535.00 a month and if it cost any more I could not sign up. She said that it wouldn’t. I told her I would have to go talk to my mom, and if my mom said ok I would call her back. My mom told my if that’s all it was going to cost then it would be ok. I returned the call and said that I would sign up. I was suppose to get 650 min. plus rollover a free phone with no extras.Plus a 3 year contract. Everything went ok for about a year then I was informed that I qualified for a second line. I called the company and told them I would take a second phone on the family plan witch was suppose to be 9.99 a month, and it worked of my rollover minutes, plus I told them I didn’t want any of those extra things on this phone either. And now this will only cost me about 40.00-45.00 a month.They told me yes! I told them that I could afford that then. I received the second phone and things went ok for a few of month. My husband didn’t use his phone very much so we let our son use it. I told him it worked off my rollover minutes and there was no extra things on it. Text messaging, Internet, call waiting, call forwarding, nothing like that. He said, ok. Then I started getting bills saying I owed for a phone at 39.99 and a phone at 29.99 witch had it’s own minutes plus rollover minutes. I called them and told them this was wrong. They said they would take care of it. Then I had not received a bill in about two months then I got one and they said I owed them $1184.00. I just about had a heart attack. I called my son, and we called the phone company. They told use that the bill was so high because both phones had used up the free minutes plus the overtime minutes so was charged for each call in and out. on both phones. I asked how could this be considering the second phone wasn’t suppose to have its own minutes just work off mine. Then on an other bill
    it was charging me $59.99 for rollover minutes and $39.99. Witch I could not see how they could do this. I did not ask for more time or anything like that. Plus on my bill there was text messages, Internet, call forwarding, call waiting and stuff like that. How can this be when I spacificaly told them not to have any of that stuff on either phone. So I told them I wanted to have the phones turned off until we could handle this mess. She told me that was going to be a termination fee of $150.00 each phone. I told her I did not want them terminated I just wanted them turned off until this was settled. I wrote a letter to the company disbuting all most all these charges. I have not heard anything from them until last month I was going to put another land line in at a different address. I was told no because of an outstanding bill. Mean while I’ve had my land line for 5 years and nothing was ever said about this $1100 a something bill. So I received a bill in the mail the other day and it said I owe $856.56 and the date on it is Sept.1,2005. I,ve tried to contact the phone company and they say they have no record of this bill. That the phone numbers that I gave them belone to some company now.
    I don’t know who I talked to but I got a copy of my Feb.2005- Jun.2005 bill, that’s how I found out that text messages, Internet, call waiting, call forwarding and all that was on the phone. There’s also a call on there from 559-355-9675 to 559-355-9675. How can this be. The phone numbers were 559-355-9675 main number the second number was 559-355-4107. My name is Denise Pierson, my e-mail address is I would appriciate it very much if you could look into this mess and get in touch with me. ASAP or sooner.
    Thank you and I’ll be looking to work with you on this bill.