iPhone Sends Itemized Bill For Every Single Image You Access

Unfortunately, Apple’s design gurus didn’t get to lovingly sculpt AT&T’s billing system, so when the first iPhone users opened their bills this month, they got a surprise. Actually, pages upon pages of surprises. Every single image gets assessed a fee based on its kilobytes, and is then painstakingly itemized on your AT&T bill.

Hundreds of listings of “Data Transfer” of type “Data” at rate code “MBRF,” along with its kilobytes. Never mind if the customer is on an unlimited data transfer plan. New York Times technology writer David Pogue’s bill was nine pages long. Daring Fireball’s was 45.

The Poguester kills it best with, “This development illustrates yet another clash between Apple’s typical philosophy of elegance and simplicity-and the unprepared, cluelessness of its cellular partner.”

Another good reason for iPhone users, if they haven’t already, to switch to paperless billing.

iPhone+AT&T Bill=Uh-Oh [NYT] (Thanks to Colin!)
Linked List: July 2007 [Daring Fireball]
(Photo: Getty)

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