Blockbuster Raises Prices, Gives You Until Yesterday To Change Your Plan

Blockbuster would like you to know that you are a valued customer… and that you have until yesterday to change your plan before the new pricing goes into effect.

Reader Melissa writes:

This email arrived in my inbox at 1:23am on July 27th letting me know that Blockbuster is changing their subscription plans. Don’t worry they say, because this won’t change my current pricing, but any change after July 26th will result in the new price structure. Nice timing there eh?

Whoops! Guess they “accidentally” sent out the email a bit too late.

Blockbuster writes (to Melissa):

Dear Melissa,

We want to let you know about some changes to our BLOCKBUSTER Total Access

subscription plans. This information is provided for your reference only – your subscription plan will not be affected by these changes.

Beginning July 26, 2007, there will be a price increase on your current unlimited plan. We will also begin to offer plans which limit the number of in-store exchanges available each month.

As a preferred customer, your plan will not change at this time. Please continue to enjoy your exclusive subscription plan, including no monthly limit on free* movie rentals or discounted game rentals when you exchange in-store, at today’s price – far below the published rate available to new subscribers.

At any point, you can log in and review your current subscription plan or see all available plans. Keep in mind that if you want to change your subscription plan at any point after July 26, 2007, your new plan will be subject to prices and terms available at that time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Your Friends at BLOCKBUSTER

Meanwhile, Netflix just lowered prices. Again.

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