29,000 registered sex offenders deleted from MySpace. [Ad Age]


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  1. banned says:

    If you know who these 29000 are, why not monitor their use, instead of forcing them to re-register with fake names? How does this protect the children at all!? You are simply forcing them to be more ananymous, thus harder to catch. Another example of companies making stupid people feel better, yet accomplishing nothing at all.

  2. Toof_75_75 says:


    I’m going to go ahead and have to agree with you here…My first thought was, oh good, now they’ll just have to make a new account…Good work MySpace! Saving people, one sex offender’s account at a time.

  3. Erskine says:


    That’s 29,000 sex offenders that didn’t bother to make fake accounts in the first place.

    Does MySpace security hire from DHS or TSA…?

  4. timmus says:

    Well considering the person at the top of the MySpace pinnacle is Rupert Murdoch, you’re only about one degree away from DHS and TSA.

  5. Thoria says:

    I wonder how many of those 29,000 were false positives, non-offenders who happened to share names with offenders.

  6. fook says:

    The phrase “convicted sex offender” is a very VERY broad term. You got caught for peeing in public? your a sex offender. Mooning? yep. Sex? yep. Anal sex down south? Yep. Boobs? Not in NY but probably.

    I’m with the earlier commenter on the fact that these offenders are not hiding anything. This was a simple one to one match from myspace database to PUBLIC sex offender databases that are open for anyone to see. Forcing them into anonymity won’t make anyone safer.

  7. UnStatusTheQuo says:

    Also in the news, myspace generated 29,000 new accounts today…

  8. RebekahSue says:

    MySpace is a great place for sex offenders* as long as parents aren’t going to monitor their kids, and look for someone to blame when their kids get hurt. Darwin should be going after the breeders.

    * If a guy is drunk, leaves a bar, unzips, pees on the wall, and gets busted, he’s a registered sex offender. I wonder how stringent MySpace was with the across-the-board banning…?

  9. swalve says:

    rebekasue- you’re exactly right, that’s the insidious, awful nature of the sex offender database. every genitalia-related misdemeanor is lumped in with non-violent offenses, which are lumped in with violent rapists. You don’t know who that red push pin is on the offender map, you just know to be afraid.
    But now the federal gov’t gets to have a big thick list of people to wield when they want more money or want to raise the paranoia level.