Email American Airlines Customer Relations

You’d be hardpressed to find it on their site or listed anywhere else online, but American Airlines does have an email for addressing customer inquiries: (Thanks to Lina!)


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  1. RebekahSue says:

    are these stored in one central area, or, if we need a number should we google


    and search?

    btw, trying to find a claims department for AirTran that ISN’T a claim for lost luggage is hell. When I phoned, they didn’t HAVE it – first you file a claim over the phone, then they see if the flight attendant has done a ticket, THEN they call you with an address. Maybe. It’s easier to file suit.

  2. azntg says:

    They didn’t bother listing that email on their webpages.

    But then again, who’s to say that they don’t check that email address either?

  3. gabrahamson says:

    I had no problem finding their email. I went to>Contact Us->Customer Relations and there it was.

  4. danseuse322 says:

    This email just bounced for me. I guess they were afraid to hear how their avoidable delay endangered my life by putting me in a highway in an ice storm because had they shuttled the plane to our airport on time we wouldn’t have arrived after the temp dropped below freezing after a day of snow. I sent it to the and it bounced “invalid recipient” but I also sent it to the reply I had from old emails–it has an ironic email address: