China To US: Fix Your Own Food Supply Issues First

China says the US should fix its own food supply issues and stop picking on China. The Chinese government issued a statement saying that they are trying to fix food export issues but that the US should fix its own issues first.

According to the Washington Post, the statement spoke about contamination in local foods as well as “flawed” exports of pork and poultry.

From the Washington Post:

U.S. news reports are exaggerating the significance of adulteration in products exported to the United States, the statement said, and more than 99 percent of U.S. imports from China were without flaws.

The statement, issued only in Washington, did not mention moves in the United States to protect imports, including a new Working Group on Import Safety established Wednesday by President Bush. The administration denied that the panel was to target China.

The Chinese side hopes that the U.S. side will respect science and treat China’s food and drug exports fairly, will not exaggerate or play up individual food safety cases and still less (create a) ‘China threat’ in the field of food and drugs,” the statement said.

Such activities, it said, form “the misimpression among the U.S. public that all food and drugs imported from China are unsafe.”

There is no doubt that the FDA and USDA are broken, but it’s just so much easier to pick on China.

Here’s our favorite example of how dumb our food safety system is in the US. There is a different agency in charge of inspecting open faced vs closed faced sandwiches.

Yes. Seriously.

China Says US Food Has Its Own Problems
[Washington Post]


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  1. mantari says:

    Shouldn’t they both be fixing them simultaneously? I mean, if there any benefit to saying, “no, you first”?

  2. G-Dog says:

    Umm..Did I miss something? If Chinese products were not a concern, why did they just hang that guy?

  3. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black….I trust the FDA,USDA about a billion percent more than the freakin Chinese commie bastards…

  4. Haplo9000 says:

    @mantari: I have to agree. Really, why can’t we work on fixing both?

  5. nidolke says:

    I think this whole food battling thing will be good for the consumers, since now it seems China & the U.S. are keeping each other in check a lot more than before.

  6. coconino says:

    Just finished reading Fast Food Nation few months ago and I couldn’t agree more with China! Picking up a burger will really gross me out about the food safety practice in the US. Share on you Uncle Sam!

  7. Ncisfan says:

    This is Economic War and China’s playing dirty!!

  8. banned says:

    Sounds like a propaganda war to me

  9. flintstone03 says:

    @coconino: I absolutely agree, there are many unaddressed health related food issues that the U.S. seemingly fails to rectify.

    This truly seems to be turning into a “point the finger” game.

  10. royal72 says:

    “This is Economic War and China’s playing dirty!!”

    “Sounds like a propaganda war to me”

    … or maybe it’s people having nothing to do with their lives, but bitch, moan, and jump on the angry mob train, till the next sensationalist story.

  11. anatak says:

    “U.S. news reports are exaggerating the significance of adulteration in products exported to the United States, the statement said, and more than 99 percent of U.S. imports from China were without flaws.”

    Is that based on the fact that we only inspect 1% of imports?

    Seriously, you need look no further than the corners they cut in manufacturing and the way they treat the environment to know that they are full of crap. Literally and figuratively. The FDA and USDA should respond by giving them the finger.

  12. 3drage says:

    Wow. How would China like it if we just decide not to ship to them? I’m sure we could get along fairly well without their rat poison infested food, their choking hazard toys, and their toothpaste of doom. How about instead of cutting China a deal for our stuff, we give Americans the deal and eat our own safer food? China needs to bugger off.

  13. Let the finger pointing begin.


  14. gamble says:

    “…and more than 99 percent of U.S. imports from China were without flaws.”

    Wait, is 99 percent enough? That seems to imply that about 1 out of every 100 items might be hazardous. That’s a lot.

  15. mopar_man says:


    I would have to agree with you there.

  16. pillow says:

    as a eu consumer, we stay as clear from the chinese food goods as we do from the us ones ;)

    though unbiased opinion, every country has their problems with food safety, china probably more so since its a devloping nation, and cheap prices have a tendancy to be of lower quality.
    and least one forgets, which country has not had their fare share of tainted products, even more so when they were devloping.

    find it a bit sad that some readers of the consumerist

  17. pillow says:

    …have a tendancy towards racial hatret, we are human, we all fuck up, make mistakes etc, but ultimately the we’re the same fucking bunch, so get over it ^-^

  18. raceroh says:

    The chicoms are whining that the USA is as bad as they are in the importing of substandard goods to mainland chicom.They get busted for poisoning toothpaste,dog food,lead paint,tires and yet we are dumb enough to buy chicom because it’s cheaper<<

  19. 2Legit2Quit says:

    pillow is that a serious comment? Check your track record on hoof and mouth disease and other meat products. How many outbreaks of hoof and mouth have been seen in the United States? Oh yea, none.

    Oh no, that’s right. The EU would MUCH rather profit off of the industry then actually prevent another outbreak through vaccination.

    Just a nice friendly message from your local American farmer.

    I like the current checks and balances that is going between the United States and China. I recognize our gov. has gotten away with a lot as of late and I’m all for industrializing other countries.

  20. floofy says:

    I like cheese.

  21. raceroh says:

    We also import garlic ,apple juice ,and other consumable goods.When that imported product fails or is tainted and causes either death or injury who are you going to go after for compensation…the chicoms in beijing could give a shit less about some consumer complaint in the states.When you buy junk and it acts accordingly then don’t get pissed off.We have the power to enforce standards in the states but not the will(picture a flock of sheep).Welcome to the wonderful world of nafta.

  22. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @raceroh: LOL why would they care about anyone? They couldnt give a crap if a million little chicoms kicked off at one time.

  23. DerrickKwan says:

    @3drage: dude if China bugger of, our economy will plunge to dead. Since they own most of our debt. Lets play nice. Country suffer from spinach posioning shouldn’t throw stone

  24. Lordy says:

    This is why i only buy local organic food…i dont trust anyone here i mean really USDA does a pretty good job of controlling food stores i mean we have outbreaks of ecoli and salmonella but crest doesnt have anti freeze dye in it…we dont have fake eggs…

  25. azntg says:

    @mantari: Right on the dot. Both countries have to do something at the same time!

    BTW, China might own a lot of US debt, but at the same time, it’s also in their best interests to not do something brash and harsh either, lest they end up with a pile of useless debt!

  26. loueloui says:


    You beat me to it. Although I agree that the US has some problems, the FDA and USDA are still head and shoulders above any kind of program China has. These are people who would feed cardboard, and pork fat to their own neighbors.

    I’m sure they are just crying themselves to sleep worrying about all that poisoned, spoiled, filthy slop they’re sending over to the US by the bushel. They’ve seriously got that whole Upton Sinclair thing down pat. Someone should follow these inspectors around with a camera. Now that would make an exposé I would like to see. Are you listening newshounds?

  27. miborovsky says:

    @loueloui: Carboard buns (IFF it was true) are made by shady individuals. They have nothing to do with the Chinese FDA. You’re essentially blaming the US FDA for instigating, planning, orchestrating and starting E coli spinach outbreaks. Amirite?

  28. Onouris says:


    Erm no, if something is wrong in America you just aren’t told about it, and what you don’t know can’t hurt huh.

    America is pretty quick to jump on China, not so quick to tell people about its own stuff. I mean if the life expectancy of Americans is lower than that in the UK, can’t be doing everything right now can they.

    Also, America relies heavily on China. If imports from there stopped, so would so much more.

  29. ZonzoMaster says:

    @gamble: Totally true… 1 of 100 pieces of food being hazardous is A LOT.

    But i do think both agencies should be getting fixed, it’s stupid to sit and point the finger to each other.

  30. Enishiru says:

    @everyone saying “Why don’t we fix things at the same time?”:

    China isn’t actually going to wait and do nothing while the U.S. fixes it’s problems. They did just hang a guy, after all.

    They mean that we’re not in any position to criticize them when we have problems of our own.

    Of course, their argument would be greatly strengthened if our “problems” were on the same scale as theirs.

  31. synergy says:

    @loueloui: I don’t remember if it was at Consumerist or elsewhere that I saw this, but supposedly the whole cardboard story was fake. The reporter asked the guy making the buns to wet down some cardboard so he could get high ratings for the “exposé.”

  32. Registered99 says:

    @Mantari I think that they are saying, “Fix your problem before you complain about ours.” Not “Fix your problem before we will fix ours.”

  33. Registered99 says:

    @Mantari: I think that they are saying, “Fix your problem before you complain about ours.” Not “Fix your problem before we will fix ours.”

  34. Registered99 says:

    @mantari: I think that they are saying, “Fix your problem before you complain about ours.” Not “Fix your problem before we will fix ours.”