Easy-Bake Ovens (finger amputation), Atico Coffeemakers sold at Walgreens (fire), Playskool Sippy Cups (choking, THULE Bike Racks (amputation).


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  1. evil_doer420 says:

    I get the coffee makers but how can you not know an easy-bake oven burns, or kids chewing on plastic? These recalls are really getting quite ridiculous.

  2. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    You can use the Easy Bake oven various cookies, including lady fingers!

  3. FLConsumer says:

    The problem is that they don’t make the Easy Bake ovens we all remember.
    Kids are shoving their hands & fingers in there (like we always did) but the new design causes their hands/fingers to get stuck inside… Dumb kids, yes, but the design isn’t as good as the old one. Actually, with no “window” — these new ones suck!

    They now look like this:

  4. allthatsevil says:

    I’ve seen the recall on the Easy Bake Oven in all the Targets in my area for several months. So why was this report just issued today?

    And what kind of parents aren’t supervising their kids in the first place? The first thing I noticed when looking at this new model is that the hole is plenty big enough for small hands. Kids are curious, they like to put things in their mouths and stick their hands into small openings.

  5. formergr says:

    It’s pretty funny– you know they changed the design from what we had as kids so that there was *less* chance of burns. You can see it’s made to practically block any exposure to the light bulb inside.

    Ironically, it now sounds like this very change is making it worse since if you do manage to get your fingers in there, you won’t get it out. I read that one 5-yr old child had to have her finger amputated since she had such bad (3rd degree) burns.

  6. formergr says:

    @allthatsevil: Apparently this is a *second* recall. They changed the design after the one you noticed a few months ago and thought they were good to go, but now they’ve had a whole ‘nother round of burn reports.

  7. FLConsumer says:

    The new ones DON’T have light bulbs inside. They have a real heating element inside them now. Stupid of them to not put a window w/light in them. I’m willing to bet most of the injuries are kids trying to look inside to watch the food cooking.