Actually, We Don't Have Any Advertisers Much In The Way Of Advertisers

An ad has never been bought on The Consumerist. Those banner ads you see flickering all around? They’re run across the entire Gawker network. Nobody, to date, however, has bought any Consumerist-specific ads as such. If someone wanted to, we’re sure the Gawker ad team would welcome them with open arms.

Until then, just know we get a secret thrill every time we’re accused of, “doing it for the ad-revenue.”

CORRECTION: One time, Fast Food Nation bought ads for its theatrical release.
CORRECTION 2: Upon occasion, we’ve been the recipient of certain run-of-Gawker-network ads. SnorgTees, a “Gypsy Caravan” movie, and the Public Theater come to mind. And then there’s those Amazon ads. And the Google ads. But from what we’ve been told, the $ is negligible.

This is not to say we’re saints. Or immune to capitalism. Or that advertising is bad, or we wouldn’t accept it. Just that the gap between our editorial and our advertising is greater than might be readily apparent.

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