5 Other Ways To Easily Insert Timestamps When Documenting Complaints

Besides the F5 and .LOG trick for Notepad, commenters shared some of their personal favorite ways to input date and time in a system you’re using to keep a log of your customer service issue.

  • Linux/Mac command line: echo `date` Your Text Here >> log.txt

  • Excel: select a cell and press CTRL+; then SPACE then CTRL+SHIFT+;
  • Metapad : F6
  • Viatalk: dial *99 and the number you want to call and the VoIP will record the conversation, and email it to you, timestamped
  • Send an email to yourself.

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  1. pand0ra says:

    Notepad++ :Ctrl+F5

  2. TexasScout says:

    EXCEL: CTRL+, SPACE, CTRL+SHIFT+ = 7 key strokes

    7/19/07 = 7 key strokes


  3. ep says:

    Always a click away: Timestamp.ahk.

  4. uricmu says:

    If you’ve just spent 30 minutes on hold (“your call is so important to us that we’re too cheap to hire more minimum wage CSRs in Asia”), can’t you just type in the frigging date yourself? It’s not like we use Roman numerals or the years of reign of the current Paraoh.

  5. Yeah, in 30 minutes, you could just write an emacs or vi script to insert the date and time, and forget to save it for next time…

  6. SanguinePony says:

    The first command works in Windows as well:

    echo %date% Your Text Here >> log.txt

  7. GlennG says:

    CTRL+M in Google Docs works great for me…

  8. 5h17h34d says:

    Ultraedit: F7 inserts the date:time

  9. sargent1 says:

    An easier excel shortcut is CTRL+SHIFT+’
    That automatically adds both date and time.

  10. robdew2 says:

    I prefer timestamps compatible with filenames, that will also sort correctly.

    in bash:

    echo `date ‘+%m-%d-%y_%H-%M-%S’`

  11. vladthepaler says:

    You could also just type the date and time into your document. I mean, it’s not as though using some special key sequence makes it more official.