Think Babies Are Annoying When Your Flight Is Delayed? How About Drunk Nick Nolte?

Nick Nolte’s flight was delayed at the Kauai airport, so he decided to roll around on the floor passing in and out of consciousness. At one point several of the other passengers had to help him put money in a vending machine.

We’ve heard of drunks on a plane, we’ve heard of babies on a plane, but Nick Nolte in an airport? What’s a consumer to do?

Without further ado…

Consumerist’s Top 5 Strategies For Dealing With Drunk Nick Nolte While Your Flight Is Delayed:

1) Take pictures. They may be worth money.

2) If you flight’s delay is actually CAUSED by drunk Nick Nolte, you will not be entitled to compensation from the airline, because drunk Nick Nolte qualifies as “force majeur.”

3) Drunk Nick Nolte documentation should be mailed along with your complaint letter, to demonstrate the hardship you were forced to endure during your delay.

4) Do not expect compensation for any dollars you give to Nick Nolte so that he can use the vending machine.

5) If you lose your drunk Nick Nolte in the airport, make sure to notify the airport management as well as the airline. Many consumers who lose their Nick Nolte skip this step. FYI, The maximum amount of insurance on your lost or stolen Nick Nolte is $3000. Oh wait, no. That’s lost baggage. Never mind.

Nick Nolte Crashes in Hawaiian Airport [TMZ via Dlisted]

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