Great Moments In Commercial History: Select Dental

Here’s an oft-requested little number from the New York City area: Select Dental.

We love this Select Dental commercial, which, if you have cable in the NYC area you’ll surely agree, is shown approximately 4 times per second. Yet, it never gets old.

The second You Tube clip contains supremely excellent bonus footage.

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  1. Brien says:

    the funny thing is that same commercial plays in the Boston area for a Dental service with a different name.

    Whenever it comes on, my brother changes the channel immediately.

  2. Jesse Pink says:

    I don’t get what is so special about this commercial… I may be missing something, but to me it seems like almost any other “locally made, locally shown” commercial.

    Any insight as to why this is a “great” would be appreciated. (However, the second one did make me chuckle.)

  3. meneye says:

    @jlink7: The girl’s ‘husband’ doesn’t seem to be liking girls.

  4. CultureBully says:

    To check out some other fantastic clips of Dave Hill, the guy who put the spoof commercial together, head over to his website []

  5. backspinner says:

    Is this commercial great because we get to make fun of gay people?

  6. Lordstrom says:

    I’m all for making fun of the gay, but I don’t get this at all.

  7. I’m confused…why is this commercial on here? It doesnt live up to the glory of the other great commercials on here

  8. hallik says:

    Ahh, good times watching this commercial every 5 minutes. I hate it so much, I like it, because it’s so bad. The actors are such stiffs >.<

  9. reykjavik says:

    Oh my god!! Every time I see this commercial I ask the same thing. Why in gods name did they pick the gayest guy on the planet to use as their “actor”? Using a gay actor is fine, its not that he’s gay that bothers me, its that he’s annoying gay that bothers me.

  10. The blonde woman looks like an alien.

  11. says:

    Maybe it’s funnier if you live in New York and see it four times every second. ‘Cause I don’t and it was pretty damn dull.

  12. karmaghost says:

    Is it ‘cuz the guy forces himself to show his bright, white smile while also delivering his lines? It’s kinda silly, but not that “Great.”

  13. rdldr1 says:

    Chicago has its very own version of the Select Dental commercial – just about the same word-for-word but by a different set of attractive people (actors?).

  14. nequam says:

    @backspinner: What’s funny is that he’s trying to act straight but it’s not working.

  15. TimSPC says:

    This commercial haunts my nightmares. They honestly run it every break on NY1.

    I have a OCD friend at work who can’t help but recite the whole thing if you just start the “Ask yourself, has it been a while…” thing to him.

  16. Don Roberto says:

    @nequam: The guy’s a bit effeminate, but we really don’t know that he’s gay.

  17. FLConsumer says:

    The acting sucks, but still doesn’t justify calling this a “Great moment”

  18. zaq2g says:

    As RDLDR1 mentioned, there is a Chicago dental office with practically the same cheesy commercial. Its rosewood dental. The only youtube video I found was a choppy one done by a kid who appanantly has a nice PC with a tuner, but no video recording or editing skills. []

  19. not_seth_brundle says:

    The Rosewood Dental ad is SO bad and, yes, it runs every other second on standard cable. I think the actors are even creepier than the ones in this Select Dental ad.

  20. Chairman-Meow says:

    Over here in Fall River Mass, we have the *exact* same commercial with the same actors for a outfit called “Coast Dental”. How ummm, imaginative of them !

    Coast Dental is the latest name for a bunch of sleazy dentists who pray on people by over billing, excess credit card charges, and scamming practices such as work that was unneeded, billing for non-work, etc.

    Every time they get caught, they change the name of the office and re-open in the same neighborhood. I believe that “Coast Dental” is their 3rd name in 5 years.

    Nice to know that a sleepy New England mill town can attract sleaze just like the big cities!

    Oh yes, the commercial plays endlessly on cable here. An hour cannot go by without seeing this ad on TV.

  21. beyond says:

    I didn’t get it.

  22. maddypilar says:

    I have started changing the channel when this commercial comes on. I hate it so much. I hate that guys breathy voice. How can I get my Pat Kiernan in the morning and not have to endure this commercial? HOW?

  23. Xenuite says:

    The bonus footage was hilarious. Everyone needs to see that. In fact I think we should put together a group to get that footage aired.
    “We should have done it years ago”
    “I was raped.”
    “Select Dental”

  24. MissKissLock says:

    OMG! I was wondering when the internets would pick up on this.

    I am absolutely positive every “actor” in that commercial is a stripper or escort.

  25. I also don’t get why the first one is that bad. Come on, there’s no dancing in it!

  26. He reminds me of ‘Snagglepuss’.

  27. seanSF says:

    That’s got nothing on Jang & Associates commercials out here in the Bay Area:


    That’s one of the milder ones.