"Cigarette Dispensing Donkey" Is Amazon's #1 "Mover And Shaker" In Toys

Reader Scott points out that the number one item on the “Movers & Shakers List” in the toy category (like, kids toys) on Amazon.com is the above pictured “cigarette dispensing donkey.”

Scott says: “#1 was kind of amusing, not sure what Amazon is trying to say here.”

They’re saying that lots of people want to buy a toy donkey that shoots cigarettes out of its rear. Who are we to judge, the reviewer gave the donkey 4 out of 5 stars. Every single one of you should buy this.

Cigarette Dispensing Donkey


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  1. B says:

    “They’re saying that lots of people want to buy a toy donkey that shoots cigarettes out of it’s rear.”
    Actually no. What they are saying is a lot more people bought this toy in the last 24 hours compared to how many were bought in the previous 24. 17169 percent more, to be exact.

  2. MeOhMy says:

    A) You missed a golden opportunity for a Hudsucker Proxy reference here.

    B) I know what you’re getting at, but not all toys are kids’ toys

  3. Morgan says:

    I’m not sure what the Amazon targeted ads are trying to say here. 3 of the four I’m seeing are related to donkeys, barnyard animals, and cartoon animals; one is “The Starbucks Experience.” I wonder what the relation between donkeys and Starbucks is that brings this ad up…

  4. jtlight says:

    I enjoyed the actual Amazon description:

    “This is it folks, the chintziest item ever.”

  5. Mmm.. Ellen has one on her show.

  6. Jaysyn was banned for: https://consumerist.com/5032912/the-subprime-meltdown-will-be-nothing-compared-to-the-prime-meltdown#c7042646 says:

    The sad thig is my step-father actually has one of those donkeys.

  7. MissPinkKate says:

    The cigarette donkey is featured in the new “Hairspray” movie. Not sure if that’s what is causing the bump in sales, but could be.

  8. banned says:

    What kid couldn’t use one, or two of these!?

  9. daze says:

    i’d buy it, except then i’d own two, having already purchased one a few years back. i’m classy.

  10. getjustin says:

    6:38 EST: No longer on the last.

  11. ikes says:

    @MissPinkKate: ‘new’ hairspray movie… UGH. john waters is rolling over in his gr… bed.

  12. EtherealStrife says:

    Or an elephant, for the chain smoking republican in your family.

  13. Thrust says:

    El burro shoots cigarello’s out hees pindeho es muy muy bueno, Ariba!

  14. hemaphore says:

    LOL@Thrust, I read that EXACTLY as you intended to say it!

  15. Thrust says:

    @hemaphore: I am not Thrust, I am zJenifer hhLopez, I like Tacos and Burritos.

    Taco taco, burrito burrito. Taco taco, burrito burrito. Don’t take all my money honey, taco flavored kisses.

  16. asherchang says:

    It’s funny, but makes my kitsch senses tingle.

  17. synergy says:

    “JLo” is “Nuyorican,” not from Mexican roots. Not that what most Americans see passing for Mexican food is either. Hmm.

  18. TVarmy says:

    @Troy F.: So, more “adult” toys could show up in Amazon’s toy department? Have fun, kids.

  19. TVarmy says:

    Oh, they have a little cop-out at the end.

    “Works well with candy cigarettes too!”

    Granted, those aren’t good for kids either. They make smoking look fun.