9 Airline's CEO Email Addresses, And Other Useful Complaint Resolution Contact Info

Travler’s friend site Elliot.org has these great customer service “cheat sheets” to help you if you have a dispute with your airline. CEO contact info, how to hack their phone trees, email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, it’s all there.

Delta Air Lines
United Airlines
Northwest Airlines
American Airlines
US Airways
Continental Airlines
Skybus Airlines
British Airways

Bookmark it before your next flight.

Travel Cheat Sheet [Elliot.org] (Thanks to Mark!)
(Photo: daiji)


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  1. JoeFez says:

    As far as complaint resolution goes, can any of you beautiful people tell me how to achieve the same filtered look (in photoshop) used in the ambulance/plane photograph above. I know there was a great guide on here a couple of months back but it didn’t quite hit the mark. I love this look and cant figure out how to recreate it!

    I know its so off topic, that quite frankly, I should be thrashed with a broom-handle for my impudence, but how best to highlight my plea than with the example on this page!

    Thanks in advance

  2. Blueskylaw says:

    Does anyone have executive information for Alitalia?

  3. Schminteresting says:

    “Cheat seats” or “cheat sheets”? I’m pretty sure you meant the latter..

  4. angelmom1 says:

    Does anyone have contact info for Hawaiian Airlines CEO or any of the upper management? I’ve been trying to resolve an issue through their customer service and I can seem to move up the chain of command. I need to talk to someone who can make somechanges for me.