How Can I Get Maytag To Listen To Me?

I never thought i’d be writing in to you, but here goes (this starts out like the letter i wrote to Penthouse…).

I am one of the unfortunate ones affected by the Maytag recall in recent months. Actually, by now it isn’t so recent. My fiance and I have been doing our best in documenting our calls, service visits and problems as any good Consumerist would. We have the names and numbers of folks and all that, but every time we call in we get the exact same runaround. There seems to be no escalating within the Maytag customer service office. just for fun, i put my notes on this email. It’s been since February that we first contacted them, and the DW has been out of service since May.

So in the spirit of Popken, I’d like to try calling someone at Maytag, but i can’t find out where to look to get a cust. service VP or the like. Any thoughts? i know you have heard from other Maytag-abused folks recently, but i don’t know if any of them had related any info on how they came to resolution. Is there any other recourse?


Well Matt, We’ve been hearing mixed things about this Maytag dishwasher recall. Our friend Reader Steve just received a brand-new dishwasher from Maytag because they simply called him to ask if he was happy with his repair…and he wasn’t. (Because there was no repair.)

Reader Sandy had the Maytag man over to her place to repair her dishwasher… and he broke it. Sandy advises: “If Maytag sends you the scary “you’re all gonna catch on fire and die” letter, do not proceed with the repair just yet. Instead, just sit in front of your dishwasher with a fire extinguisher while it’s running . You’ll be better off in the long run.”

So, what we’re saying to you, Matt, is that Maytag is inconsistent. The only real advice we can give comes from Reader Leor. He pestered Maytag into sending a free dishwasher. What was his secret? He used email.

Leor writes:

    I have one of the defective Maytag dishwashers that was recalled. After waiting over a month, I did not yet get a repair kit. I started complaining and send emails to the director of investor relations and customer support. After several weeks of correspondence, I got them to give me a new machine for free! They are replacing my 6.5 year old model with a brand new comparable model, free pickup and installation. Seems that they are so backlogged on repair kits ( I was #253 in the queue), that if you complain loudly, they will respond.

Matt, this leads us to recommend the EECB, or Executive Email Carpet Bomb. You can learn how to launch one by clicking here. Maytag’s email format is: or

Good luck to you.



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  1. Tombfyre says:

    For a company that hails its lack of needing repairs, and having superior service and whatnot, this is probably going to really hurt their image.

    Good luck on getting through to somebody higher up to fix your problems.

  2. j-o-h-n says:

    @Tombfyre: Maytag was bought by Whirlpool a while back…

  3. lincolnparadox says:

    @j-o-h-n: Not only did Whirlpool buy out Maytag, just so they could have the name, but they’ve closed down three plants in the US since the buyout, and built one big plant South of the Border.

    Now, from a business standpoint, that’s a solid move. From a consumer standpoint, when you buy Maytag you’re buying Whirlpool with a Maytag sticker, montado con orgullo en México.

    As far as your problem goes, have you tried returning to the point of sale and asking them to grease the wheels a bit? The manager should be able to at least hook you up with a regional sales manager or a distribution manager.

  4. Here’s a link to Whirlpool’s Board of Directors.

    And listed, is David L. Swift, President of Whirlpool North America, Whirlpool Corporation. If what Ben said is correct about their email, then it would be safe to say that his email is or

    I don’t know how much it helps, but I’ll keep searching to find any more contact information for Matt.

  5. Youthier says:

    @lincolnparadox: They still have factories in the United States though.

  6. I just checked, and the email pattern is

  7. quail says:

    Beginning with my mother and her family in the 60’s we were a family of die-hard Maytag fans. Her clothes washer actually lasted 35 years before being replaced. It sat for a year unused and everyone was afraid that dried out hoses and o-rings would start leaking once it was put back into service. The dryer was used an additional 8 years.

    All that said, my sister bought a new house some 5 years ago and didn’t know about the sale of Maytag. Every piece she’s gotten, from washers and dryers to refrigerators and dish washers have been a big disappointment. From what I’ve been reading and knowing of her experiences leads me to think I’d rather wash by hand than deal with their merchandise.

  8. backbroken says:

    I inherited a recalled Maytag dishwasher from the previous homeowners. Thanks to The Consumerist, I was alerted to the recall and ordered my replacement kit. My repair kit actually arrived in about a week and I was able to schedule service pretty quickly. So far so good.

    The repairman came and replaced the recalled part free of charge. Unfortunately says he, I have a worn out “fill switch” and will need to have it replaced at a charge of $160. No thanks, the washer was working fine before you came. “Well, when I took the fill switch off, it cracked so you need to replace it or your kitchen will flood.” At this point, I wasn’t about to give this guy any money so I bid him good-day. 15 minutes of searching on the internet and I found the part and a complete repair manual for $40 and had it fixed myself the next week.

    Next time let me tell you about my $1000 Maytag Neptune washing machine repair fiasco.

  9. Schmeds says:

    In contrast to the falsehoods perpetuated by Lincoln Paradox above…….Whirlpool did acquire Maytag and close three under performing facilities. However, Maytag dishwashers are STILL made in Jackson TN, Maytag refrigerators are made STILL in Amana, IA, Maytag clothes washers are NOW made in Clyde, OH, Maytag ranges and stoves are STILL made in Cleveland, OH. In contrast to the falsehoods perpetuated by Lincoln Paradox above…….Whirlpool did acquire Maytag and close three under performing facilities. However, Maytag dishwashers are STILL made in Jackson TN, Maytag refrigerators are STILL made in Amana, IA, Maytag clothes washers are NOW made in Clyde, OH, Maytag ranges and stoves are STILL made in Cleveland, OH. Most of Whirlpool’s products are manufactured in the United States.

  10. anatak says:

    I’m sure she didn’t know about the sale of Maytag 5 years ago as it only happened a little over a year ago. A Whirlpool with a Maytag sticker is a big step up from what Maytag had become.

  11. mac-phisto says:

    isn’t maytag the company that claims you will never ever ever need a repairman ever?

    someone get fancy pants pearson on the phone…

  12. Ncisfan says:

    @anatak: yeah, and Whirlpool is bringing the quality of Maytag back to what it was, I think

  13. nobody102 says:

    I sent an email explaining my frustraion with the recall process to the Director of Investment Relations at Matag, and they “got it”. Got a new washer in two weeks.

  14. Rachacha says:

    I have been dealing with Maytag/Whirlpool for 7 months now (yes, it is a long story that I plan on submitting to Consumerist soon), and I have found that Whirlpool values its “Satisfactory” rating with the Better Business Bureau. About 5 days after submitting my complaint to the BBB I had the direct line to an Executive Service representative, and she was able to get things done (with a bit of persuasion) Call 1-269-923-5000 and ask for “Monica Berry”, and if you don’t hear anything after a couple of phone calls, submit a complaint to the BBB and you will get a guaranteed response.

  15. MustyBuckets says:

    Quite a few errors posted in these comments. From what I know, Whirlpool has accually closed new factories in Mexico and opened up new ones in the USA.

    Secondly, to the person who commented that in the past 5 years their Maytag brand appliances have been bad because of Whirlpool is just silly, Whirlpool has not owned Maytag for more than two years.

    Thirdly, in response to the post, constant complaining to the general maytag number because you haven’t gotten the repair kit will generally result in a new dishwasher, Maytag would rather lose a dishwasher than a customer. If it they do offer to give you a new DW, please ask for a local store to take care of it, the customer care from a local appliance store is much better than a big chain.

    Also, the Maytag recall, from what my shop has seen, is mainly preemptive. In all the units we have repaired, the Jet Dry dispenser has not leaked yet, but we would still replace the whole jet dry dispenser and wiring. In the GE recall, most of the units we have seen have had burnt wiring, and the fix is actually more of a stall than anything else. Just something to think about.

    On the last note of the day, although Whirlpool isn’t very nice to the little guys, the merger has actually been good for the customers, Whirlpool has taken their leading designs, and spread them out to the current models – looking for proof? Check out the dryers made by Amana, Whirlpool, and Maytag, all of them now have the top of the machine lint filter, previously a Whirlpool only design.

    As always, please shop local, we need your support!

  16. MustyBuckets says:

    One last thing for those who think the previous models of Maytag were junk – Washers, Dryers, Yeah, they were shit. Dishwashers were alright (Whirlpool blew them out of the water), but cooking appliances were and still are dominated by the Maytag and GE designs.

  17. SJActress says:

    Don’t you people watch commercials? There’s only one repairman! Give him a break!

    (oh, and good luck to the OP) ;)