Getting Off Mailing Lists Is Fun

We sat down to try to get our name off six mailing lists today. It’s really annoying to have all this crap clutter our mailbox. When we get it, we literally walk from the mailbox to the recycling bin. Dump. Nice marketing, guys.

Yeah, we’ve done business with all these guy guys before, but guess what? We don’t want their mail.

Here’s the results of our battles. You may be surprised at who was the hardest to deal with!

DELL: Relatively painless, but with a hold time of 5 min.

Movies Unlimited: Quick and easy.

Tempurpedic : Sales rep picked up right away, passed us right off to a customer service rep. She tried to look us up but couldn’t find our phone number. Found us after we gave our name. Sounded really bored and condescending but we tried to disarm her by being super-nice and ignoring the disdain in her voice.

Guitar Center: Easey-Peasy.

New School: Number was hidden. We called the number that said, “call this number to request getting on our catalog mailing list.” The guy told us to send in the mailing address label to a certain address. We asked him if there wasn’t a number we could call. Cagily, he provided it, but it only lead to an answering machine.

Dentist’s Office: They’ve been sending coupons to our apartment building addressed to RESIDENT. They tried to convince us that these coupons didn’t exist, that they weren’t on them, or the coupons were in some kind of Valu-Pack. They then tried to tell us that the coupons were being sent to the building, not me. We told them that they only showed up after we visited them, so they obviously had sold our address to somewhere. The secretary said that they don’t have a list and don’t send out coupons. We asked her if they didn’t know who was doing their own marketing for them. The secretary said she would take down our info and “try” to see if she could “get in touch” with “whoever” was doing the mailing. We told her, no, you will not try, you WILL get us off the mailing list, consider this a formal request and get us off or we will report you to the FTC, we’re saying, but that’s just how it is, have a good day. CLICK.

Yep, if we were to file a complaint about a company not honoring our request to get off their mailing list, we would go to this FTC complaint form.

(Photo: The BrassPotato)

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