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Aaron’s feet were irritated by the stitching on a pair of Rafters sandals that he purchased last year from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Aaron tried to break in the sandals over the course of a year, but they still felt “like needles” in his feet. Aaron sent an email to The Combs Company, maker of the sandals:

I am just writing you folks because I am rather disappointed with the Rafters Sandals I purchased from Dick’s Sporting Goods approximately one year ago. When I tried them on at the store, they seemed like very comfortable shoes for the summer months. However, my first extended period of wearing them, I have realized that the stitching for the leather panels (the ones located directly below where the feet rest) are very irritating, to the point where if you walk for even a short period, the stitching feels like needles in my feet.

I continued to wear them, hoping that the use would soften the stitching and make the sandals more comfortable. Unfortunately, that hasn’t worked, and they are just as uncomfortable as the day that I bought them. You no longer have this model on your website, but they are very similar to the Radical Tonca Thong, except that on the model I purchased, the stitching goes under the balls of my feet (which is the primary spot of irritation).

Please let me know if there is anything I can do, as I will have to buy another pair of sandals if I cannot get these to feel comfortable.

Attached is a picture of the sandals that were pains in my feet.

Aaron sent his email on a Saturday evening. Monday afternoon, he received a reply:

Thanks for your email and sorry to hear your Rafters aren’t working out. Please let me know your size and shipping address and I will get a new pair sent out right away. We will send a pair of the Raftech Cargo, our top-of-the-line sandal that does not have stitching in the footbed. I hope this is acceptable.

Best regards,


Sales & Marketing
The Combs Company
Bogs & Rafters Footwear


I sincerely appreciate the time you’ve taken to address my problems. I will make sure I let everyone know of the great service you’ve provided, going above and beyond normal customer service. You and your organization should be proud of the service and products you provide!

Thanks again,



When we say 100% satisfaction guaranteed for life, we mean it. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you.



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