How To Protect Electronics At The Beach

Electronics don’t mix well with the beach; sand, sun, and water all conspire to cause damage that isn’t covered by most warranties. By taking a few basic precautions, you can safeguard your gadgets from the elements.

    Cover Your Ports: Sand can wreak havoc on exposed ports. Tape shut any ports you don’t need.
    Fear The Sun: Protecting against the sun’s harmful rays is as easy as tossing your iPod into a beach bag or under a blanket.
    Buy A Case: Bringing electronics near the water is asking for trouble, but if you must, buy a waterproof case; save the DIY effort for another project.

If the elements do manage to breach your defenses, send them on their way with a can of compressed air.

Protecting Your Electronic Devices at the Beach [KABC]
(Photo: dan taylor)

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