New York Agency Wants Sprint To Pay ETF To Dropped Customers

The New York State Consumer Protection Board suggest that Sprint pay $200, the amount it would have charged customers to end their contracts, to the 1000 customers it dumped for calling customer service too much. Mindy Brockstein, the board’s chairperson, told the AP:

“These former Sprint customers will have to purchase new phones and incur other expenses and inconveniences if they want to continue receiving wireless service,” Bockstein said. “Sprint Nextel should do more to improve the quality of its customer service and this is a good place to start.”

Brockstein says she’s send a letter to Sprint requesting the payout, and if they refuse, she will be approaching New York lawmakers who she claims are already interested in creating a “Wireless Customer Bill of Rights.”

A Sprint insider told Consumerist that Sprint was only dropping customers who were scamming them for undeserved credits. Sprint declined to comment on Brockstein’s letter, as they had not yet received it.

NY Agency Wants Sprint to Pay Customers [Forbes]

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