Hey Geek Squad, I Haven't Seen My Laptop In A Month

Reader Lorraine would like her laptop back. Geek Squad sent it to HP for repair then never contacted Lorraine again. Eventually she drove over to the Best Buy (she couldn’t get anyone on the phone) where they told her that her laptop would be replaced, but only after HP sent it back. When would HP send it back? No one knows. It is a mystery for the ages.

Lorraine writes:

Dear Ben:

Consumerist is a fantastic blog. I recently discovered it when I googled “Geek Squad” in a desperate attempt to get action on a service problem. As you advised, I sent Robert Stephens an email –pasted in below–but aside from an auto-response, I haven’t heard boo.

Four weeks ago I dropped my laptop with Geek Squad for repair. Not only has Geek Squad NOT fixed it–but they have not contacted me once. My many attempts to reach Geek Squad by phone–Best Buy’s circular phone menu never connects customers to a real person–were futile. In fact, I had to drive to Best Buy in order to speak with Geek Squad. That’s how I learned–after returning from a two-week out-of-town trip– my laptop is irreparable and must be replaced.

But Geek Squad won’t replace it until the laptop returns from HP whence Geek Squad sent it for repair four weeks ago. When will my laptop return from HP? Geek Squad can’t say . Aside from a single electronic request to HP, Geek Squad tells me there is nothing more they can do.

I’m fuming. Aside from complaining–in person–to managers at my local Best Buy , I seem to have no recourse.

Geek Squad’s incompetence is more than inconvenient. It’s costing me my livelihood. I’m a copywriter who works on a laptop 8-10 hours daily. My utter dependence on my laptop prompted me to buy a three-year warranty when I purchased the laptop from Best Buy last year.

Thanks for the opportunity to vent. Do you have any further suggestions?

Sincerely yours,


A few days later, Lorraine wrote with an update:

Dear Carey:

Thanks for your email and kind offer to check out my problem.

Since I wrote you, I’ve filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and
with complaint.com–all cc’d to Geek Squad’s CEO Robert Stephens and Nirov,
manager of my local Geek Squad.

I’m appalled that I haven’t yet had a single communication from Geek Squad
or Best Buy.

On Monday I plan to file a small claims suit.

I appreciate all you’re doing.

Best regards,


You know, we’re starting to get the feeling that Lorraine might like her laptop back. We suggest she try calling HP to complain. If her laptop is stuck in repair limbo over there, they might be able to help her get it back. Call: +1-650-857-1501, ask for Mark Hurd’s office.

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