Lawsuits: Armless Woman Refused Service At McDonald's

A Rockford, IL woman with no arms is suing McDonald’s, claiming that employees refused to serve her food because she has no arms and was too “disgusting” to serve.

She says McDonald’s offered her a $10 gift certificate as compensation.

From WREX (emphasis ours):

Dawn Larson was born with Holt-Oram Syndrome, a genetic disorder which causes abnormalities in the hands, arms, and heart. Her tiny hands are about 6 inches from her shoulders, so she does most things with her feet.

Dawn says her disability’s never stopped her from leading a normal life. “I do everyday things like everyday people.” But on November 3rd, she says that changed. Larson pulled up to the McDonald’s drive through on Kishwaukee Street and ordered food for her and her sons. She drove to the first window, gave the cashier her credit card with her foot, and pulled up to get her food. Dawn says, “The first girl said, ‘Girl, you ain’t got no arms’ and the manager said she couldn’t hand me her food and she just kept sticking to the fact that I didn’t have no arms and she was disgusted by it. I had the right to eat my dinner and feed my kids and they took that away from me.”

Dawn complained to McDonald’s and says they offered her a $10 gift certificate in response to her complain. She’s now suing. “That’s saying McDonald’s condones and urges people to treat the handicapped that way. I don’t want that message to come across. I want to fight for my rights and my kids rights and have these things changed,” she says.

At what point did someone at McDonald’s read a complaint this awful and say, “Know what? Humiliated over a cheeseburger? $10 ought to do it.”

Rockford Woman Sues McDonald’s After Allegedly Being Denied Food [WREX via BoingBoing] (Thanks, gleenyc!)


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  1. Uriel says:

    Ouch! This is gonna change the definition of MCJob for sure.

  2. hop says:

    that girl deserves to get her own mcdonalds outta this…….

  3. scoobydoo says:

    Sad sad sad.

    This is one of the rare cases where I hope someone wins their lawsuit.

    “Girl, you ain’t got no arms”… I’m sure that was news to her…

  4. Uriel says:

    Ben Popken, this is some serious shit, I better hear about you jumping a flight to Illinois, gettin all up in this MC Bitch, and askin some long hard questions to some dangerously stupid, and probably cross-eyed Mickey D employees.

  5. MiltyKiss says:

    “Girl, you ain’t got no arms” – Captain obvious.

    There was a time that I was at McDonalds when a homeless guy came in and proceeded to order a Super size fries and soda when the person at the counter made a rude comment under his breath. The manager heard it and sent that worker home. I am just posting this to show that there are good and bad workers everywhere.

    In this case, the manager and the other worker were being really childish.

  6. adrock75 says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t think McDonald’s needs to get sued over this and it’s blown way out of proportion? It’s a totally unfortunate situation and should never have happened. They need to publicly apologize and make sure it doesn’t happen again, but a lawsuit?

  7. scoobydoo says:

    @adrock75: She DID complain. And they found her complaint worth $10.

    If I worked for McDonalds and this complaint landed on my desk I’d be at that branch in an hour making sure those involved were no longer part of our happy hamburger family.

  8. Echomatrix says:

    In defense of McDonald’s who can’t edumacate every employee, what was McDolands supposed to do? Say hey we screwed up. Heres $50 mil? Granted something a little more formal than $10.

    Just sounds like stupid people working at McDonalds. Someone should have a Executive CSR or something on speed dial at all places incase something like this happens again. That way people can be referred to smart McD’s employees at a moments notice.

  9. snowferret says:

    10$ gift certificate?
    Wow.. fuck.. I give up.
    let someone else do the ranting.

  10. Uriel says:

    MCJob (n.) – a position of greasey glory. Known for their abuse of the handicapped, cross-eyed, uni-brows inhabit this job, and silently stew in a puddle of their own MC Loathing.

  11. Refuse to offer service to the handicapped? Sounds like something McDonalds employees would do.

    A $10 Gift Certificate? Definitely sounds like McDonalds, period.

  12. Uriel says:


    Yes, you’re pretty much the only one. Now look stupid and feel ashamed. Grow a brain.

  13. tcp100 says:

    Jeez. When will companies realize that giving out a reasonable settlement for very distinct cases like this would save them more than the equivalent cost in bad PR?

    I’m sure the corporate take is something about a slippery slope, but this isn’t like someone wasn’t served because they were belligerent or drunk; she wasn’t served because the employee was “disgusted with her handicap”.

    I’m not sure she’s really owed punitive damages or something like that; I don’t think humiliation by itself is going to get her a judgement — however, she may have a basis for a civil rights violation due to her disability.

    I think the main problem at places like McDonalds is that even the managers now are young, undereducated, low-paid, and uninformed. This should have been stopped at the store level by a manager who fixed the problem and reprimanded the employee, but it looks like the local store management was completely inept. Go figure.

    Hey McDonalds; pay managers more, get better managers, and save on your perennial lawsuits.

  14. adrock75 says:

    Scoobydoo: I totally agree, the moron employee needs to get fired and McDonald’s needs to do something… but still I don’t think a lawsuit is necessary.

    What are they supposed to do in sensitivity training, go over every possible disease and malformation that a human could possibly have in case they ever encounter it?

  15. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    I’d like to hear both sides of this story. I’d also like to see/hear what this customer actually said to McDonald’s, through which medium she lodged the complaint, etc. I’m not saying I don’t believe her or feel she’s ABSOLUTELY in the right here, but let’s hear it all. Did she call up and just talk to some dingbat CSR on the 800 line? Did she file a mini survey complaint online?

    Either way, McDonalds missed an opportunity to right this wrong, and now they’ll have to pay for it.

  16. Segars says:


    While it may be true that there are always bad employees, I think this goes far beyond childish behavior. There is simply no excuse for these actions. Words truly do not describe how awful these people were to this woman, and quite frankly I’m disgusted that a manager, or anyone for that matter, would even think about saying these kinds of things to someone.

    And the gift card?! That’s just adding insult to injury.

    I truly hope this woman is compensated, and that the employees are fired without question.

  17. Uriel says:


    well, ya see, the problem with not educating every employee in the art of, not getting sued over something THIS obscene, very much is their fault. Usually, if you hire gutter trash to handle customers in you’re place of business, you ask for trouble. The long and short of it is, yes, you are responsible for your employees and their actions. Thats why they’re YOUR EMPLOYEES.

  18. a_m_m_b says:

    @scoobydoo: any reasonable person would see to the same.

    @adrock75: so far yes.

    suing may look like a cash out effort, but I suspect a very public apology by McDonald’s, the employee & their manager (both of whom should be severely disciplined if not fired – one for being an asshat & the other for hiring said asshat); plus a non-further-&-final-insulting gift certificate would lead to a settlement.

  19. BaysideWrestling says:

    @NERO DIAVOLO: … and askin some long hard questions to some dangerously stupid, and probably cross-eyed Mickey D employees.

    Wow, way to fight discrimination with some stereotypes of your own. Has it ever occurred to you that “cross-eyed” people have a medical condition called strabismus that is in no way tied to intelligence? My 7-year-old could probably kick your ass at chess, and he’s “cross-eyed” to use your wonderful term…

  20. Meg Marco says:

    @Nero Diavolo: Hi, my name is Meghann.

  21. Uriel says:


    being that the article lists this as happening more than once, yes, though even if if it was only once, raping one’s rights as a human being, as well as public humiliation very much is grounds for a lawsuit, with spectacular cause. Yes, you are responsible for your employees, regardless of how many there are. Thats what makes having such a huge chain dangerous.

  22. Ben Popken says:

    @Nero Diavolo: This post is by Meghann. You can tell because up on the right it says, “BY MEG MARCO.”

  23. Uriel says:

    hello Meghann

  24. alpha says:

    @Ben Popken:

    Then I guess BOTH of you better head over to Rockford for a face-to-face interview!

    Threatening (or actually initiating) a lawsuit is (sadly) sometimes the only way to get a company to respond with something better than a $10 gift certificate.

  25. tspack says:

    @adrock75: You really think it’s necessary to “go over every possible disease and malformation that a human could possibly have in case they ever encounter it?” I’m thinking a couple examples should suffice.

    “If a customer comes to you with a deformity such as a missing arm or a disfigured face, treat them with respect and continue the transaction as normal.” Really, how hard is that?

  26. Uriel says:

    yes, I was aware of that

  27. Uriel says:

    wonderfully stirring article Ms. Marco.

  28. adrock75 says:

    I’m really not trying to troll or anything, I’m just saying it sucks, somebody higher up in the McD organization really should have made amends before it got this far. Publicly humiliating McD’s by getting this all over the news is a good step. Lawsuit? No.

  29. Marinp says:

    Ummm, maybe I’m just ignorant.
    “She drove to the first window, gave the cashier her credit card with her foot, and pulled up to get her food.”

    How does she drive? prostetics?

  30. Felix the Cat says:

    BY ADROCK75 AT 05:48 PM Am I the only one that doesn’t think McDonald’s needs to get sued over this and it’s blown way out of proportion?

    Yeah, you probably are the ONLY one. Those McDuds are just lucky that she didn’t have someone at home like me because if my wife or girlfriend came home and told me that story I would have been down at the McDuds with a baseball bat and sorted them out real quick. I hope she wins BIG!

  31. Parttimesaint says:

    I wonder if it was a single $10 gift certificate or 10 of those $1 ones they advertise around Christmas. Those would have REALLY been humiliating.

  32. TehRev says:

    don’t they “reserve the right to refuse service for any reason”. I know I see that sign a bunch of places.

  33. chrisgoh says:

    One day corporations would realize a genuine and simple apology would go a long way in a lot of situations. I imagine if they had written a really personal apologetic letter and told her that those involved had been fired/reprimanded, it probably would have ended there. Giving her $10 is the insult. Kind of like leaving a penny tip.

  34. delphi_ote says:

    What should McDonald’s have done!? I can’t believe anyone is even asking that question. Those jerks behind the counter represent the company. If the person who sent that $10 had any sense of perspective, they would fire every single employee involved.

  35. mikemar42 says:

    at what point do we need to just stop caring about these complaints. I mean this woman was not denied anything.. they made fun of her that would be the same thing as a mcdonalds employee saying we can’t serve you you are too fat and stupid to eat here… sure you were treaded poorly but why does that make you diserve money. …. just eat somewhere else. and to be honest its people like her that make anyone disabled look like an asshole. In my opinion she does not deserve a mcMillion. Mcdonalds is not the government and this woman wasn’t refused a job… i can chose who i want to serve at my restaurant and i think mcdonalds should have the same right.

  36. adrock75 says:

    at BUNKL:
    Wow, that seems like a perfectly rational response. That would have sorted the whole situation and everyone would have been happy.

  37. Uriel says:


    You’re selling MC Donalds short my friend. Fire every single employee within earshot, then close down the location when they went on strike for better wages, and medical, rather than give in! Thats the Mickey D way! look at life with a shit-eatin grin, and punch a baby in the throat! HELL YEAHHH!!!!!

  38. rolla says:

    @adrock75: hell yeah there should be a lawsuit! How would YOU like it if someone denied you the right to eat just b/c of a handicap?? You need to punish McDonald’s in order to show them that they should take this lightly by offering $10.

  39. Thrust says:

    Ok… Call me rude, mean, or insensitive, but the article says she was DRIVING the car… That scares the shit outta me.

  40. rolla says:

    PS. correction: should = shouldnt

  41. umonster says:

    @mikemar42: So, a restaurant, open to the public, publicly traded, that, say, doesn’t serve black people or Jewish people, or people like you (I’m sure there is something noisome about you), that would be ok? Is this the kind of society we want to live in? Is this who we want to be?

  42. shades_of_blue says:

    I hope she’s only suing the McDonalds restaurant that undermined her, in front of her kids. I don’t agree with suing McDonalds HQ, as disciplinary action and responsibility for such behavior should be the sole obligation of the owner.
    Also, before pursuing legal action, she should have spoken to the owner. Where she should of received an apology, and not a lousy 10 dollar coupon. If that failed, then escalate this the next step, aka lawyer.

  43. Uriel says:


    yes, many people with this debilitating disorder assume functionalities regularly performed by the hands, with their feet. I’ve seen a woman with no arms drive with her feet before. It does not look easy. Consider how much larger your legs are than your arms, and how many calories this woman burns compared to a normal person who performs most of these tasks with their hands and arms.

  44. LowerHouseMember says:

    @Thrust: That was actually my first thought as I was reading this. I have no doubt that it’s possible to drive with your feet… but I can’t imagine that being safe for anybody, her, her passengers, or other drivers.

  45. j-o-h-n says:

    I think the GREATEST things is that YV station’s web site has a McDonalds ad on the page with this story!

    ”Try our iced coffee (Caution contents may need two hands for drinking)!”

  46. j-o-h-n says:

    s/YV/the TV/ (shesh!)

  47. rkm12 says:

    As a person with a disability (born without any legs) the whole thing is disheartening. Treating customers with respect and decency isn’t hard and this woman deserved a sincere apology.

    That being said, I’m not sure what a lawsuit accomplishes. If that happened to me, I’d want McDonald’s to go over their procedures and sensitivity training so it didn’t happen again. Again, it’s not me so I won’t pass judgment, but I hope if anything the publicity will let companies know treating customers poorly doesn’t make any sense.

    On another note, to the person frightened of the woman driving, plenty of people, including myself, drive with the use of accommodations. A good friend of mine without any arms drives with different things attached to the steering wheel. We adapt to the situation.

  48. MercuryPDX says:

    @meghannmarco: @Ben Popken: Isn’t this like the second time he’s mistaken Ben for Meghan? Maybe it’s on purpose.

  49. kaikhor says:

    For those wondering about driving with her feet, it’s perfectly safe. There are many devices out there to help people with handicaps still drive (I have a friend with MS who has one such device).

  50. Slytherin says:

    @mikemar42: Wow…jerk alert!

  51. adrock75 says:

    Please see RKM12’s comments and suck it. What does a lawsuit accomplish?

  52. Uriel says:


    It allows the industry to quiver at the thought of messing with someone with such a debilitating disorder. It will set a standard, and prove a point. You will learn in time the values and ambitions of this woman, once she crushes MC Donalds with little or no effort in court. Haven’t you been reading this entire time? Go troll elsewhere, and grow a brain.

  53. Uriel says:

    Not everyone follows the path of pacifism. Force will be used against the forceful, when someone simply will not roll-over and allow, “sensitivity training” to take the place of a well deserved “House of Hard knocks”.

  54. reznicek111 says:

    If nothing else, refusing to serve a customer because of their disability sounds like a violation of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

    IANAL, but the ADA guidelines for business state that while “[i]t is not necessary to locate all merchandise within reach of people who use wheelchairs…[i]tems can be placed at any height but staff should be available to assist customers who may have difficulty reaching or viewing items.”

    My guess is that by extension this would apply to a person with Ms. Larson’s condition who needs to remain seated to allow her to use her legs and feet to grasp objects.

    Some basic Hamburger U. training on sensitivity to customers with disabilities is in order, if this incident isn’t to happen again to someone else – and that will probably require a well-publicized lawsuit.

  55. BaysideWrestling says:

    @Thrust: Yeah, she was driving the car. There’s all sorts of adaptive devices to help those with physical impairments drive, such as steering wheel accelerator controls or pedal extenders. I’ll bet that $10 gift card she got she can write her name with those feet and do most things you do.

    What’s with the hatin’ on people with physical disabilities, anyway? Just because people are different than you doesn’t mean they are inferior. Get over yourself.

  56. beyond says:

    Are we getting all of this story? What kind of ignorant insensitive moron would refuse service to a customer because she didn’t have arms and then proceed to tell her that she was “disgusted” by her? WTF???

  57. BaysideWrestling says:

    @beyond: Are we getting all of this story? What kind of ignorant insensitive moron would refuse service to a customer because she didn’t have arms and then proceed to tell her that she was “disgusted” by her? WTF???

    Well, I teach high school, and I see the teen-age versions of people like that all the time, unfortunately. Any perceived flaw is immediately seized upon as a vulnerability or weakness. And some never grow out of that mindset.

  58. Maulleigh says:

    Heartbreaking to be made fun of for a disorder. Rarely do I support the lawsuit-happy, but in this case I make an exception. Screw you McDonalds!

  59. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    @mikemar42: Wow! You’re totally right! You know what? I own a restaurant and I don’t like Hispanics, so I think I’m going to stop serving them. They’re all illegal, and they just bog down our system with their lack of tax paying and all. But I have the RIGHT to refuse service to them!

    And you know what? I also am not really a fan of Indians either. So anytime I see one of them come into my establishment, I’m going to ignore them and then refuse service. Because that’s my RIGHT.


    You’re a jerk. I understand this is a litigious society and perhaps a HUGE apology would be more than sufficient in this case, but under your logic, my two scenarios above would be completely acceptable in society.

    What do you think now?

  60. queen_elvis says:

    @TehRev: This probably varies from state to state, but that right to refuse service to anyone does not extend to a right to discriminate on the basis of disability. (Or race, etc.)

    A lawsuit can be about generating negative publicity (in this case, for a company that richly deserves it) and forcing institutional change more than it’s about money. My guess is that this woman cares less about getting a fat settlement than about improving life for other disabled people.

  61. maynard says:

    What is someone who has been banned from the establishment supposed to do with a gift certificate? As if this wasn’t a gross violation of ADA anyway.

    Are you LOV’N IT yet?

  62. BritBoy says:

    Oh, gee, this totally does not warrant a lawsuit. That said, its a very sad situation, an enlightened company with effective executive CSR could turn this to their benefit and an educational moment for all.
    Gift cards of any amount are insulting, $10 is shameful, and there are so many better ways to address this once in a million PR disaster.
    How about a senior CSR flying from McDs HQ to visit Dawn and presenting a personal apology letter from the CEO ? A limo ride back to the McDs in question where the manager apologizes in person. Now that WOULD get in the news and it would look like a suitably humble and sincere response. Cost to McDs would be one day of an executives time plus airfare. Say a few thousand bucks ? Benefit, HUGE good publicity.
    To me, anything along those lines shows, ‘they took the time to care’.

  63. madktdisease says:

    Is everyone missing that this happened *twice* and it was only the second time that she sued? That’s… even worse for McDonalds. The first time was the “you ain’t got no arms”, the second was after she paid, they refused to give her food. She paid with her feet, but she couldn’t get the food with her feet?

    Good christ, even when I was 16 and worked at Wendys, I would go out of my way as much as possible for the women if she came to my window. When the fuck did people stop caring about helping others? God, that’s so sad.

    Man, here’s to hoping that employee goes hands-first into the friolator.

  64. CapitalC says:

    This is bullsh!t, both for Micky-D screwing up big time and for the fact that it just continues the “lawsuit happy America” image. You yanks are really f*cked up. :P

    As for differently-abled people, here’s one I found out about a while back – an armless DJ, Pascal Kleiman. Check out this YouTube video of him mixing and changing records with his feet. Amazing skill and anyone on the dancefloor wouldn’t know any different. Just goes to show, they’re as capable as anyone else.

  65. guroth says:

    Anyone else wonder how she drives her car?

  66. Thrust says:

    Ok. Yes there are methods to let people in her condition drive. It still scares the shit outta me. I don’t know what wierd contraption allows her to steer and accelerate, but it cannot be as safe, accurate, or responsive as even a single hand, let alone a full pair. With thousands upon thousands of car related accidents each year, it scares the fudge outta me thinking they make it possible for the guy behind me to drive when he doesn’t meet the minimum required number of limbs to operate the vehicle.

    Again it may sound mean, but cars are dangerous enough with non-handicapped people driving.

  67. Hoss says:

    I believe that most McDonald’s would serve a cobra if the cobra had a credit card. I also believe many people are cruel to those with differences from the majority. Thus @adrock75: i agree.

  68. alpha says:

    I saw a guy with no arms play a guitar. Quite proficiently I might add.

    I’m pretty sure if you spent your whole life using your feet as your hands that they’d become pretty adept at doing things.

  69. rkm12 says:

    @Thrust: I’m going to assume you don’t know anyone with this kind of disability. People like her and myself can drive just fine with the proper accomodations. You have no idea what you’re capable of and how safe it is until you are in their position and know how it’s done and have some experiance.

    There are accomodations that can be used as the brake and gas pedal by pulling and pushing. The people I know without arms drive just fine. A lot better than some able-bodied people I know.

  70. silenuswise says:

    @adrock75: “What are they supposed to do in sensitivity training, go over every possible disease and malformation that a human could possibly have in case they ever encounter it?”

    Congratulations on producing the single stupidest comment on this post. To more clearly illustrate the stupidity of your comment, let’s re-phrase it as such: “dur, what’re they sp’osed to do, go over every possible race and ethnicity a human could possibly be in case they ever encounter it?” Refusing service based on race, sex, or disability is a violation of a person’s civil rights.

  71. camille_javal says:

    McDonald’s must have one of the stupidest legal departments in the industry.

    The “hot coffee” suit began when a woman who received serious burns (requiring skin grafting and physical therapy) from coffee served at a temperature *above* industry standard (there was a long list of complaints and injuries, and they were selling this stuff filled to the brim to people in cars) approached McDonald’s for compensation for her medical bills alone – no other compensation (she was a waitress and had no insurance). They refused and ended up on the hook for well more than that initial amount thanks to their incompetence.

    Here, if they’d shown a little more interest and compassion – free meals for a year, plus a donation to a charity, and firing the parties involved? – there would be no suit.

    As for “Why sue?”, it’s the only threat corporations listen to. They approached the company themselves and got the brush-off. The media alone from saying they’re suing will cause McDonald’s to sit up, and hopefully not to be so stupid as to let it go to court this time.

    For what it’s worth, the U.S. is more litigious than Europe, for example, because we don’t have the bureaucratic and social programs that make them less necessary there (e.g., a lot of lawsuits, though not this one, for medical bills). The size of damages awarded is the more shocking part (punative in particular), although the media usually reports the jury-awarded amount, and not the amount that the judge ends up reducing it to later.

  72. EtherealStrife says:

    @Ben Popken: Perhaps changing the layout back to its former uberness would help. As-is it sucks, and things are easy to miss.

    @mikemar42: And where do you work? I just want to make sure I never give a dime to such an ignorant a-hole. Her handicap is physical. Obesity is a psychological issue, and is correctable in most cases (AFAIK). And “too stupid”? Mental handicaps are not something to discriminate over, especially when so many of the employees appear to share the disability in some part.

  73. Kangarara says:

    I’m generally on board with the ‘man, that’s obnoxious of the folks at McDonald’s’ vibe, but at the same time, having worked in the food industry, I can say that in general, you develop a pretty strong aversion to things that have been touched by people’s feet (at least in the context of food service). If a knife or fork falls on the floor, you’re expected to replace it, not put it back on the table.

    Obviously the one cashier didn’t have a problem with it, I’m just saying that the whole “she just kept sticking to the fact that I didn’t have no arms and she was disgusted by it.” thing may be more of a reaction of having to interact with feet than a ‘no arms’ thing.

  74. swvaboy says:

    @adrock75: I cannot even begin to comprehend your comments.

    How about you switch places with this lady. Nah, you never will understand and it would not surprise me if you either work for McDonalds or even at the McDonalds’ in this story.

    The lady does not need sympathy she needs justice!

  75. swvaboy says:

    @mikemar42: I would like to know your restaurants name as well. if I ever spent a penny there I would probably choke right now.

  76. bob9 says:

    This is the fault of two parties. McDonald’s and the Employee.

    McDonald’s should stop hiring employees that don’t give a shit. So it is their fault they hired a McMoron. Yet the employee should be held just as responsible for making the comment in the first place. McDonalds sucks.

  77. delphi_ote says:

    @Nero Diavolo: if your job is customer service and you treat a customer this way, you should not have a job.

  78. acambras says:

    I saw an armless woman on tv applying mascara with her feet. If she has that kind of dexterity with her feet, I have no problem with her driving a car with her feet. And if the DMV issued her a license, they have no problem with it either.

  79. mechanismatic says:

    I’m all for consumer rights, but I don’t think this issue is that bad. McDonalds might suck, but I’m pretty sure there’s no corporate policy specifically stating that they refuse to serve people without hands. This is the fault of the stupid employees and the manager. They should be fired. The woman shouldn’t want to eat at a McDonalds ever again, but I could see giving her a few hundred dollars maybe. Money can’t and shouldn’t make up for what happened and to pursue it in this case is just greedy. McDonalds didn’t threaten her life. They made her feel humiliated. It happens to people everyday whether they have hands or not. She’s probably already had to endure difficulty and people making fun of her through her life. McDonalds shouldn’t pay because human beings can be cruel. If she wins millions of dollars in a lawsuit because of an isolated incident then everyone deserves a million dollars for every time they’ve been discriminated against or humiliated. The bad PR is enough of a punishment in my opinion.

  80. silenuswise says:

    @mechanismatic: You don’t seem to get it. This is not about consumer rights, but civil rights–something we take pretty damn seriously in a democracy. There are thousands of justifiable reasons to refuse service to a customer: race, sex, and disability are not among them. If the employees and manager refused service to a black man solely based on the color of his skin, this is a civil rights violation: expect a lawsuit. Same with a physical disability. Not only did the disability not have ANY bearing on the ability of the employees and manager to perform the service for the customer (she is an amazingly competent person, as her dexterity shows), but the morons refused her service twice. That is a problem with training, and accountability falls on the corporate office. There is no excuse for this to be happening, and a lawsuit will set precedent to motivate employers to correct a problem–the same growing pains industries had to work through during the civil rights years with regard to race.

    And who knows? As other commenters had pointed out, had the corporate office made even a modicum of effort to correct the situation (a $10 gift certificate? Shame on them.), they could possibly have avoided a lawsuit. No sympathy here.

  81. bdgbill says:

    I wouldn’t be crazy about taking a credit card from someones foot or trying to somehow place a bag of food between someones toes. Especially for six bucks an hour.

    I would like to see the controls of the car she was driving. Is she steering with her mouth??

    Geez, people say drivers with cell phones are dangerous.

  82. LionelEHutz says:

    @TehRev: I believe that there’s a federal law that prohibits the discrimination alleged to have been shown by that McDonalds and there’s probably a state law that covers it too, not to mention common law torts.

    McD’s is about to get a bit McPoorer.

  83. Insder says:

    @silenuswise: What you don’t seem to understand is if McDonalds automatically begins to give out 100’s of dollars to this complaint and all others, they open up the proverbial can of worms that our current courts see oh so much. The abuse would come rolling in, employees and customers could possibly go in cahoots so that they both win big (employee rude to customer, customer complains, mcdonalds ponies up the big bucks). With the way society is, McDonalds can’t possibly win here. Trust me, their E-Learning teaches this (I can vouch), it also teaches about racial diversity and all that other stuff too. McDonalds is TRYING to train people, but if these kids can’t learn in school and just fuck off there, what makes you think they will learn at work where they’re getting paid the minimum (7.50 in my state) to serve people they could care less about all day. McDonalds can only do so much, not every worker will be amazingly polite and perfect, it’s society. While I do think the woman has a valid claim, she’s blowing it way out of proportion, and I’d suggest executive customer service before a lawsuit.

  84. alhypo says:

    This is disturbing. All the idiot had to do was hand the woman her food. Who cares what appendage she takes it with?

    I think this is worth a few million. Maybe it will convince McDonald’s to hire people with some aptitude. You get what you pay for (which is also why I don’t eat there).

  85. alhypo says:

    @Insder: They don’t have to hire idiots who can’t learn in school. The problem is they are unwilling to pay for anything better. And since their employees are agents to the company, they are responsible for any of their actions below the threshold of gross negligence.

    They have probably done a thorough analysis and determined the additional cost of hiring better employees would be greater than the cost of settling lawsuits such as this. So it really isn’t anything they weren’t expecting nor should we find it particularly surprising. I’m certainly not concerned about McDonald’s well-being. They might even have insurance for this sort of thing.

  86. ZonzoMaster says:

    @mikemar42: Holly crap and i was thinking that there could be no way someone would justify this behavior. Check for EMPATHY on a dictionary.

    “its people like her that make anyone disabled look like an asshole.” And that’s just wrong on so many levels…

    As for the settlement, i do think money won’t fix this kind of thing, but bad PR will sure make McD’s avoid it from happening again. I don’t care if she gets big money on this (and we don’t even know about that yet), they had it coming.

  87. rkm12 says:

    @bdgbill: Like I wrote before, the adapations for people without arms to drive allow them to operate the vehicle safely. Insturments that work as the brake and gas pedal and other tools can help them drive.

  88. mechanismatic says:

    @silenuswise: I would agree that it is a civil rights matter if this happened to several disabled persons. If it only happens to one person, it’s an isolated incident. If this woman can provide proof that McDonalds restaurants across the nation as a policy and common practice discriminate against disabled persons, I would be all for a multi-million dollar lawsuit. But if McDonalds corporate has training regarding this matter as Insider says, they’ve done what needed to be done. They could have been more sensitive and offered more than a $10 gift cert (I think an official apology in person by an executive of the company and the firing of the manager and employee(s) involved would suffice – the incident didn’t cause the woman monetary damage after all). But no amount of great training or high wages, much less poor training and crappy wages, will stop a closed-minded person from humiliating a disabled person if they are so inclined to do. There’s a certain amount of screening to be done in the job interview process, but at the wages they’re offering, they pretty much have to take anybody who can flip a burger and put up with crappy wages and frequently rude customers. Regardless of that fact however, you never really know what an employee will do in the job no matter what their training is. No reason to punish corporate for the closed-mindedness of a couple of idiots.

  89. hoo_foot says:

    If the McDonald’s employees were disgusted by her, then why didn’t they just hand the food to the kids in her car?

    I’m definitely not condoning Mcdonald’s poor behavior, but it feels like something is missing from this story…

  90. elisa says:

    @Hoo_Foot: from the article, yes they did eventually hand it to the kid, the first time

    “Larson says the manager eventually agreed to hand Larson’s son the food. But she says an incident 3 and a half moths later at the McDonald’s on 11th Street didn’t end that way. Larson claims an employee there refused to even do that. “I paid to be discriminated against and I paid to be disrespected and I paid to not even have the right to eat my food.”

    Also in the article – it happened twice, at TWO DIFFERENT McDonald’s. Not saying it’s a nationwide problem, but it’s not an isolated incident.

  91. eli_b says:

    Hmm. I agree that McDonalds is at fault for not sending a profusely apologetic letter and perhaps even something more along the lines of a 50 dollar certificate. The local franchise was definitely at fault as far as service is concerned, and firings I’m sure have occurred. A million dollar plus lawsuit is a little excessive, but maybe that is what it takes to incorporate better training…but does anyone at any point really believe that this will really ever effect the bottom rung employee? Hell, I’m pretty sure I have been served by a one armed guy at a fast food place before, not to mention mentally challenged people, so it’s not as if the company itself actually hates handicapped people.

  92. crankymediaguy says:

    “What are they supposed to do in sensitivity training, go over every possible disease and malformation that a human could possibly have in case they ever encounter it?”

    Um, how about training employees that ALL customers who aren’t disruptive are to be treated with respect?

    “i can chose who i want to serve at my restaurant and i think mcdonalds should have the same right.”

    You better hope that I never own the only restaurant in your town. I don’t like illiterate, insensitive douchebags. If my place is your only choice, you’re gonna STARVE, my friend.

    Let me guess. You call yourself a “compassionate conservative” and watch a LOT of Fox News Channel, right?

  93. etinterrapax says:

    People’s reactions to this woman baffle me. She has a clear case. She has every right to sue. She is the one who should be upset over frivolous lawsuits, because they’ve clogged the courts and made cases like hers appear frivolous to the public. All McDonald’s had to do was give her the food and take her money. She bothered no one and couldn’t possibly help having no arms. Everything she has had to learn to do to function in daily life has taken twenty times the effort of the person who refused her service, and that jerk couldn’t even be bothered to give her human respect.

    As for not wanting to deal with someone who uses their feet as hands, that’s just as ignorant as anything else. Feet are not inherently dirtier than hands. And you’d better believe that if you used them as hands, you’d be positive they were as clean as anyone’s hands. Let’s leave out for the moment that the kid at the window didn’t even need to touch this woman’s feet. He passes the bag, she takes the bag, that’s it. When you deal with the public, you’re automatically involved with people who don’t wash after going to the bathroom, who pick their noses, who masturbate while driving, who collect garbage for a living, who don’t wash their hands after work, who have kids who don’t wash their hands, or who were just unlucky enough to get change of a $5 that the last guy kept in his underwear for six months. That’s the job. I’m sorry the pay’s so shitty, but I’m sure that nowhere in the McDonald’s training manual does it say that shitty pay gives you the right to be a jackass. Now it’s going to cost them, and well it should.

  94. Red_Eye says:

    @bdgbill: If I recall they had no problem taking her money at the first window it was the second window where they wouldnt give her the food.

    Regardless it is very simple in 99.9999% of all cases to complete a transaction without actual physical contact and barring that most restaurants have latex gloves available.

    As for the driving, much like cars adapted for people short in stature or legless there are adaptations that can be made. A guy lived across from me in my first apartment who was paraplegic and he had a nice Cavalier with hand controls much like a motorcycle. I am certain they have made adjustments to enable her to drive better.

  95. Rigo says:

    It’s kind of disheartening to hear people blame the lack of “sensitivity training” or suggest that if that training were improved that it would fix social problems like this. We shouldn’t have to teach people to not be asshats.

    A good customer service worker is someone who is genuinely interested in working with all kinds of people, is friendly, helpful, and compassionate and emphatic to a person’s plight should something go less than clockwork. Not everyone’s perfect, but if these people couldn’t even be bothered to give a decent amount of respect to someone, they have no business working in that line of work, period.

    I don’t think a lawsuit will help anything, but terminating those employees involved would have given some tiny sort of an effort of good faith on the part of McDonald’s. Hell, even an apologetic phone call from someone a bit higher up would have been nicer than a “Sorry, here’s a gift certificate.”

    Apparently you CAN put a price on someone’s dignity: roughly two big macs and a large milkshake. Maybe a cookie too if you’re lucky.

  96. Greeper says:

    I really wish Consumerist would stop printing plaintiff’s lawyers’ press releases. Let us know when someone wins. Filing a lawsuit is not worthy “news” to the extent it is even remotely true.

  97. What good is a $10 gift card if they refuse to sell her any food?

  98. Wormfather says:

    OK, this is where my account gets banned/canceled.

    I feel for her and I belive she has every right to sue after they violated her rights and then tried to make amends with a $10 GC, but…

    She said this was to feed her kids…


    Sorry, I just cant wrap my insensitive mind around that notion.

  99. silenuswise says:

    @mechanismatic: “stop a closed-minded person from humiliating a disabled person”

    I’m not going to spend much more time discussing this, because I have a boatload of work to do, but this statement of yours shows you’re still not getting it: it’s not about humiliation. McDonald’s employees can be rude, and even humiliate a customer, and then just probably lose their job. But this is about REFUSAL OF SERVICE to a person with a DISABILITY, based solely on the fact of their having a disability. Same as if it were a refusal based on race in an all-white restaurant in the 1960’s. You see, it wasn’t that long ago when people trotted out the excuse that white people just weren’t used to eating with black people in the same room, so can you really sue an establishment if the employees’ and owners’ “natural reaction” is to deny service? Well, you can now: try telling a black woman to get out of your restaurant because “girl, you’re black”, and see where that gets you. I’ll be interested to see the results.

    Sorry, if you can’t see the ethical grounds for a lawsuit (civil rights for people with disabilities) then you’re on your own. I suggest doing some homework and understanding what it means for a society to protect and respect the basic civil rights of its citizens.

  100. @mikemar42: “i can chose who i want to serve at my restaurant and i think mcdonalds should have the same right.”

    Except it doesn’t (and you don’t) when it refuses to serve someone who has a disability.

    There are both state and federal laws against this.

    If you are in fact a restaurant owner and you’re not aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act, applicable state laws, and other civil rights laws applying to places of public accommodation, I suggest you get your ass to a lawyer and have a little learning session before you get sued into bankruptcy for discriminatory practices that violate state and federal laws. And also make you an asshole.

  101. silenuswise says:

    @hoo_foot: “If the McDonald’s employees were disgusted by her, then why didn’t they just hand the food to the kids in her car?”

    Ah yes, perfect solution. So if I’m a white employee and have to serve food to a black woman, we’re cool as long as she’s accompanied by a white person with whom I can complete the transaction. I mean, I shouldn’t have to deal with black people if I am disgusted by black people in general, right? I mean, yuck. That’s not right to force me to serve them.

  102. @Greeper: Someone being refused service at a major chain due to a disability IS news.

    @SuburbanSocialite: Yeah, they missed the point entirely didn’t they?

    “They wouldn’t give me my food after paying.”
    “Here’s 10 dollars so you can try again.”

    @hoo_foot: If the employee would actually call her disgusting I doubt that they would bother finding some other way of giving them their food.

  103. Starfury says:

    On the multiple driving comments above:

    I’m guessing this lady drives better than half of the asshats I see on the road daily.

  104. tvh2k says:

    Yes, she was treated very poorly. And it was ridiculous that they would not hand her _her own food_!! But you know what, it wasn’t “McDonalds” who did it. McDonalds I’m sure has policies that state that you will make every effort to accomodate the handicapped. They aren’t the ones who should be sued.

    It was an employee and a manager who were wrong. And they should lose their jobs. Personally, I don’t think she (the victim) deserves any more than that. For the PR boost McDonalds might give her free food for a year or something… still, why does she deserve it? Because someone made fun of her handicap? I’m sure it wasn’t the first time. Because she didn’t get her food? I’m willing to bet the $10 gift certificate covered that.

    She’s just suing McDonalds because she wants to go after the corporation with deep pockets. I’m sure it’s not malicious–she’s probably a hard working mother who wants to be able to provide better for her kids. And McDonalds will probably settle, costing them relatively little, and give her a whole bunch of free food.

  105. AcilletaM says:

    Wow, I go away for a little while and the morons take over.

    @etinterrapax: @Eyebrows McGee: Well said

  106. Thrust says:

    @alpha & @rkm12: I wasn’t saying people can’t become adept at using their feet to do most anything, but I simply do not believe we should EVER compromise on what you need to be able to do in order to drive. I respect and admire people who learn to overcome their handicaps, but it doesn’t mean I am comfortable with a blind person performing open heart surgery, a narcoleptic air traffic controller, or a handicapped person driving a half-ton 60kph exploding metal box on wheels.

    I drive a standard, so all four limbs are in need. Left foot clutch, right foot gas/brake. Right arm shifts, controls wipers, lowers sun visor when needed, and assists steering on sharp/highspeed turns. Left arm does most of the steering plus controls headlights, signal lights (which most people forget exist) and operates the window. Drop it down to an automatic you can work without the left leg, but loosing either arm puts you in a situation where control over the steering is lost slightly and you now have no use of the wipers, lights, windows, sun visor, or anything else without having to let go of the wheel. I’m sorry, you must have two arms and at least one leg to drive in any manner I would call safe. Driving is not a right, most people forget that, and they really need to sit down and re-evaluate who gets a liscence these days.

  107. adrock75 says:

    All I’m saying is it’s not as if McD’s has a corporate policy and a sign saying “We will not serve you if you do not have hands”. It’s not some company wide policy to not serve handicapped people. One stupid asshat employee deserves to get fired and they owe her an apology and a free lunch. Not thousands of dollars.

  108. rkm12 says:

    @Wormfather: Shockingly enough people with all kinds of disabilities are married, have kids and “find people to have sex with” Maybe you should meet someone who isn’t able-bodied as shocking as that might be for you.

  109. Roundonbothends says:

    Wow. What insensitive asses at that McDonalds. If I worked there and a woman with no arms gave me a credit card or took her food with her foot, I’d think “How cool!” Talk about getting it done…

  110. RebekahSue says:

    When this type of incident happens, and the business in question gets sued, I think that the public should know the name of the rude employee. We won’t unless the individual is named in the lawsuit.
    The ONLY reason I think that people should know is to ensure, if this person comes to our companies for work, that s/he has had some kind of sensitivity training.
    If an employee embezzles and is arrested, future employers would know; I’d be surprised if this kind of incident would come up with even a PAY background check.
    I wouldn’t want to work with her. then again, does that make me prejudiced because I don’t want to work with someone who’s known to make fun of people with physical handicaps and who could, conceivably, cost an employer millions of dollars?

  111. savagesaladin says:

    A $10 gift certificate? I would’ve offered her a long sleeved shirt.

  112. Gloria says:

    I’m presuming that this woman took a driving test, and passed, which should be good enough for her, since it’s obviously good enough for those of us with four limbs.

    I’m honestly stunned by the ignorance in so many comments here. Cringing over feet? Really? Most people’s feet are probably cleaner than their hands. Grow up.

  113. toddkravos says:

    @savagesaladin: Wow. You’re a callous m’fer arentcha?

    I stopped going to McDonald’s years ago in protest for the way in which they treated a friend of mine. McVerdict anyone?

  114. Thrust says:

    On the topic of the employee’s rudeness and the manager’s severe brain deficiency, this lady deserves more than $10 off their suicidal food, but any legal action should be taken against the two asshats at the drivethrough. This is not McDonalds’ fault and it would be nice to see employees being held responsible for their actions. Doubt she’d get nearly as much out of them (probably why she sued McD’s instead), but it is questionable if her embarrasment is worth more than one or two grand.

  115. silenuswise says:

    @tvh2k: “Because someone made fun of her handicap?”

    When I’ve taught college students, and a misunderstanding crops up again and again, I’ve sometimes found it’s easiest just to repeat the same words, over and over, and eventually they get it. So, for the 90 millionth time, this case has absolutely nothing to do with “making fun of” or “humilating” a person with disabilities. It has to do with refusing service to them, based on the fact of the disability alone, and without a single reasonable justification for doing so. That’s called discrimination, and constitutes a violation of their civil rights. The very fact that a number of you cannot comprehend how this is no different from refusing service because of a person’s race is, quite frankly, simply making me more convinced that this is a more indidious and serious problem than people realize, and therefore all the more reason why there should be a large lawsuit to set a precedent (or confirm a precedent, since this isn’t the first example of such a case).

    In even simpler terms: civil rights violations are no joke. It was a long and costly road before racial discrimination was rooted out of company policy and behavior in the U.S. We’re clearly still on that road with respect to disabilities. It’s not about “hurt feelings”, which I’m sure this woman is strong enough to not give a shit about after all she’s been through in her life. It’s about getting her her goddamn food when she asks for it, like any other human being.

  116. savagesaladin says:


    Calloused? Yes. M’fer? What?

  117. mechanismatic says:

    @silenuswise: I’ll reiterate my point since you’re obviously not reading what I’m saying. I agree it would be a civil rights matter if this happened to many disabled persons at McDonalds across the country. In the 60’s, service was denied to blacks in “white restaurants” across the board. This is one woman at 2 restaurants. Where are all the other disabled people joining this woman in a class-action suit saying they’ve been discriminated against also? Granted McDonalds corporate could have been more sensitive to the issue and fired those responsible, but I can’t see giving an individual millions of dollars to make up for a couple of individuals’ stupidity. Yes, technically her civil rights were violated because it’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of disability. Yes, she could sue. But I wouldn’t award the woman a dime for her trouble, maybe just her legal costs and reforming McDonalds policy of immediately firing idiotic employees and managers.

  118. Youthier says:

    @Gloria: Honestly, I think most people are going to be a little surprised if someone hands you money with their foot. And they may not even be able to hide that surprise (which is why I can excuse “Girl, you ain’t got no arms” although it was definately rude). But no excuse for the refusual of service.

  119. andrewsmash says:

    Eh…as long as people are allowed to think their individual beliefs have the same value as proven facts, this kind of ignorant bullshit will continue.

  120. Uriel says:

    @delphi_ote: “if your job is customer service and you treat a customer this way, you should not have a job.”

    You’re absolutely right my friend, I was simply highlighting the MC Donald’s way in my last response to you. It wasn’t with sarcasm. That is actually how they handle their employees.

  121. Uriel says:


    Are you for real with this shit? Are you actually still here saying the same thing over and over again? You are quite the glutton for punishment my friend.

  122. savagesaladin says:

    She does actually have arms. If you look real closely you’ll see that they’re really cute baby arms!

  123. silenuswise says:

    @savagesaladin: Yes, dude, we got it the first time–you’re attempting a joke. Hey, maybe you can try yet again in a Borat voice (to match your wild and wacky avatar!)–I’m sure it can only get more hilarious the more your repeat it. That works for my 4-year-old nephew, at least, when he makes up knock-knock jokes.

  124. rkm12 says:

    @Thrust: It’s funny, than that I can drive without any legs and do it pretty well. By that I mean I’ve never been in an accident or gotten a ticket.

    I know it’s different for everyone, but I suggest before deciding that the handicapped are shitty dirvers that you do some research and meet people like myself and others who drive and live our lives. Education is key here. Saying we’re not safe drivers because you’re not aware of how it’s done is ignorance at best.

  125. Thrust says:

    @rkm12: I never once said handicapped people are BAD drivers. I said it scares the shit out of me to think of them being out on the road, and I did say it was my opinion that a handicapped person may not be as safe behind the wheel as a non-challenged person. There is a big difference between me saying “I don’t think it’s safe” and “It is not safe”. The only two statements I made in the “it is” instead of “I believe” are;

    I don’t know what wierd contraption allows her to steer and accelerate, but it cannot be as safe, accurate, or responsive as even a single hand – I would count this as a viable statement as there is not a single method I can visualize that would allow her the physical push-pull power arms have on a steering wheel, that could be opperated simultaneously with traffic signals and accelerator/brakes. Drive-by-wire engineering could make it POSSIBLE to operate all the above mentioned items, but I have not seen any proof on the safeness of DbW.

    The other statement was Driving is not a right, most people forget that, which is a proven fact. At least the not being a right part, not the forgetting.

    Also RKM12, if you are parapalegic as mentioned above, your lack of leg use is a lot less debilitating than a lack of arms, at least insofar as driving is concerned. You only have to compensate for a lack of gas/brake action from below, where she has to compensate for steering, signals, wipers, and a lot more. While my opinions on handicapped driving haven’t changed, at least in my opinion, you would be less of a risk behind the wheel than her.

  126. synergy says:

    I’m surprised they took the credit card off her foot in the first place. My first thought would be that she was handing me something with an unshod foot she’d just probably had on the floor of her car. I wonder if she Purells her feet or something?

  127. Teapotfox says:

    Wow. When I first read this, I was disgusted, too… at the behaviour of the McD’s employees.

    Now, having read all 125 current comments, I’m also disgusted by a handful of truly heartless Consumerist readers. It may shock a few of you to know that people are people, even if they aren’t able-bodied, and no one deserves the kind of humiliation this woman encountered. The comment about her love life is possibly the cruelest, most puerile thing I’ve ever seen on this site, and if the person who wrote it isn’t in junior high school, I’m shocked, and s/he should be ashamed and embarrassed. Someone who loves someone who is differently abled certainly shouldn’t be.

    Perhaps if, heaven forbid, any of the cruel and callous commenters ever find themselves disabled, their eyes will be opened. They certainly aren’t without their flaws right now, and I must say I find anyone striving to live a life of respect and dignity much more appealing than they could ever be with such attitudes. The woman in the posted story may not be traditionally ‘beautiful,’ but I’d certainly rather be involved with someone who isn’t beautiful on the outside than someone who is so inwardly revolting as a few of these commenters… no matter how they look.

  128. SJActress says:

    I think it’s hilarious that the manager thought this woman’s FEET were dirtier than HER hands (you know, the ones touching the bills in the cash register that have passed through how many hands, up noses, in soggy back pockets of sweaty joggers, etc.).

  129. Freedom4All says:

    I find it interesting that so many people can even begin to think that, if ‘unchecked’ by laws and legislation, that ANY company, ANYWHERE in the USA could even possibly survive if they adopted a sexist/racist/discriminating mandate.

    Let us look at the comments here. All are in favor of the idea that this is NOT good behavior on behalf of the McDonalds employees. They humiliated that woman, and were discriminatory towards her. If perhaps McDonalds Corporate decided to put out a press release in response to the ordeal stating “We support the actions of our McEmployee and will continue to condone this behavior as our corporate policy” do you think McDonalds would even have 10% of the volume they had the previous day?

    If any of you are truly angry about McDonalds in general… JUST DON’T GO THERE. How many of you posted here saying that McDonalds needs to be sued, yet still eat there? Well, if a lawsuit comes through, it will just mean an increase in the prices, or perhaps a decrease in the raises to their employees. I’m sure neither of those are appealing to anyone of the Billions of people that get meals there.

    I am of the opinion, to let people go ahead and refuse service. Let them show their true colors if you will. If people out there are so closed minded and bigoted, they will simply NOT survive in business. I know I for one would not eat at a restaurant that refuses service based on uncontrollable individual situations or circumstances.

    The government has only ever done exactly what most people wanted. Had it been ungoverned, nearly the same result would have occurred in terms of equality. I also believe, had it not been coerced, people would be less at odds with each other in general now regarding racial matters. Any law that places two people in different categories based on race, officially creates different categories that carry through to the individual level. It silly actually to think that laws and government have done anything valuable in reducing racism.

    I’ve not eaten at McDonalds in 12 years after I was humiliated at the restaurant by their idiot employee, and an inept manager. I’ve voted with my dollars, and I believe it has been quite significant over the years, especially since my Army Unit no longer visits McD’s on bus back from training. It’s probably cost the corporation over $100k over the years. That’s good enough for me.

    And Finally… again… shame on anyone here who thinks the lawsuit should carry through, yet still eats there. You are paying that lawsuit and being a hypocrite. You need to vote with your dollars.

  130. Piezon says:

    I am just as sickened by those of you who feel this is no big deal as I am by the worthless human beings who committed this act. What do you think should happen?! Oh, sorry we humiliated you in front of your kids and didn’t give your the food you paid for. Yeah, that should do it…please! The fact that McDonald’s offered her a $10 gift certificate boils my blood. That person, his/her staff, the idiot who served her, and the manager of the offending McDonald’s should have been canned immediately. That would have been a start…but just a start. The fact that this occurred demonstrates that McDonald’s has a poor employee training program and obviously has no criteria for manager. I will personally never by another fry from McDonalds until I see a formal apology in print. It’s absolutely a shame that the people in that town don’t boycott that restaurant. Large corporations like this only respond when it hurts their pocket. That town should make it hurt. I wonder if this is how the Ronald McDonald House raises funds?