Kmart Adds 70 Drugs To Its $15 Generic Drug Program

Kmart offers a 90 day supply of certain generic drugs for $15, and have announced that the program is expanding to include 300 more drugs. From their press release:

Now covered by the 90-Day Generics Program are nearly 70 new generic medications, including 17 different formulations of popular generic prescription prenatal vitamins, a larger selection than other generic programs

At $5 a month, Kmart’s program is still more expensive than Walmart’s $4 a month program, but instead of going to Walmart every month, Kmart offers a 90 day supply for $15. Presuming, of course, that you can locate a Kmart.

Kmart Expands 90-Day Generic Program [PR Newswire]
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  1. foghat81 says:

    I’ve always liked Kmart better than WalMart. There used to be 8-9 within reasonable driving distance from my house. I’m down to 2 now and they’re the two furthest and dirtiest :( I STILL drive to them rather than hit the WalMart less than 2 miles away.

  2. mopar_man says:

    There’s a nice, clean K-Mart pretty much right next to the Wal-Mart here. Lots of people go there for their subscriptions. Even the ShopKo on the other side of town gets people going there. I know if I needed prescriptions for anything, Wal-Mart would be the last place I would go.

  3. 24fan24 says:

    I’ve got to disagree with the two commenters above. My closest kmart is rather dirty and I would much prefer to visit walmart.

  4. Thrust says:

    We don’t have KMart here anymore, and Walmart… You cannot get in the building without a cowcatcher on hour hips or some form of bulldozer plow. That place is PACKED.

  5. mihiker says:

    I looked at Kmart’s site but could not find the updated list.
    Any one els find it?

  6. kracer22 says:

    hahaah thats the Kmart on Asstor Place, I work 3 floors up in the same building.

  7. satyricrash says:

    That *is* the Astor Place K-Mart. There’s always something shifty going on in that place, I don’t know what it is.

  8. SexCpotatoes says:

    How soon before Wal-Mart starts offering $15 crack rocks in an attempt to drive their competition out of business, and to make their shoppers into true addicts.