Dell To Offer Crapware, Bloatware Free PCs

Attention those who hate bloatware and crapware: Dell is offering PCs that are free of everything except Google Toolbar.

The new line, named Vostro, is aimed at the small business market and consists of 4 laptops and 2 desktops.

From Computerworld:

“Customers really hated trialware,” said Michael Dell, the company’s CEO, during the Vostro rollout in New York. “It was the most frustrating thing for customers in setting up a new computer,” he added, citing a recent survey the company commissioned of small business users. “Our new Vostro line comes with no trialware, none at all.”

It does come with Google Toolbar, according to Computerworld, but so what. Life is demonstrably not perfect. More companies should offer this.

Dell lets small business customers decline ‘crapware’ on PCs [Computerworld]


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  1. Optimistic Prime says:

    Does it make it any cheaper? That’s a question not answered. These guys should start putting Open Source stuff on from the get-go. Open Office, Gimp, and Firefox would satisfy just about any needs you have.

  2. gorckat says:

    If anything, it’d make it more expensive without software vendors subsidizing the PC.

  3. jacques says:

    “Customers hated trialware”, but apparently that only applies to business customers.
    Regular ole dumb home users must love it, or why else would they pack the regular line of computers with their crap?

  4. Framling says:

    In related news, Dell recently started offering computers with Ubuntu Linux installed instead of Windows. This purportedly made them $50 cheaper, but it has recently come to light that the $275-value free hard drive and RAM upgrade they were offering with the machines was only available for the Windows machines.

  5. The Bigger Unit says:

    Honestly, if it saves me $50 or more bucks, I’ll take the computer loaded with bullshit. I’ll just unload it once I get home; uninstall, run CCleaner or whatever blows your hair back, and you’re in the clear…

    Or just wipe it (the best option) and start from scratch. And before anyone says it, I realize not everyone knows how to do this stuff. I’m talking about smart people doing these things.

  6. B says:

    Thanks to our corporate overlords, we have to get Dells for work computers, and paying extra so I don’t have to delete the trialware is worth the time it will save me.

  7. Hawk07 says:

    I’d take a cheaper PC over a more expensive one minus the trialware.

    Aren’t all those free programs really just paid advertisements that help subsidize the computer?

  8. Maulleigh says:

    I hope more computer companies follow its lead. Dells always look like they were made in 1985: no matter what year they were.

  9. guroth says:

    MY GF recently got an Inspiron laptop with Vista Home Premium on it and the only bloatware on it was google desktop and google toolbar (and of course the “free trial” of norton)

    Tons less than what I had witnessed them comming with previously.

    My dad just got a Dell dimension desktop through small business and it had no more than the above mentioned either.

  10. @jacques: Like you said, they’re “regular” home customers. Most companies figure end users are to dumb or just don’t care enough about it.

  11. Thrust says:

    Yay Dell. The only PC company that makes a computer so bad I would rather use a Mac.

    You braindead morons working for Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. should really get a clue as to what software to preload. All this spyware crap and useless applications are just gonna be deleted and the retarded company pushing them will not make any money off em anyways.

    No, you wanna preload stuff, sell a mid-line PC preloaded with a demo copy of the Sims 2, the 15-day free trial of WoW, shareware versions of Supreme Commander and MS Flight Sim X, and maybe some video demos for Spore, Portal, and Crysis. Do that and you’re bound to turn one of those products into an addiction and generate some sales.

  12. MeMikeYouNot says:

    I bought a new HP in February, with Vista–I was surprised how little stuff came on it and I have uninstalled most of the crap I don’t or won’t use. It still came with Norton and Roxio stuff but I just deleted the Roxio for Nero and had to upgrade Norton.

  13. yg17 says:

    @guroth: Thats because Vista isn’t compatible with anything :D My sister’s XP Dell was a lot worse.

  14. JohnMc says:

    B, save yourself the time. Format the hard drive and put some version of linux on it. The only bloatware I get is the bloat I put on it.

    Vista, ugh. Too little, too late. About the time that M$ comes out with all the DRM enabled on Vista the whole media market is slowly abandoning the whole idea of DRM. Sigh….

  15. superlayne says:

    I recent got a Toshiba laptop, and it was covered in free games from that something-something company. As soon as my computer loaded up I deleted them, and my dad was getting mad at me, trying to get me to keep them and try them out.

  16. khisel says:

    My Inspiron E1505 from Dell Home (about two months old) came with Vista, Google Toolbar and that was IT. No trials, no games that spy on you and no other crap. I think they have been doing this for some time just not saying much about it until now.

  17. Thrust says:

    @superlayne: Were they decent, popular and/or well-branded games or just nameless crap like Edios & Dreamweaver’s garbage? Doubt you would have just deleted a free copy of say Battlefield 2 or Doom 3.

  18. Saydur says:

    As a note, I’ve been pricing laptops for the past month, and finally settled on a Vostro when it came out. It’s not the cheapest system, but if you want the specs it’s best suited to cover, the lack of trialware doesn’t seem to inflate the price. It’s still a slightly better deal than what you can get in the Home/Home Office department.

    The only bloatware on the system will be Vista. Dell has a few open source laptops, but not exactly the most compelling models at the moment.

  19. cynon says:

    If Dell wants to stop selling bloatware, they need to stop forcing Vista on people who don’t want it. My new XPS laptop ran like crap right out of the box, and there was very little crapware on it (not counting Vista). I pulled of Vista, put on XP and now it runs very nicely.

    Oh, and Dell could stop being such mommies on their forums.

  20. RebekahSue says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask: do most refurbished laptops come with bloatware?

    I bought an eMachine laptop from Tiger Direct back in 2004. It had AOHell on it but not much else.

    FWIW, I love this laptop. I’d sacrificed weight to save a few hundred bucks, and the 7 lb is a bit much with arthritis, and I’ve had a short at the power supply (quick, inexpensive fix) – and that’s it. I paid about half what a comparable, new laptop would, and there’s no crap on it.

    My question is, is this STANDARD?

  21. Thrust says:

    @cynon: It’s not Dell that’s pushing Vista, it’s Micro$haft. All branded machines are being converted over to Vista, and XP is being pulled off the shelf and out of the PCs. By the end of the year you will not be able to get XP on a new computer, and I doubt you’ll find any copies in store to replace Vista with.

    @RebekahSue: There is no standard practice with Refurbs. Every company handles it their own way, some restore them to be exactly like their new PCs, others simply pull the hard drive and dont even install the OS.

  22. Ouzak says:

    @B: If you’re buying because of Corp. policy, why not buy the business lines (Optiplex desktops and Latitude notebooks)? They don’t come with any trialware.

  23. Ouzak says:

    @cynon: Dell still sells XP on a bunch of their systems, Vista-only on the XPS line (since it’s their latest-and-greatest).

  24. AcidReign says:

        I discovered something new as far as crapware on Lenovo computers today. When you recover one to the factory state, there is an advanced option you can select, which allows you to uncheck bloatware items. How cool is that?

        After my wife installed a massive Yahoo Messenger download without unchecking ANYTHING, she was left with a system that took up to 25 seconds to load notepad or msconfig, and total lockdown on any big app, like Microsoft Word. It took a Safe Mode boot to even copy her data to a USB drive. System Restore hung every time. Oh, well. It was time to clean that computer out, anyway… I’m thinking of putting in wallpaper this time that says, “Don’t even THINK about a Yahoo install!”

  25. Thrust says:

    Programs a computer will benefit from:
    -Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird
    -Spybot: Search & Destroy
    -AdAware LE
    -Spyware Blaster
    -Windows XP

    Programs that will bog down your computer:
    -MS Internet Explorer
    -MS Outlook Express
    -MS Office (Necissary program but it does add to load times)
    -Nero/Roxio (some versions)
    -Adobe Acrobat (SERIOUS hang times)
    -Windows ME

    Programs that will leave your computer mimicking the retarded kid that sits at the back of the shortbus, drooling as he defecates hisself while singing the theme to Lambchops:
    -McAfee (sp?)
    -Anything that contains the name “Toolbar” (Yahoo, Google, MSN)
    -Gamespy (Come on, it SAYS spy. Get a clue)
    -MSN Messanger (Serious viris risk too)
    -Any of the NUMEROUS spywares/bots/phishers that AdAware and Spybot S&D find
    Windows Motherf**king Vista

  26. thefezman says:

    Sure, they say “no trialware”, but how about a system with no bloatware? I did a config on one of their Vostro systems, and here’s what they tried to push onto the system (these were options that were installed by default, you’d have to click through a ridiculous number of pages to get rid of all this crap):

    * MS Works (most awful piece of software ever written by monkeys, it’s purposefully not compatible with MS Office formats)

    * Norton Internet Security 2006 90 Day Subscription (Wouldn’t that be trialware if it stops working after 90 days???)

    * Adobe Acrobat Reader (ewww!)

    * Dell Datasafe online backup

    * Dell Automated PC Tuneup (I doubt it does anything useful at all)

    * Dell Network Assistant

    Oh, and you can’t say not to install the Google Toolbar.

    Also, buying a Dell computer with their current web site requires clicking past 50 some odd pages of “you need this accessory” and “you need this software” and “you need this bundle” and “you need us to plug in your monitor for you!” completely useless offers, 99% of which you’d be better purchasing seperately.