700 Tubes Of Poison Toothpaste Seized

Over 700 tubes of poisonous counterfeit toothpaste were seized in Connecticut, according to The New York Times. The toothpaste is flavored with diethylene glycol, a sweet-tasting chemical more commonly found in anti-freeze. It can cause liver and kidney damage if swallowed.

From the NYT:

Inspectors from the state’s Department of Consumer Protection said they seized 430 tubes of a counterfeit Colgate toothpaste reportedly made in South Africa and 275 tubes of Chinese-made Dentakleen and the strawberry and blueberry flavors of Dentakleen Junior from stores in Hartford, West Hartford, Waterbury, Derby and North Branford. The varieties of the counterfeit Colgate brand, including maximum cavity protection, gel and triple action, are listed as tainted.

State officials said inspections would continue this week.

Last month, about 900,000 tubes of tainted toothpaste turned up in prisons and other state institutions, mostly in Georgia and North Carolina, and at some hospitals in South Carolina and Florida. The investigation in Connecticut was prompted by a call from a consumer who reported that the toothpaste was still on the shelves of some stores, despite the recall order.

Connecticut’s Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal (a sort of rock star of Attorney Generals, as he is currently suing Best Buy over their secret website), said, “Our demand to Chinese manufacturers is for information necessary to track down and crack down on all these poisonous products.”

For pictures of the poison toothpaste, head to the CT Department of Consumer Affairs where they have pictures as well as the names of stores that were caught still stocking the toothpaste.

700 Tubes of Toothpaste Are Seized in Connecticut


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  1. well shit, out of everything thats happening lately, why do I have to be worried about dying because my toothpaste is poisoned? I’m seriously considering moving to New Hampshire. At least you can die honorably up there (grizzly bears, avalanches, etc).

    The only thing I like about CT is that retailers are required post the prices BEFORE and AFTER rebates so you don’t get taken for a ride

  2. ShadeWalker says:

    but anti-freeze tastes sooooo good.

  3. The Bigger Unit says:

    …what’s wrong with having this toothpaste in the prisons? I think the government is on to something there.

  4. telepanda says:

    So, question:

    I live far, far away from Connecticut, but I do own one of the lines of Colgate toothpaste pictured on the CT consumer affairs page. Should I throw it out? Is there any way to determine the non-counterfeitness of toothpaste (like, I don’t know, one of the lines of gel has a security strip in it?)

  5. timothymichaelclark says:

    The convenience store down the road from me (in Somerville, MA) was on the news just a couple weeks back for selling some of the counterfeit/anti-freeze-laden Colgate.

    TELEPANDA: The news program said the trick was to look for “Made in South Africa”, since Colgate does not actually have manufacturing plants in South Africa. Also, look for misspellings of common english words on the box.