Departmental Phone Extensions For Every Fry's

Here’s a potentially handy list of phone numbers for Fry’s, the electronics retail chain, for bypassing the store operator. Apparently, each Fry’s phone system is set up the same way with the first five digits being the “base” number and the last two being the extension number.

00 – Operator (XXX)-XXX-XX00
10 – Components Manager (XXX)-XXX-XX10
11 – Components Supervisor (XXX)-XXX-XX11
12 – Components Sales (XXX)-XXX-XX12
20 – Computers Manager (XXX)-XXX-XX20
21 – Computers Supervisor/Computer Sales (XXX)-XXX-XX21
22 – Computers Sales (XXX)-XXX-XX22
30 – Software Manager (XXX)-XXX-XX30
31 – Software Supervisor (XXX)-XXX-XX31
32 – Software Sales (XXX)-XXX-XX32
37 – Audit (XXX)-XXX-XX37
38 – PIC (Person in Charge) (XXX)-XXX-XX38
40 – Service Manager (XXX)-XXX-XX40
41 – Service Supervisor (XXX)-XXX-XX41
42 – Service Technicians (XXX)-XXX-XX42
50 – Audio, Video, Telecom, Appliances Manager (XXX)-XXX-XX50
51 – Audio, Video, Telecom, Appliances Supervisor (XXX)-XXX-XX51
52 – Audio, Video, Telecom, Appliances Sales (XXX)-XXX-XX52
55 – Loss Prevention (Security) (XXX)-XXX-XX55
58 – Ast. Store Manager Direct Line (XXX)-XXX-XX58
59 – Store Manager Direct Line (XXX)-XXX-XX59
60 – Customer Service Manager (XXX)-XXX-XX60
61 – Customer Service Supervisor (XXX)-XXX-XX61

We gave it a shot and it worked.

Fry’s Internal Phone List! Revealed! Look [FrysForum] (Thanks to Scott!)


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  1. Oh, am I gonna have some fun with this tomorrow.

    Fry’s isn’t nearly as much fun as it used to be, though.

  2. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    Only problem with this is that they never answer the phones anyways.

  3. lore says:

    @LatherRinseRepeat: Ain’t that the truth!

  4. nakedinlb says:

    who wants to talk to any sales associate at fry’s anyways? they’re all dumbshits. i wouldn’t buy anything at fry’s unless i knew all about a product, they had the best price by far, and i wouldn’t have to return it. (just the thought of returning something makes me shop elsewhere.)

  5. says:

    Hey everyone this is the Admin from the site where they got this list from ([]) We wanted to let you all know that you can all join our site for FREE. Our site is a forum page for consumers and current/past employees to discuss things relating to Fry’s.

  6. @LatherRinseRepeat: Aib’t that the truth…

  7. pipes2165 says:

    Did you get a upper level managemt person on th ephone. I idnt get anyone using these numbers and want to speak with John Fry himself can this be done?