Sony Cuts PlayStation 3 Price

Poor Sony. Despite telling Reuters on July 6 that they had no plans for a price cut, they’ve cut the price of the Playstation 3 by $100.

At $500, the PS3 will still be $20 more than the most expensive XBOX 360, and twice the price of Nintendo’s magical Wii. From Reuters:

“Our initial expectation is that sales should double at a minimum,” Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America, said in an interview.

“We’ve gotten our production issues behind us on the PlayStation 3, reaching a position to pass on the savings to consumers, and our attitude is the sooner the better.”

We’re especially proud of the fact that the PlayStation 3 has the lowest failure rate of any PlayStation product. It’s absolutely the gold standard,” Tretton said.

Yeah, but does it come with a 3 year warranty and a public apology?

Sony cuts price on PlayStation 3 by $100
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  1. Toof_75_75 says:

    And still no one will want it…

  2. asujosh1 says:

    It is still the cheapest Blu-Ray player out there, and with the recently added upscanning capabilities, it is quite impressive. Not to mention that with the $500 for a Blu-Ray player, you are also getting a gaming system!

    I purchased one a while ago, and I still love it.

  3. AtomikB says:

    Not to be a total fanboy here, but if you bought a 360, plus it’s hard drive and HD-DVD player, the price would be right up there with the PS3. The PS3 was WAY too expensive before, but now it’s just a little bit too expensive. It’s definitely on my christmas list now. Then all I’ll need is a 1080p TV…

  4. joeblevins says:

    ATOMIKB – With the horrible failure rate of the 360, do you really want to bring that up here as a good idea?

  5. dbeahn says:

    @asujosh1: So? I still don’t believe Blu-Ray will win the format war (after all, Sony NEVER wins format wars)) plus there’s the whole Blu-Rot issue. Plus the 360 has RUMBLE and wireless controllers that work. Double the HDD space. Live has a ton of content and background downloading. Lots of great games in the $20-$30 dollar range. 3 year warranty. The list goes on and on and on.

  6. Haplo9000 says:

    Wait, the price drops 100 dollars, it’s STILL the most expensive console…but sales are going to DOUBLE? Oh, sure, that’s how things work in the gaming industry.

  7. Dibbler says:

    They just pissed off a bunch of people who purchased the think last week on news that the price isn’t going down for awhile. When I say a bunch I guess I mean 40 or so but still… Having a console out for 6+ months and already lowering the price is a bad thing. Consoles like the Gamecube and Dreamcast do this kind of thing, not PS3. As far as the format war goes, I thought Walmart decided to only carry HD-DVD? Since they sell more dvd’s than anyone else I was kind of told that the winner was in place. Then Blockbuster says they will only carry Blue-ray discs. I guess Sony does have an advantage since they own a bunch of movie companies so this cold turn into a winner for them if they can get enough PS3’s out there they will win. Sony is betting the whole company on blue-ray so if the PS3 tanks the company tanks. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the price drop again before Christmas.

  8. zibby says:

    I still enjoy my PS2/PSP/PC roster, which covers the bases pretty well. I’ll revisit the PS3 question in a year or so.

  9. Slusy says:

    I guess the lowest failure rate depends on what your definition of “failure” is. Hardware failure, maybe, marketing failure, not so much.

    This really isn’t as big of a deal as it could be; if it was, then the 20 GB model would have been flying off the shelves at that price point. It’s a step in the right direction, sure, but until they have several must-play games for it, the sales aren’t going to improve substantially.

    After all, $500 is still a lot of money for a video game console. I doubt there are many people who are reading this who are saying, “500?!? It just dropped into my price range!”

  10. asujosh1 says:

    @dbeahn: As Dibbler pointed out, Blockbuster has added their support for Blu-Ray, which has given the market a good boost over HD-DVD. As far as Blu-Rot, its easily solved by subscribing to Netflix or Blockbuster online, its only an issue to me if I have purchased a disc, and from what I understand of it anyway, it is not an every disc sort of issue. PS3 network has a lot of content and does support background downloads, the only system from Xbox that has double the HD is the Elite system which sells for $479 at Besy Buy, not much better of a pice. Rumble controllers? They are out there, granted not from Sony, but if you want them, you can have them. Got anything else? You know, all these specs are on the PS3 website for your perusal. By the way, does the Xbox suport wireless networking? HDMI interface? Optical audio? None that I have played do.

    Basically, I look at it as a Blu-Ray player, with the added benefit of being able to play games if I want to. It does what I want it to do in grand fashion, it plays Blu-Ray, it upscans my regular DVDs to HD, it plays games, and it looks pretty damn cool.

  11. Amsterdaam says:

    Sony is one backward-ass company. We do, we don’t, it’s on sale, it’s not, we don’t need rumble, we do need rumble, blah, blah, blah.

    Do they let anyone at the company hold a press conference or comment to the press?

    That being said, I’ll get on in 3 years if it survives, I’m happy with my (not broken since launch) 360 for now. Did the same thing last gen, bought an xbox release time and waited a few years before buying the PS2. That way, I get at least one cheap console and some good used games.

  12. Amsterdaam says:

    @asujosh1: Research, Research, Research!

    Wireless Networking on the 360: YES!
    HDMI: YES! (Elite)

    Don’t try to be a fanboy if you can’t even come up with legitimate arguments.

    Oh, wait, that would defeat the moral structure of Fanboyism. Carry on.

  13. pine22 says:

    @dibbler, if you happened to be one of those people who bought a ps3 last week, go return it and buy it again $100 cheaper.

  14. Youthier says:

    This development was called by multiple commenters back in December. No big surprise…

  15. ShadowFalls says:

    Don’t go rushing mad over the new console and its slightly bigger hard drive. Remember, the PS3 hard drive unlike the Xbox 360, is easily replaceable with a better hard drive of your choice, even allowing up to even a 250GB hard drive.

  16. Insder says:

    “We’re especially proud of the fact that the PlayStation 3 has the lowest failure rate of any PlayStation product. It’s absolutely the gold standard,” Tretton said.”

    Well, it seems Sony has caught a loophole. There’s nobody to report a console failure when they’re all sitting on store shelves, still new in their boxes :]

  17. Morgan says:

    I’m surprised that people are listing rumble controlers as a reason to buy the 360. I always thought it was one of the most irritating developments in gaming, only to be tolerated when absolutely necessary (I have some wii games that actually use it as a tool to help you find useful things rather than just irritating me whenever I get hit by something or something explodes in a cutscene).

  18. dbeahn says:

    @asujosh1: The problem with Blu-Rot is that there doesn’t seem to be a pattern – it doesn’t seem to be an issue with any one process or factory, it seems to be a problem with the design itself. Which means movies and games will be affected.

    And “Oh, well then just rent, don’t buy!” isn’t exactly a compelling argument for why one format is better.

    Blockbuster went Blu-Ray only in what? 250 stores? They still carry, and will continue to carry, HD-DVD online. Hardly a ringing endorsement from them. HD-DVD isn’t being investigated for unfair business practices, either. Blu-Ray is. Yet another hurdle.

    And, last but not least, most people aren’t buying a game console for movies – they are buying it with the expectation they’ll be able to play great games on it. Right now, the PS3 doesn’t offer that anywhere near as well as the 360. Sony also doesn’t have a reputation of “doing the right thing” when they have a hardware issue. Microsoft, on the other hand, did the right thing when there was an issue with some of the optical drives on the original x-box, and again with the 360 by extending the warranty to a full 3 years.

  19. Techguy1138 says:

    In addition to th eprice cut there is also a promotion going on right now where you can get 5 free bluray movies with a player, I beleive that the PS3 counts.

    It is a great movie player for dvd’s, Blueray and files.

    Now is really a good time to get it.

  20. dbeahn says:

    Let’s also not forget that if you buy a PS3 and want to use HDMI, you have to buy an HDMI cable. The 360 Elite comes with an HDMI cable.

    Just one more example (to me) of how the 360 is going the extra mile where as the PS3 is not…

  21. dbeahn says:

    If you MUST buy a PS3, at least get this deal:

    Circuit City has Sony PlayStation 3 console with a free wireless controller (appears in cart during checkout) for $500. Shipping is $4 per order. Get 5 free select BluRay movies for completing and mailing this form. Thanks abitteroldman

    You may also choose in-store pickup to save the shipping cost.

    Fillable rebate form for BluRay DVD submission. Thanks XvVectorVx

    Alternatively, Amazon has the console (withouth the free additional wireless controller) for $500 with free shipping. You also qualify for the free BluRay movies if purchased from Amazon. Thanks 123Deals [Discuss]

    See “” for working links…

  22. Thrust says:

    Only five hundred dollars, great zombie jesus on a farking pogo stick batman.

    Seriously. Armored Core went to XBox 360 (which I will not touch), SquEnix is planning on making the new FF games multiplatform, and GTA3 San Andreas was such a letdown that I’ll stick with my roommate’s Wii and my bitchin Pentium Core2Duo E6700 and its 768MB DirectX-10 GeForce. Helloooooo Crysis, Spore, Portal, and Hellgate London, can’t wait to meet you.

  23. royal72 says:

    i’ll stick with my family friendly wii thanks.

  24. asujosh1 says:

    @dbeahn: Okay, with the rent vs. buy, I wasn’t arguing in favor of a format, just that I am covered and dont have to worry about it until I start buying discs. And to most people buying it for games? I am obviously not ‘most people’ am I? I bought it for movies with an added benefit of games. I dont play games that often, I think in the 4 months that I have had it, I have rented a grand total of 3 games (5days each). Sony now has a player for $499, but you can’t game on it.

    @Amsterdaam: You are correct, I misread the info on the page, when they reference wireless gaming I kept going thinking it was all about controllers. But the argument is that the PS3 is too expensive, and if you have to buy the Elite for comparison, you are paying $479, only $21 cheaper than the PS3. That kind of kills the ‘too expensive’ argument, doesn’t it?

  25. dbeahn says:

    @asujosh1: OK, but you presented both of those as arguments for the Blu-Ray format. As a rule of thumb, when entering a debate, you don’t want to present arguments you can only defend by saying “Oh, that’s just me!”.

    So it seems what you were really saying was “I have no idea which format is better, but I sure hope that in spite of massive evidence to the contrary, Blu-Ray is better, cause that’s what I bought!”

    As far as the “too expensive” argument, if you buy the Elite, you’re getting twice the HDD capacity, and you get the cables you need to hook it up, including HDMI. With the PS3 you have to buy all that as “extras”. On top of that, the 360 has a stack of great games (according to reputation and reviews) for $20-$30. The PS3 doesn’t have any games that are considered “great” at this point (disclaimer: an argument can be made that Resistance is a great game) and they also don’t have any games in that $20-$30 “affordable” price range. Again, even after the price cut, the PS3 is still way more expensive…

  26. JustAGuy2 says:

    Wireless networking? Yup (although it is a $100 add-on)

    HDMI – included on the elite

    Optical audio – every unit, comes with the unit.

  27. JustAGuy2 says:


    FYI, played Hellgate London at CES this year – looks really freaking good (although it was probably running on a hyper-tricked-out machine.

  28. shades_of_blue says:


    While I never downloaded off live and played an actual 360 game at the same time, I have played Live Arcade titles while I downloaded Live content and never had any issues. Actually it’s pretty cool, you get an achievement sound and visual confirmation when finished. So I must be missing something about downloading content and playing games, because I fail to see why you can it can’t be done. Maybe I’ll play GOW tonight and download Austin Powers off live, as their giving it away free right now. Be interesting to see if you’re half right or all wrong.

    Next, both xbox and xbox360 support DD Live, or DICE as it’s called. In fact, the technology originates from the original xbox. It used a custom Nvidia south bridge, that housed a build-in sound chip. Nvidia later went on to include the technology in their nForce2 chipset. And DICE is a part of ‘Intel HD Audio’ standard. BTW EVERY xbox game I know of supports DICE, my TOSLINK’d [optical audio] Onkyo receiver fully recognizes the DD5.1 signal, and decodes it in games and movies.

    How exactly do you have your 360 and receiver hooked up, are you using the ‘premium edition’ HD component cables or the ‘core system’ composite cables? The composite cables do not feature a TOSLINK jack, that’d probably your problem. There’s a spot on the component cables for TOSLINK, the first xbox had a TOSLINK jack on it’s HD cables and not the composite cables too.

  29. dbeahn says:

    @shades_of_blue: I download off live while playing games all the time, and never had an issue on the 360.

    My understanding is that you can’t download and do anything else while you download on the PS3. Is that true? What’s the point?

  30. spideyman says:

    With the cost of PS3 games at 60 bucks, it just isn’t a viable game system for some of us even with the $100 price cut. When the system has been out a few more years, and there are cheaper games, then perhaps I might get one, but for now, gaming on the PC works for me.

  31. Thrust says:

    @JustAGuy2: I HAVE a hyper tricked-out machine. Now I just need the game :)

    Now if only someone would realize that certain styles of game are better on PC, and others on gamepad-driven console… Who was the mentally deficient inbred dumpster baby who decided to make Halo Wars, the game with the potential to be best RTS ever, into a 360 exclusive? RTS games are horrendous on consoles. Halo Wars would have beed able to compete with Starcraft II, Supreme Commander, and the likes, but now it isn’t even in the same league.

  32. HelpMeHelpYou says:

    A few days ago, Sony executives announced that there was not going to be a price cut yet a few days later what actually happened completely contradicted what they said. Can anyone explain this to me? Why isn’t anyone getting on their backs about blatantly lying to the world? I know market analysts would say “everyone knew better” that this was just a lie but that doesn’t justify Sony being flat out dishonest when asked a direct question.

  33. shades_of_blue says:

    @DBEAHN Is that what he meant? I must have misread him, because I could have swore he was referring to 360 and not PS3.

    @ THRUST FPS/RTS titles could play exceptionally well on console IF MS just ignored the Asian market, like they ignore them. Back when MS first talked of entering the console market, they wanted to make an all-in-one system to bridge the console and PC market. Called ‘Project-X’, it was more/less a dual boot system, boot into dashboard and load up a strip down Windows OS or boot into the dashboard and load a game off dvdrom. Complete with keyboard and mouse, but those Japanese developers bashed it and MS knowing that they need the approval of JPN devs to succeed in Asia redesigned it. End result, we get a mear console, with no keyboard/mouse and MS repeats history in an attempt to please those assholes.
    So blame Japan to dictating what the xbox consoles are marketed as. MS really needs to come to their senses, abandon their Japanese market dream, instead market it toward Korea [where Counter-Strike and other FPS titles sell] and release an official MS branded keyboard/mouse combo, complete with a dashboard update. Older games would only need simple download per title for support.

    @HELPMEHELPYOU Because Sony is run by a bunch lying bastards. Just look into defective PSP pixels, defective PS lasers, defective slimPS2 lasers or anything involving their products quality and watch how quickly they flatout deny there is an issue. Or how about their law suits against online import retailer Lik-Sing, who Sonys’ own employees bought from. Sorry if I sound a little harsh, but I’ve lost all respect for Sony over the last 8-9 years.

  34. Thrust says:

    @HelpMeHelpYou: Nobody cared that they lied because they are Sony. If they tell the truth, then we worry.

  35. Firstborn Dragon says:

    My thoughts? Who cares. Really.

    There is almost NOTHING in any new gen system that intrests me.

    Guess what? Wii is most likely the ONLY system I’ll buy in the next year or two because it’s the ONLY system with games that intrest me.

    Hell, I’m happy with my PS2, PC and GC because they have the kinds of games I want. Mind you, I’m a hard core RPG player, and only the Wii offers anything good in that front.

    XBox360 has some that may be intresting, but there’s no telling when/if they’ll come out and if they’ll be exclusive. Fable was supposed to be xbox exclusive, and it’s not.

    Bottom line? MS is screwing up by trying to spread it’s xbox games to get more sales. Sony has nothing good on the game front.

    And as for Blue ray and HD? I’ll stick to the non-new thankyouverymuch. I don’t need to spend 50$ on a worthless DVD I can buy for 25 by sticking to the old format.

  36. Thrust says:

    @Firstborn Dragon: You gotta be real good at self-gratification to beat the computers on Mario Party 8. I swear, pumping the controller up and down as fast as possible? They say its to shake a can of pop, but I don’t buy it.

  37. zekedms says:

    Gold standard? I dunno about that, I think after Disc Read Error plenty of people are still hesitant about the PS3 and it’s pet format, Blu-ray(mmm, data stored way too close to disc surface). Blu-ray, blue discs…yeah, doesn’t sound good to me. After Sony’s horrible marketing campaign and statements by good ol’ Ken and other execs who said “US consumers are just too cheap to buy something good!”, I think Sony is going to have a REALLY hard time.

    Then there’s the lack of games to consider, even if they do have historical real time giant enemy crab flipping.

  38. Phren says:

    The more practical side of the price cut is the removal of hardware backwards-compatibility in the new units, which will ditch the emotion engine and instead rely on software emulation. (as it is in the European units)

  39. drawp says:

    Let’s not forget that w/ xbox, one still has to pay yearly for xbox live. :-)

  40. crichardson79 says:

    asujosh1 is a retard. PS3 and blue-ray kick ass and now I am going to get a PS# this weekend. I was just waiting for the price to drop. all of my friends have had nothing but problem with their xbox 360’s. One friend has had it replaced 3 times. Also asujosh1 with the 360 you have to pay another $100 for the wireless network adapter moron. HD-DVD will be dead by Chirstmas. Blu-Ray has Disney and everyone else on board Xbox HD-DVD Fanboys. Sit on a twix and spin.

  41. Why would a console that doesn’t have a 33% failure rate, if even above 1 percent require a public apology? Now if we were talking about the Disc Read Errors on the PS2, I could understand the necessity of a public apology (which instead became a successful class action lawsuit). However, given the reports – or rather, lack thereof, of PS3 failures, no public apology is needed.

    Now if we were to also discuss direct comparisons,
    $200 for the HD-DVD drive and $100 for the Wireless Adapter is still not cheaper than a PS3, no matter how you look at it. There is also, in my mind, still no justification for a 120GB HDD costing $179.99.