1 Cent Back-To-School Deals At Staples

Staples has great deals on pencils, folders, glue, pencil cases, pencil sharpeners starting at 1 cent. Sale is from today through July 14th.

(Thanks to Justin!)


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  1. 5h17h34d says:

    Back to school? Why not start the Christmas sales while they are at it?

  2. ribex says:

    Actually, FYI, the 1 cent deals are only valid until 7/11 (Wednesday).


  3. azntg says:

    And as usual, Staples did a great job of hiding the 1 cent supplies all over the stores. I was laughing out loud (albeit privately) when I saw those folders hidden at the corner, where almost nobody goes to!

  4. Brie says:

    @5h17h34d: The academic year for year-round school ends in June (or May). So around here, there are some kids who finished 4th grade in June and start 5th grade tomorrow, July 9. (For those who don’t know, year-round school spreads the vacations throughout the calendar year.)

  5. homerjay says:

    @MissedTheExit: I have a feeling that this is less about appealing to the overwhelming minority and more about being the first out there with a back-to-school sale.

    Staples, I love you very much, but this is just LAME.

  6. justin.ryan says:

    Pretty cool. Last year, Kmart had a 10 notebooks for $1 sale. I’m waiting for that to come back!

  7. PSTOKELY says:

    OfficeMax has the supplies in stock since at least the last week of June

  8. PSTOKELY says:

    OfficeMax has had school supplies in stock since at least the last week of June and schools around here don’t still until mid-August, no year round schools around here.

  9. Falconfire says:

    @MissedTheExit: this is true, but then these “sales” are not meant for school system and states like yours but rather for those that have a real summer, in which case even for those who start in August, this is REALLY early.

    And I agree at how annoying this is, as I work full time in a school system, and cant stand that my two months of getting all the systems repairs done is made to feel even smaller by al the advertising for “back to school” Its as bad as those old Staples “Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” commercials. where they play that song while the dad gleefully buys up school supplies with the insinuation being he’s so happy they are going to be out of his hair soon.

    As if its bad enough the general public looks at education as not something for the benefit of society but as a “day care center,” lets play on that belief with commercials glorifying it. And then people wonder why teachers have to spend half their day parenting the students because their own parents would rather see them out of their hair.

  10. night_sky says:

    What the heck? Why all the negative comments? These are 1C items people! I for one will be grabbing up a bunch of folders and pencils (and yes, I DO need them believe it or not). Luckily I have buying control when I’m in Staples. Unfortunately the same doesn’t apply when I’m in a Fry’s.

  11. PSTOKELY says:

    haven’t seen any TV ads (yet)?

  12. superlayne says:

    I told my mom and she shrugged.

    We don’t have a Staples. The cost of gas would outweigh the .225 cent pencils.

  13. If you go, just be very careful to pick up the right item. At my Staples, there were packs of pencils all over the place, but only one specific one was the right one. Same with pencil sharpeners. If you’re not careful, you’ll miss the specials and end up with the full-priced items without realizing it. {Prof. Jonathan}