Most consumers can’t taste any difference between beers. Consumers can, however, easily identify their favorite beer’s slogan.


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  1. AcidReign says:

    &nbsp &nbsp So, they assembled the crappiest beers in the USA, and were dismayed when folks couldn’t tell them apart?

  2. Bryan Price says:

    Well, I could tell the difference between Feldschlossen and Wartech, two Swiss beers while I was in Switzerland, and I’m pretty sure I could tell those two apart blindfolded. I really liked the Wartech. And the Feldschlossen (draft) would put most US brands to shame. Bottled, it was… OK.

    Feldschlossen is the largest brewery in Switzerland. I stayed in Basel, where 70% of Switzerlands’ beer is brewed.

    Now am I surprised that Americans can tell the marketing slogans more differently among brands than by taste? American, ruled by the ever more powerful marketing? Can anybody be surprised?

  3. Major-General says:

    Well, maybe not the six, but I think I could guess between Coors and Budweiser. Frankly, I drink Becks, Warsteiner, or Guinness.

  4. banned says:

    I admit I can’t tell the difference between American beer either. This one tastes like piss, this one tastes like urine, that one is more like warm pee, it even has that same off-yellow colour. And we all laughed about the fireworks carrying the name golden shower, it should be a general term for your beer. I am however pleased to say I also failed the slogan test, I only know 2.

  5. tadowguy says:

    Who are these “consumers” who can’t taste a difference between beers? I suppose that water tastes like lemonade and coke like pepsi to them as well?

  6. The Walking Eye says:

    I can tell Bud from the others, and that’s it. They’re all brewed to have similar flavors, so I’m not sure why the author would be surprised at the results.

    I’m a microbrew kinda guy, and prefer IPAs and stouts.

  7. CyGuy says:

    Please re-write the blurb to reflect that it is six “mass-market American beers” that were used for the taste test.

    These beverages can’t even be sold legally as beer in more civilized parts of the world where they no what real beer is.

    If there are truly people out there that can’t taste the difference between say a Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA, and say a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barley Wine style Ala, then perhaps they should see a doctor as loss of smell is sign of possible early onset Alzheimer’s.

  8. Indecision says:

    “Oh, sure, beer drinkers will swear they can taste the difference between the brand they’re loyal to and Bud and Miller and Coors and Michelob and Pabst and Rainier and a dozen more beer brands. They can’t…”

    What a crock of shit. I guarantee you I can taste the difference between “the brand I’m loyal to” and any of those. Know why? Because those ones all taste like piss, and the ones I drink don’t. If they did, I wouldn’t drink them.

    But then, I like darker beers anyway. Which reminds me, I’m out of Newcastle. And if you can’t taste the difference between Newcastle and Coors, then you fail at flavor.

  9. hoo_foot says:

    Consumerist’s summary of this article is quite misleading. I was about to dispute that statement until I actually read that the article was about mainstream American beer.

    And the author is right. Considering all of the mainstream American beer companies try to persuade consumers that their beer should be served ice cold, then it’s no wonder people can’t tell the difference! Ice cold beer doesn’t have a flavor (which benefits the beer companies because it helps mask the urine flavor that most of these beers have).

  10. @tadowguy: Personally, I think whole milk tastes the same as skim milk. Jaws drop every time I say this but I just can’t taste the difference!

  11. j-o-h-n says:

    @Eyebrows McGee: Surely the viscosity alone gives whole milk away — it’s one tiny step from drinking cottage cheese!

  12. eli_b says:

    Yeah, the post title here should be changed. Most American beer tastes like piss. To be honest, Sam Adams is one of the only good, well brewed American beers. I guess I could tell that from the other foul ones. Overall they don’t compare to imports and microbrews (which sometimes suck as well) and I could easily tell the difference if you stuck one American in with a bunch of imports. Because it would taste like urine.

  13. Rahnee says:


    I have to agree that the majority of American beers are bad. Very Very bad! I am also one of those that can NOT tell them apart. They ALL taste the same, BAD. The Germans and the Irish make the best ales and beers. Previous articles mention high fructose corn syrup. Maybe this is what Americans need in their beers. Just joking, but it may improve the taste. I brew with a good quality dark DME. Anyone can buy basic equipment for around $100. With $20 worth of ingredients and about 6 weeks worth of patience you can have 5 to 6 gallons of a pretty good beer that will beat the pants off of anything in the store.