Donate Or Recycle Old Cellphones With exPhone

What will the legions of new iPhone owners do with the perfectly good cellphones they just replaced? exPhone hopes that anyone with unused, unloved “exPhones” will consider either donating or recycling their old companions. Before saying goodbye to any exPhone, you should take three basic steps to protect your wallet and your privacy:

1. Terminate your service
2. Clear the phone’s memory
3. Remove the SIM card

Protecting the environment even comes with a social component:

To make it a little more interesting, we’ve made it possible for you to share your photos of your new — and old (ex) — phones with everyone. You’re encouraged to do so with your existing Flickr account and if you like, to tell the story of what you did to recycle or reuse your exPhone.

Oh cellphones, even in death you manage to bring people together.



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  1. Maulleigh says:

    I don’t know if anyone would want my phone.

    I was a dumb*ss and kept it plugged in all the time. Now the battery’s shot.

  2. chili_dog says:

    There’s a bunch of them out there,,, etc. just pick one.

  3. ceejceej says:

    There’s also a bunch of charities that refurbish old phones and give them to women who are victims of domestic violence, women and families who are either living in shelters or preparing to enter a shelter, or just getting out of a shelter. Plus, you get to deduct the original purchase price of the phone and all accessories on your taxes.

  4. Thrust says:

    Bought a nice Nokia bar-style phone. Simple, decent features for its price, and worked very well. Four months later I bought a new phone (My samsung Stealth) because the Nokia didn’t have a hands-free jack or bluetooth, and you can’t drive a standard while holding a phone (If you try, you’re an idiot). The old Nokia is still mint, so I’m keeping it as a backup for my Samsung incase I break it or anything, since Virgin lets me change phones at no charge.

  5. eli_b says:

    I ebay them usually, even the crappiest ones have sold for more than free. If they don’t go that way, I donate them to charity.

  6. rlue says:

    Recycling old cell phones is about more than putting an obsolete or unwanted device to good use. Cell phones require a mineral called coltan that is extracted from the forests of the Congo (which, by the way, is a very politically unstable area), and recycling programs reduce the demand (and, consequently, the environmental impact and the destruction of habitats).


  7. ronaldscott says:

    @rlue: ALL electronics, anything that has a capacitors, require coltan. Not just cell phones. Including the computer you used to post this, the car you drive, your refrigerator, your microwave, etc. Cell phones are cited in that NG article because they’re symbol of American waste and consumerism, but the problem runs a lot deeper than cellphones. If we want to avoid coltan problems we’re going to have to recycle a lot more than cell phones.

  8. tschepsit says:

    For what it’s worth, every purchase I’ve made for the last few years from Motorola’s online store has come with a small postage-paid shipping envelope designed to return any cell phone to their recycling center. I thought that was pretty cool the first time I saw it.

  9. says:

    @ceejceej: I always donate my ex-phones to charities such as that. Well, I kept one dinky old one for my toddler to play with (minus battery, plan, etc — he just wanted to pretend to talk).