Burger King will switch to trans-fat free cooking oil by the end of 2008. Comparison tests showed that more than twelve items, including fries and hash browns, tasted the same or better when cooked with the new oil.


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  1. DJWeezy says:

    Yay now i can eat more and gain marginally less weight

  2. clarient says:

    And it’s marginally less apalling!

  3. evilrobot says:

    “now, 100% trans fat free!” same calories, just different oil.

    don’t confuse it with fat free, as much as the marketing spin would like you to incorrectly conclude.

  4. 7livesleft says:

    There’s another fast food joint I won’t frequent…starting in 2008. I’m tired of someone else telling me what I can and can’t eat. I have a healthy lifestyle, and I enjoy the occasional burger and fries, but can’t someone, for Pete’s sake, stop making me suffer for the lack of dicipline of people who spend more money on fast food joints than a nutritious home cooked meals?

  5. B says:

    @evilrobot: Yes, but Trans-Fats are much worse for you than unsaturated (vegtable oil) or even saturated (butter/lard) fats.

  6. Red_Eye says:

    @evilrobot: You will likely never see 100% trans fat free anywhere since some trans fats occur naturally. More likely you will continue to see the horribly misleading 0 Grams Trans Fat*

    *Per Serving, btw did we tell you how much a serving was?

    0 Grams can be as much as 0.49 grams per serving. Did I mention they get to define what a serving size is?