This Walmart Pharmacy Is Fancy

Reader MarktMan sends this photo of the “rollback” at the pharmacy at the Walmart in Elmwood Park, NJ. Sure, they’re probably renovating or something, but it’s still funny and sort of cute.

It’s like the pharmacy your dad would build you if you wanted to play pharmacy.


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  1. chimmike says:

    that’s not the only one. There’s a Wal-Mart in Bradenton, FL with a plywood pharmacy.

  2. xkaluv says:

    That’s the price you pay for $4 RXs.

  3. Amsterdaam says:

    Haha, I’m in Oldsmar, same deal… how easy would it be to steal from that?

  4. bluemeep says:

    Aww. It looks like one of those roadside stands that sells corn.

  5. velho says:

    At least they used good plywood for the doors and desk.

  6. full.tang.halo says:

    Brooksville, FL too a couple of weeks ago, seems to be a systematic Florida problem…..

  7. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Hey! I used to be a department manager at that least I think it was that one. The one I was at was in Saddle Brook, which is near Elmwood Park. Perhaps they opened one in E.P. since I’ve been in that area. The one I was at had a real pharmacy. Anyway…what was my point?

  8. catnapped says:

    You want cheap prescriptions *and* painted walls? Sheesh–there’s no satisfying some people…

  9. chimmike says:

    haha. FL problem….they’ve got to keep the mexican immigrant construction workers in business somehow before they move back to Mexico….what better way than hire them to assemble a plywood structure? hahahaha.

  10. jamesdenver says:

    The Walgreens RX at Southglenn mall is in a trailor while they bulldoze the mall and change it into a “lifestyler center” or whatever they call new outdoorsy malls.

    Yeah funny photo, at least Walgreens keeps a location there for their regular customers.

  11. homerjay says:

    Can I get me some lemonade here too?

  12. allstarecho says:

    They built the same thing in my local Walmart while they remodeled the pharmacy.

  13. Yeraze says:

    I know of at least 3 wal-marts in Mississippi that look exactly like that. They’re all undergoing renovations, and have “moved” the pharmacies into those plywood boxes while they work.

  14. bohemian says:

    You can get the same $4 prescriptions at Target sans the plywood pharmacy. Bonus, the customers have more teeth at Target.

  15. mopar_man says:

    Wal-Mart doesn’t carry plywood. I wonder where they bought it from. I would’ve expected the walls to be made out of Chinese plastic and lead.

    As a measure of cost-cutting at the local Wal-Mart here, they transfered the photo studio an hour away. In it’s place they put a video arcade. The timing of the photo studio transfer was just after one of the more reputable photo stores in town closed up because everybody shops at Wal-Mart to save $0.03.

  16. not_seth_brundle says:

    @mopar_man: And upholstered in Nazi t-shirts, natch.

  17. suburbancowboy says:

    It’s made from the crates that all of their products from China come in.

  18. MalichiDemonos says:

    That’s rather impressive… they guy that set this up also installed the keypad next to the pharmacy door.
    It could be worse… lawn chairs and folding tables with the drugs in milk crates… don’t forget the cross-eyed greeter handing out “candy”.

  19. G-Dog says:

    I hate Wal-mart with a passion, but don’t hold this against them. After working at another super store for several years, I’ll bet this is a temporary structure put in place until the actual location is finished.

  20. Slytherin says:

    @bohemian: LOL! Or look like they just came from the local WIC office.

  21. Youthier says:

    This looks cleaner than any Wal-Mart pharmacy I’ve ever seen.

  22. Maulleigh says:

    My dad did build one of those in our basement. We played with it for years until the Indian kids down the street set up a mail order drug program.

    Good times.

  23. FLConsumer says:

    I wonder what sort of security system they installed there… wonder if the security drones installed glass-break sensors like they normally do for the pharmacy locations.

    Personally, I could care less what the inside of a store looks like (within reason). As long as it’s clean and well-organized, I’m fine with it, at least for discount stores. The above photo does make me wonder if it really is a Mal-Wart store in the picture — all of the light bulbs work, floor isn’t covered in sticky black goop & chewing gum, no toothless people floating around.

  24. catnapped says:

    @FLConsumer: It’s likely a corporate publicity photo :)

  25. Leofan7 says:

    When the Wal-Mart in Gainesville, TX was being remodeled, it was the same as this one, but much bigger and much more pathetic. Telephone wires and network cables hanging from the makeshift ceiling, and the walls weren’t near as straight and pretty as the the one pictured. It looked like Wal-Mart was preparing to sell crack.

  26. @Maulleigh: That’s the funniest comment I’ve seen in a long time.

  27. vettefreak89 says:

    O wow I remember when my mom use work there they did not do this they just simply told you to go to another store.

  28. eli_b says:

    Step 1: Wood pharmacy
    Step 2: Wood pills
    Step 3: Profit!