Serious Magnet Toy Injury Prompts Another Recall

Poorly constructed toys with strong magnets are the cause of another serious injury to a child. The 8 year-old swallowed two small magnets that had broken off of “Mag Stix” a magnetic toy manufactured in China. The magnets attracted inside her body, perforating her intestines and requiring surgery.

The toy, Mag Stix, had been voluntarily and privately recalled by its manufacturer after they heard about issues with other magnetic toys. Sadly, the recall did not prevent the defective toy from being sold.

Consumers should immediately take these recalled toys away from children and contact Kipp Brothers for instructions on returning the product for a full refund (including shipping).

We really do suggest you send these toys back. They may seem cool, but they break easily and the consequences are really nasty—hospitalization, surgery, and in one case, death.

The first magnetic toy company to experience a similar recall, “Magnetix” has since redesigned their toys to prevent them from breaking in a way that can kill babies, and they are now safe.

Serious Intestinal Injury Prompts Kipp Brothers Recall of Mag Stix Magnetic Building Sets [CPSC]

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