Geek Squad Company Forums React To Sting Op Video

A sampling of what they’re saying on the Geek Squad internal message board about “Consumerist Catches Geek Squad Stealing Porn From Customer’s Computer.”

Francis West: “im so darn tired of his slander… SO WHAT CAN/ARE WE DOING ABOUT THIS?!?!?!”

Stephen Lopez2: “Plenty of people use porn as a screen saver, desktop background or store it on the desktop. i honestly never saw as much porn till i started working here. its kinda annoying.”

Nate Hasty: “Do I believe that this sort of activity is occurring in Precincts all across the nation, and probably the world? Yep. That’s why I say instead of piss and moan and cry about the fact that the Consumerist is “picking” on us, let’s suck it up and remember that we are supposed to be the most trustworthy PC repair service in the nation, and aspire to be the most trusted in the world someday. But if Agents continue to act selfishly and with as much reckless abandon for the privacy of our clients as was displayed in this video, we will FAIL. “

Robert Miller: “I hate the consumerist, but if there were not problems they would have nothing to report on.”