Geek Squad Company Forums React To Sting Op Video

A sampling of what they’re saying on the Geek Squad internal message board about “Consumerist Catches Geek Squad Stealing Porn From Customer’s Computer.”

Francis West: “im so darn tired of his slander… SO WHAT CAN/ARE WE DOING ABOUT THIS?!?!?!”

Stephen Lopez2: “Plenty of people use porn as a screen saver, desktop background or store it on the desktop. i honestly never saw as much porn till i started working here. its kinda annoying.”

Nate Hasty: “Do I believe that this sort of activity is occurring in Precincts all across the nation, and probably the world? Yep. That’s why I say instead of piss and moan and cry about the fact that the Consumerist is “picking” on us, let’s suck it up and remember that we are supposed to be the most trustworthy PC repair service in the nation, and aspire to be the most trusted in the world someday. But if Agents continue to act selfishly and with as much reckless abandon for the privacy of our clients as was displayed in this video, we will FAIL. “

Robert Miller: “I hate the consumerist, but if there were not problems they would have nothing to report on.”


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  1. dbeahn says:

    I am in ur pre-sinked smack-downing ur pron stealingz!!!

  2. mopar_man says:

    Robert Miller: “I hate the consumerist, but if there were not problems they would have nothing to report on.”

    There wouldn’t be a reason to hate this place if they cleaned up their act. Maybe Robert was the guy in the video?

  3. Slytherin says:

    I can’t help but picture nerds, like the ones from the Alltel commercials, sitting around and discussing mean and bad Consumerist.

  4. Swifty says:

    Tee hee. I do so love it when people fail to realize the difference between slander and libel.

    (Slander: spoken. Libel: written).

  5. scoobydoo says:

    Poor kids know they have been caught.

    Back to downloading porn on their parents PC’s I guess :(

  6. superlayne says:

    @Slytherin: Those commercials actually turn off real nerds from being customers.

    I find this hilarious…Just a bunch of Geek Squarders whining about the Consumerist.

  7. stanfrombrooklyn says:

    I used to live in Minneapolis about 10 years ago when Geek Squad was created. What’s amazing is that they used to be the only place you could trust to take your computer. I remember once the guy working on my computer telling me he’d just fixed Ice Cube’s laptop. I very clearly remember buying a computer from Best Buy and when they tried to sell me an extended warranty telling them, “No Thanks. I only let The Geek Squad touch my computers.” I work in IT so I must have bought 20 computers in 6-7 years time and I gladly paid Geek Squad to fix my computer because they did such a great job. I guess this is what happens when you’re bought by a giant company that cares more about the bottom line than about customer service.

  8. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I’m a fairly smart fellow, as I’m sure many of you are as well. Tech savy enough to follow instructions. I find the most usefull thing is having two computers. One you use, and one as a backup. Something craps out on your main computer, say a virus, or problems with adding new hardware…whatever….you use the other computer to go online and find the answer. It could take a full weekend if you don’t know where to begin, and frustrate the hell out of you, but it is worth it. You save money, protect your privacy, and learn something along the way.

  9. The Bigger Unit says:

    IANAL, but how is this even libel? Ben’s got freaking video and memory dumps of what this nerd was up to.

    And I’ve been wondering…in the video, why did the nerd copy the folder first, and then view the contents? Why not vice versa? I figured he was planning to view his loot later at home, but he went in and checked the contents anyway…

    Crazy nerds.

  10. lincolnparadox says:

    How can anyone hate The Consumerist? If all you guys did was post Corporate email addresses and phone numbers, you’d still be one of the most useful sites on the internet.

    Bottom line is, heads will roll, Geek Squad guys will clean up their act, management will change, and then they’ll start stealing pron again.

    The Circle of Life.

  11. enm4r says:

    I don’t see what purpose this serves.

    Why are the quotes not shown in their appropriate context? If this was on a forum, surrounding conversation is obviously relevant.

    I don’t know what you want to see, or what you expect. They asked for your cooperation, and instead you are content point out what a serious problem it is based on one example, and further rumors/admissions.

    I hate Best Buy, but as a former tech I know that there are, and will always be bad techs. Give Best Buy the name, let them make an example, and the rest of the techs see that action has been taken. Keep up the investigation, try to get some real data, and with more than porn. The story doesn’t need to go away, but the approach is horrible. At least the Midtown story was entertaining to read.

  12. jackmaamtan says:


    I was wondering that too–why did he wait to view the contents? My best guess is that if he looked at the folder in thumbnail view, the date modified on the files or the folder might have changed, thereby leaving some breadcrumbs for us to follow.

    Seasoned Geek Squad Member: You made one fatal flaw!
    Naive Trainee: What’s that?
    SGSM: The date modified…
    NT: Dammit.
    SGSM: Don’t worry, it becomes second nature.
    [Fade to black]

  13. Youthier says:

    Am I missing something? Only the first poster is whiny about Consumerist. The 2nd one just hates porn, and the last two both acknowledge the problem as being with Geek Squad and its employees even though they may not be particular fans of the site.

  14. Grimspoon says:

    Ha, they hate the consumerist, but only because the truth hurts!

  15. Maulleigh says:

    I admire their honesty. Some of them really seem to know that they’re the problem.

  16. Trai_Dep says:

    I think Robert Miller accidently came up with the unofficial slogan for this site: “I hate the Consumerist, but if there were not problems they would have nothing to report on.”

  17. Xerloq says:

    @The Nature Boy: It’s not libelous, or defamitory. Where are the consumerist lawyers to give us the legal tests? I remember truth, privilege, malice, and… Oh, I forget.

    Help, please!

  18. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    I think this experiment is “proof of concept” that Geek Squad (and other computer repair shops) browse the contents of their customers’ computers. I don’t think it’s fair to point all the fingers at Geek Squad. The consumer should take the initiative to back-up and remove all personal data from their hard drive, prior to checking in their equipment. It’s really naive to think the people behind the counter will respect your privacy.

  19. quiksilver says:


    Stupid Geek Squad. It’s the same at our school tech department. No one knows how to work on computers and they think they are all that because they work for the tech department. So then they think they can talk all bad-ass about others.

  20. royal72 says:

    dear geek squad, go collectively fuck yourselves. stop stealing people’s shit you cunt pumps. have a nice day.

  21. Esquire99 says:

    The Geek Squad makes me laugh. I work for a MAJOR consumer electronics manufacturer, and when I used to work tech support for them I once received a call from them. It went a little something like this “Thank you for calling *redacted*, this is *redacted* how can I help you?” “Yes, this is Agent Johnson…..(insert dramatic pause here)…of the Best Buy Geek Squad”. I actually had to mute my phone to keep from bursting out laughing. Seriously, what kind of tool identifies themselves as “Agent Johnson” on the phone? I lost literally all respect for those people with that. A bunch of guys who take their jobs WAY too seriously.

  22. ShadowFalls says:


    Simply put, the act of caring about the privacy of your customer is regarded as “professionalism”. It is clear that the people who go around looking through the computer of their customers do not respect these customers or their privacy. I have yet to see how looking for music or porn has anything to do with fixing a computer… There is no reason they should even be messing with them.

  23. cgi5877 says:

    If there were not the consumerist, there would not be problems not to report on.


  25. Trae says:

    How can anyone dislike the Consumerist?

    Heck, as a former Best Buy employee, how can anyone in those shit paying positions be still drinking the company Kool Aid?

    The day I handed my manager my two weeks notice was one of the happiest days of my life…

  26. nequam says:

    “let’s suck it up and remember that we are supposed to be the most trustworthy PC repair service in the nation, and aspire to be the most trusted in the world someday.”

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Are you kidding me??

  27. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Hmm…you know, those sound exactly like the comments that would be made by people who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. So there you go.

    And remember, kids..The Consumerist doesn’t make up the just reports it (making it up is a job for Fox News).

  28. toolverine says:

    The notion of hating The Consumerist just blew my mind. Crazy!

  29. swvaboy says:

    I sent Geek Squad an email about having some work done on my computer (never would let them, but anyway); I also mentioned this site and a couple of others and what was going on with Geek Squad. I received a response within 5 minutes, if they had been working on someone’s computer and they emailed I doubt they would have responded so soon.

    The best part is there is now a “New Level” of agents! With a new mission!

    “a special team of “Public Defenders” who’s sole mission is to protect our reputation with you”

    I cannot wait to see what the answer is.


    Entire email from Geek Squad:

    Thank you for taking the time to send me your comments. I rely on direct feedback from our customers like you to let us know how The Geek Squad is doing. If you or anyone you know ever has any experience that is less than perfect, I want to know about it.

    Your comments are now being routed to a special team of “Public Defenders” who’s sole mission is to protect our reputation with you – by addressing your comments directly.

    Since this is a new service that we are developing, please be patient with us as we address every customer comment. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


    Robert Stephens
    Founder and Chief Inspector
    The Geek Squad

    “Serving the Public, Policing Technology, and Protecting the World”

  30. AcidReign says:

    &nbsp &nbsp Actually, if there were no problems, we’d still get great deal postings out of the Consumerist.

    &nbsp &nbsp But there are ALWAYS problems. Thanks for giving me a few heads-ups.

    &nbsp &nbsp As far as tech and computers, if it’s still under warranty, I TRY to make ’em fix it. Otherwise, I generally do better researching how to do it myself, whether it’s an air-conditioning compressor, a belt or heating element on a dryer, or a dead hard drive on a computer.

    &nbsp &nbsp Who the hell would actually pay someone to install iTunes? Who? This is a download and double-click operation, folks?!?

  31. boldIT says:

    I work in IT. I called Best Buy a few days ago and asked if they had a PCI video card under $100 for a G4 Mac. There like “We have some video cards here” I said “Do any of them work with Mac, and how much are they?”, he says “There about $70, depending on what you buy, AGP or PCI.” I said “Do they work with mac” they said “Let me check…..Yeah they do”. I ask from model and brand names they put me on hold and I get the Geeky idiots (AKA Geek Squad) They say “welcome to GS how may I help you” and I continue with nearly the same dialog as above, except to add they don’t carry any Mac compatible hardware.

    Idiots suck.

  32. tcp100 says:

    @AcidReign: As someone who worked as a tech for Best Buy in high school (many, many moons ago, in another lifetime – well before Geek Squad was a glimmer in anyone’s eye..) I can tell you that people would come in for the most inane, ridiculous stuff.

    People would pay us to defrag. Pay us to change the screen saver and sleep timeouts. We’d get paid to change fonts in windows. I shit you not.

    Some people are just deathly afraid of computers. They master a click routine for what they do, and that’s it.

    As for this article – 1) RE: Libel or Slander – the ultimate defense for it is the truth. The video was fine, and not an issue, and a good thing to show. The consumerist would be ill advised to continue with rubbing it in their face, though. I’m really not sure what these forum excerpts show.

    2) As for the tech situation itself.. This has been going on for YEARS. Decades, even. I was working Best Buy PC Tech in 1995. One of the first thing some one the less professional techs would do would be a search for *.jpg or *.gif, or just a DIR /S *.JPG > PORN.TXT and then copy everything over. The only thing that stopped it is seeing one kid get fired for it in front of everyone. That being said, this means it’s not something endemic in Geek Squad’s culture. This is what happens when you let hourly-paid nerds loose on stranger’s machines – sorry. I worked with good techs and miserable techs, and sometimes those that interview the best are the most lewd and malicious.

    We had one guy leave a rather sexually suggestive .txt file on one girl’s machine, leaving his number and asking for a date. (Real smart.) Even funnier, he actually got a date with her and didn’t get fired (for that).

    At least in my day, most PC techs were 17-19 years old, end of high school and starting college, and even firing them wasn’t a big deal to them. I’m not sure how you stop this, other than securing your data before you let a stranger loose on your computer.

  33. Taskr36 says:

    I’ve worked as a tech for years and most people have something private on their computers. Most people actually inform me before the repair what’s on their computer so I won’t be surprised or offended. I’ve even been told about such content because the customer wanted me to back up his porn before reformatting his hard drive.

    As for the “Why did he look at it AFTER he copied it onto his flash drive?” The answer is simple. His first priority was to get the person’s files. Once that was done, he looked at the files. If you were stealing things off a store shelf you wouldn’t open the box first would you? If a manager saw him looking at the files he’d be fired so he copied them, made sure nobody was watching, and then admired his new stash.

  34. FatLynn says:

    Is that guy’s name really Nate Hasty, or is it just a spoonerism for Hate Nasty?

  35. QuirkyRachel says:

    Do you hear that guys? If there’s weren’t problems, you wouldn’t have anything to report on! Who knew?!

  36. Xenuite says:

    As a current employee at Bestbuy I can’t tell you guys how many times I have had Geek Squad guys yell “Hey! Look at this!” and show me porn they’ve found on someones computer. I tell them they shouldn’t, I tell them it’s protected info and corporate policy says what they are doing is a no-no. Most of these guys including the “supervisor” are under 21 and tell me to piss off whenever I try to get them to stop. The problem isn’t that BestBuy doesn’t have policies against this stuff, its that people aren’t enforcing them!