For Those Who Hate Flip Flops: Topless Sandals

We saw this video on Wise Bread and felt compelled to share it with you. It’s a product demonstration of something called “topless sandals.” “Topless sandals” are flipflops without the part that attaches the sandal to your foot. Instead, there is some sort of sticky substance on the sandal that makes it adhere to your skin in a most disturbing an unnatural fashion.

According to the website, all one has to do is wash the sandal and it regains its sticky power for one year… guaranteed. Every instinct in our cynical bodies tells us this can’t be true. A poll of Consumerist editors yields the following tidbits of skepticism:

Ben: “My ass is more guaranteed to stick for a year than those sandals.”
Carey: “Wow, this site was made to be taken out of context.”
Meghann: “So…It’s Teflon’s natural enemy?”

Anyone tried them?

Topless Sandals [Via Wise Bread]