"Veggie Booty's" Salmonella Seasoning Contains Contaminated Ingredients From China

Robert’s American has “pinpointed” the source of the salmonella ingredients: China. According to the company, the seasoning for Veggie Booty and the recently-added-to-the-recall snack “Super Veggie Tings Crunchy Corn Sticks” is made from ingredients that are primarily imported from China.

According to Robert’s American’s press release: “Sources of origin on all components of the seasoning have been determined to be primarily from China.” The Minnesota Department of Public Health has independently verified that “Veggie Booty” had tested positive for the rare strain of salmonella called “Wandsworth.” This strain matches the more the 50 cases of salmonella linked to “Veggie Booty.”

The Chinese Poison Train rolls on.

Salmonella Source Pinpointed (Press Release, PDF) [Robert’s American]


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  1. dbeahn says:

    Give me a minute here – it’s getting harder and harder to fake “shock” that Chinese ingredients are crap…

  2. voltronguy says:

    This is pretty shady, their exact quote is

    “Our preliminary independent test results have indicated that it is the veggie seasoning that
    is the likely cause. Sources of origin on all components of the seasoning have been
    determined to be primarily from China.”

    It just says the source components of the seasoning are from China. That doesn’t mean that the seasoning wasn’t assembled in the US and the bug was introduced there. I’m all for food safety, but I don’t think they should so quickly try to pass the buck on China.

  3. miburo says:

    Don’t these companies ever scan for quality once they get in the US? A quick test of every thousand or so bags shouldn’t be difficult at all.

  4. JohnMc says:

    Won’t be too much longer that anything with the china label will be considered ‘tainted’. That will take care of the USs-China trade imbalance. I am surprised that some of the anti-WalMart groups have not linked the two together as a marketing tool.

  5. Pelagius says:

    Ironically, the only safe things coming out of China are explosives.

  6. Nytmare says:

    “Veggie Booty is made from the finest ingredients.” Ha.

  7. Major-General says:

    @Pelagius: Well, they have had two thousand years to get the bugs out.

  8. Trai_Dep says:

    Well, thank the GODS that the Chinese finally crossed the line and is targetting US people. Getting them ill today and probably offing a few tomorrow.

    Took ’em a while, but after enough tries, they succeed. Good job!

    PS: Quantantine EVERYTHING they ship, demand they prove what they have is legitimate and untainted. Enough is enough.

    PPS: Mfrs that rely on Chinese goods? 100% liable. Sue them so they sue their subcontractors.

  9. Twitch says:

    Again, why the HELL are we, the largest food producing country in the world importing FOOD from China?

  10. nachas101 says:

    The better question here is:
    Why are we still doing business with Chinese companies?
    Chinese companies are state run and regulated, yet nearly ALL of the issues involving recall or poisoned food stem from Chinese products or components.
    American businesses – wise up! We will spend more money for products that are safe. Saving a penny a pound isn’t worth killing people.

  11. bbbici says:

    An even better question is:
    Why are we still doing business with American companies?
    American companies are so profit oriented that they over produce and promote products that are terrible for the environment, while offshoring production and services to the detriment of the domestic economy and industrializing third-world countries with loose environmental and labor regulations.

    However, in truth it is not Chinese or American businesses’ fault. It is us as consumers, who want to buy whatever we want at the lowest price possible. What do you expect?

  12. I agree with BBBICI’s comment.

    We as consumers should really look out for what we purchase.


  13. nachas101 says:

    Typical anti-american nonsense.
    Right. It’s America’s fault that companies American companies work with to remain profitable are lying to them and breeching contracts.
    I can’t stand to read BS like you just spouted.
    Our unemployment rates are at an all time low, the domestic economy is booming, and you want to pretend that it is in shambles because some companies utilize cheaper labor and manufacturing to provide a product at a low price that is still profitable.
    Don’t do business with American companies, putz. That’ll show ’em.
    I love that you credit the US with industrializing China. How absurdly uninformed of you.
    It’s OUR fault as consumers that we buy products at ‘the lowest price possible’.
    Ummm. Super Veggie Tings sticks are more expensive than american made crap snack foods made in the good old USA, so I’m calling bullshit.
    Bag o’ doritos manufactured in the US? 3.99 for 14 oz.
    Super Veggie Tings? 6oz for $2.99.
    So how is that us buying things for cheap? Seems like a pretty premium price, no? 50 cents an ounce vs. 29 cents an ounce.
    But maybe you are right – it isn’t the fault of shady Chinese businesses producing poison because it is cheaper, it isn’t the fault of US businesses trying to make an honest living and getting screwed by shady Chinese businesses – it’s Americans fault for buying products for money.
    Shut up!
    It ruins my day to see stupidity like this.

  14. nachas101 says:

    And now I’m bleeding out of my ears….

  15. bohemian says:

    It is almost impossible as a consumer to know where the components of a processed food came from since we have insufficient country of origin labeling. We also have insufficient import testing and monitoring of what comes in here.

    It makes eating local and eating more minimally processed or not processed foods an attractive option.

    It will take something like a wide scale death incident involving a really common food like Kraft mac and cheese before the government will do anything.

    Congress needs to smack down on country of origin and there needs to be some major lawsuits against companies importing this crap.
    Or even better, ban everything consumable from China.

  16. Momlady says:

    How do you determine that there are Chinese ingredients in these foods as you prepare to buy them? I don’t see Made in China on any of these food products, do you? As for me and mine, we’ll be checking out the local farmer’s market and staying away from things that call themselves “natural”. Momlady