"Veggie Booty's" Salmonella Seasoning Contains Contaminated Ingredients From China

Robert’s American has “pinpointed” the source of the salmonella ingredients: China. According to the company, the seasoning for Veggie Booty and the recently-added-to-the-recall snack “Super Veggie Tings Crunchy Corn Sticks” is made from ingredients that are primarily imported from China.

According to Robert’s American’s press release: “Sources of origin on all components of the seasoning have been determined to be primarily from China.” The Minnesota Department of Public Health has independently verified that “Veggie Booty” had tested positive for the rare strain of salmonella called “Wandsworth.” This strain matches the more the 50 cases of salmonella linked to “Veggie Booty.”

The Chinese Poison Train rolls on.

Salmonella Source Pinpointed (Press Release, PDF) [Robert’s American]

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