Safeway Continues To Sell Contaminated "Veggie Booty"

Reader Scott tells us that his Mother-In-Law purchased “Veggie Booty” from the Safeway in Roseville, CA on July 4. Veggie Booty has been linked to 52 cases of salmonella across 17 states, and has been recalled nationwide.

As Scott says, apparently Safeway did not get the memo. Almost all of the illnesses have occurred in children under the age of 10. 4 have been hospitalized. Don’t feed this stuff to your children. It’s dangerous. Additionally, Robert’s American has expanded the recall to include “Super Veggie Tings,” for the same reason, so if you have that product in your house, you’ll want to throw it away as well.

If you see “Veggie Booty” or “Veggie Tings” on the shelves of a store, don’t buy it. No new “Veggie Booty” is being manufactured, so you can assume that any “Veggie Booty” or “Veggie Tings” still on store shelves is really just a bag of salmonella. If you find recalled food on store shelves, take a cameraphone picture and email it to tips [at] consumerist [dot] com, along with the store location and name.

FDA Warns Consumers Not to Eat Veggie Booty Snack Food [FDA]

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