Target Horror Story: Lies, Misprints, Credit Cards, Gift Cards and Accusations Of Theft

Jason wrote us to share a Target horror story he posted on his blog. All he wanted to do is buy a TV from Target and take advantage of a 10% off Target credit card deal. Fairly straightforward. Jason writes:

It was $999 but you got 10% off for applying for a Target card making it $899. Not too shabby I thought. The picture looked good, it sounded good, and I liked the style of it. The sign talking about the Target card said that you just had to apply for the card and that it did not need to be used for the purchase. We said that we had $100 in Target gift cards with us and that we’d take it. They rang it up and we handed them the gift cards. They scanned them through the computer. It popped up on the screen and said that the Gift Cards could not be used as the item was on Sale. Well that’s a load of crap…gift cards are supposed to be as good as cash.

Oh well, we handed them the credit card that we wanted to use for the purchase. They swiped it and it was rejected. Why? Because you had to use your Target card for the purchase. The advertisement was a misprint and the employee lied to us.

Jason’s story doesn’t get any better. Eventually he returned the TV and bought it online for cheaper. Our favorite part of Jason’s story? When they told him that if he used couldn’t pay the TV off before a month’s interest had accrued at 24%. What?

Target Sucks!

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