Consumer Reports: GE Washers That Make Clothes Dirtier?

Consumer Reports tested some washers in June and found two that left stain-soaked swatches nearly as dirty as when they went in. Now further tests have revealed that the washing machines actually made the clothes dirtier! From Consumer Reports:

Door seals in the GE WCVH6600H[WW], $900, and WBVH5100H[WW], $750, frequently trapped washcloths during the high-speed spin cycle. The seals were abraded and deposited ground-up rubber on the cloths. We tested one unit of each washer before they were sold at retail and one unit each bought at stores anonymously. Door seals in all four washers left the residue, and we couldn’t completely remove the resulting stains with further washing.

Consumer Reports has downgraded the washers to “not recommended.”

Two New GE Washers Not Recommended [Consumer Reports]