Best Of Bank Of America

Bank Of America Sues ID Theft Victim For $23,312.04
“They couldn’t see my funds were depleted? What kind of bank would give an overdraft of $23,000? We are not talking about $100,” she said.

Closed Your Account Because Of Fraud? Bank Of America Helpfully Links Your New Account
“And even though our old account was closed, the bank had withdrawn the money out of the new one.”

Clark Howard Attacks Bank of America For Jailing Customer, Costs Millions
Mob justice at its finest!

58 Out Of 60 Consumers Fell For Obviously Fake Bank of America Website
“if users don’t comply, it’s entirely ineffective. They are going to be giving out their credentials to the wrong Web sites.”

Bank of America Randomly Gives You $400, Takes It Away, Then Charges You For 9 Overdrafts
She thought this was money from a lawsuit settlement being deposited into her account. Apparently it wasn’t.

Bank Of America Gets Verification Data Wrong, Locks Customer’s Account, Hangs Up On Him, Several Times
Then, he asked me, “Who is your current employer?” I told him, while sitting in that employer’s offices, at my desk.

He told me I was wrong.