Now I Can Use My iPhone!

Anthony, who wasn’t able to use his new iPhone for over 48 hours when porting his AT&T number over, just got his problem solved! Hooray!

Ben! All I can say is you guys are magic!

I just received this 5 minutes ago and now my iPhone actually works! I called Mr. Miller and he told me that there was an delay with several ported numbers and they went into a backlog and they are working on resolving those numbers. Now I can explore my iPhone. Thanks again!

Hello Anthony,

My name is Rick Miller. I am a senior analyst for one of our top data call centers for AT&T. I received information today regarding your circumstances and have reviewed your account for resolution. I am terribly sorry for the experience you had with activation of your new iPhone but I do have good news. After looking into the activation request that was sent and why there was such a long delay I was able to get the activation pushed through our system and your new iPhone should be ready to use shortly. The only effort needed to be made at this point would be to re-sync it to your desktop PC just as you did initially and the activation should complete properly.

I apologize for having to send an email but the all of the contact numbers we have on your account in the billing system reference the mobile number you are trying to activate. What we would like for you to do is re-sync your new iPhone one more time to complete the activation process. Once that is done could you reply to this email at your earliest convenience so that we can be assured that you are now working properly. If you like you can reply with your direct contact information and either myself or someone from our data group will respond to you as soon as possible.

Senior analyst working to solve a problem, now that’s what we like to hear. Anthony’s email directly to Steve Jobs ( was probably the key to getting the problem solved. Disappointing that that’s what it takes.

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