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  • Would You/Could You Use Greywater?
    BDGBill says: “When I lived in Florida my washing machine pumped straight into a small garden of decorative plants and trees in front of the house. You have never seen happier plants!

  • “Transition In Coverage” Was Transition To Insurance Hell For Seizure Patient Running Out Of Pills
    PinkBunnySlippers says: “Had this been something like a natural disaster and weren’t able to get meds because of lack of open pharmacies, etc., I’m saddened to say they would have nobody else to blame but themselves.

  • Saving Money Means Sacrifice
    Saydur says: “Saving money is like losing weight. To lose weight, most people just need to exercise more and eat less. To save money, most people just need to work more and spend less.

  • New Cancer Worries For Diet Soda Drinkers
    Synergy says: “As someone who works in a lab and has worked with rats: holy crap that’s a lot of rats!!!!! I’m impressed that a single study was done with so many rats. If it’s “statistically significant” with such a large “n” (subjects/rats), then there’s a pretty good chance it’s real.

  • Renting Out Your Apartment On Vacation For Fun And Profit
    Scarfish says: “Interestingly, I have some friends who rent out their spare furnished room as a sort of bed and breakfast to people on Craigslist. They work from home, so they put people up, feed them a couple of meals, maybe show them around and charge less than the cost of a hotel. In return, people visiting the city get companionship, tour guides, and a more home-y feeling place for much cheaper than a hotel.

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