St. Louis will allow dogs to dine outdoors with their owners at fine restaurants that make waterless hand sanitizer readily available.


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  1. yg17 says:

    I never knew it was banned before here in STL. Couple weeks ago I was eating at Blueberry Hill down on the loop and there were several people with dogs eating outside. As long as the dogs are well behaved (i.e., not like my dog, who jumps up on chairs to lay on the table and beg for food) I’ve got no problem with it.

  2. tcp100 says:

    I think the key here is “fine” restaurants. You know, with the upturned noses, waiting lists, meals consisting of a quarter-sized chunk of meat on a plate with some parsley, and the lack of restrooms, because you know, their clientele doesn’t do that. Pooping is for the poor.

    No big deal really, as long as a dog is behaved. It’s pretty common in many cities.

  3. Employees Must Wash Hands says:


    The area you mentioned is University City, not St. Louis City proper, where this ban was lifted.

  4. yg17 says:

    @ben1040: D’oh, didn’t even realize that!