Personal Finance Roundup

The Next China: Five Emerging Markets To Watch [Seeking Alpha] “…countries that offer equally compelling investment prospects but are still off the screens of most investors.”

Prosper Lending Revisited: Will Returns Drop As Defaults Increase Over Time? [MyMoneyBlog] “…there is indeed a gradual “decay” of annual returns, with the rate of decay increasing as you drop into the lower credit grades.”

Are your neighbors making their house payments? [Don’t Mess with Taxes] “So I plugged in my five numbers. Then when I saw houses listed on nearby streets, I kind of wished I hadn’t discovered that some of my neighbors are struggling.”

Save Money with a Whole-House Fan [Free Money Finance] “I always knew how well a whole-house fan worked based on our personal experience, but I didn’t know it only used 1/10 the power of our air conditioner.”


(Photo: Silent Watcher)

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